TL;DR This year a group of my friends decided to spend Christmas together. We’re a very small circle and while we like to keep it small we love to invite others in. This Christmas we decided to invite as many people to the table as we possibly could. (Side note: It’s sadly surprising how many of us have nowhere to go on Christmas – I’m left wondering if this is something new, or if it’s always been this way?) Nonetheless, the more the… Read more

Honestly, I’m not sure where this uniquely ironic form of snobbery stemmed from but, I’ve seen it go viral here, here, and here…. (The last one is my favorite) It’s a sentiment seemingly shared by many… “There’s no depth!” “The compositional intelligence is low!” “Emotionalism isn’t worshiping!” As someone whose musical intelligence would be considered low to those who tend to tout these sentiments, all I hear is how I’m not at their level in regard to connecting with God;… Read more

Labels matter. Just think of your favorite brand names… what do they mean to you? How do these brands affect how you see others who wear them? We tend to associate certain types of people with certain types of brands. Supreme. Luis Vuitton. Nike. Starbucks. All the way to cars such as Ford, Tesla, or Honda… The images we associate with these brand names hold weight and enough power to them that they could make or break even the most… Read more

It’s bizarre, as I’ve disconnected from predominant privileged evangelicalism, how things I didn’t understand before now make complete sense; for instance, the birth of Jesus. I’m going to shoot rather low, in light of their evangelical “spirit of giving”, i.e. capitalism, but 80% of their story (the story we grew up on) is untrue. Even being liberal in my kindness and ignoring discrepancies historians say are otherwise incontrovertible… I can’t even say that their mythological version of this nativity story… Read more

“The problem lies in the alternate image of Mary Magdalene as the fallen and redeemed woman, as the epitome of sensuality and spirituality—an image that has become ingrained in the imaginations of centuries of Christians and one that continues to be fostered through depictions in art, literature, and even movies[1].” Smear campaigns, believe it or not, they’re a thing. When I think of these types of campaigns I normally think of modern-day mischaracterizations of politicians or even hero’s such as… Read more

I’m not sure anyone else within white Americanized Christianity, is saying it so I will: The predominantly white Christian institution is terrifyingly bigoted. Within the Church racial caste has not come to an end; it has only been redesigned. Unfortunately, many will selfishly be taken back by this statement, offended by my blunt acknowledgment of racism within white privileged churches. Inevitably, I will be accused of furthering division, being a reverse racist, and many other things in which I can’t yet fathom until… Read more

Welcoming a stranger into your home and allowing them to shift things around in order that they’ll also feel as if it’s their home… this is never an easy thing to do. While knowing, remembering and understanding Christ never called us to do only what’s easy or most comfortable. If a Church is Gospel-centered and it’s not centered the oppressed person, it’s safe to say your church is not centered on the gospel. Martin Luther King Jr. is famously known… Read more

Mid-October of 1949 William Hearst, then publisher of the LA Times, infamously gave a two-word directive to “Puff Graham.” The front-page article of Billy Graham instantaneously catapulted him into a celebrity like status. Graham went from tent revivals to stadium filled “crusades.” He took advantage of radio and television to become the first notable televangelist. He dined with celebrities, highly publicizing his interactions and conversions of these celebrities. Not only did Billy open up his own movie studio in Hollywood… Read more

The Problem of Loving the Sinner but Hating the Sin “JESUS NEVER SAID, ‘LOVE THE SINNER, BUT HATE THEIR SIN.’ RATHER JESUS SAYS, ‘LOVE THE SINNER, AND WORRY ABOUT OUR OWN SIN.’” – Tony Campolo We’ve all heard it before: “God wants us to love the sinner but, hate their sin.” It sounds great. Which is usually why too many of us so freely accepted and then [unknowingly] internalized this as a defining mantra moving forward in life. But, as… Read more

I highly doubt that having safe and consensual sex, before marriage, is something God would hold against you; or, anyone for this matter… If you’re an evangelical, the chances are, you’ve had a conversation that went something like this: You: Hey bro, I’m struggling again… Small Group Leader: How’s your prayer life going…? You: I mean, it’s mediocre I’m praying every day but I’m not, like, “unceasingly…” Small Group Leader [Shaking his head, interrupts, and puts his hand on your shoulder]: Broseph,… Read more

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