What is Liberation Theology?

What is Liberation Theology?  Well, there are various differing versions of liberation theology; the most well known form of liberation theology was developed in the 1950’s in Latin American lead by Gustavo Gutierrez who is known as “the founding father” of this particular type of theology.[1] Liberation theology is meant to negate the oppressive reality in which mainstream theologies have inadvertently created by acknowledging and taking into account the humanity of the oppressed (e.g. the poor and the powerless). It’s... Read more

A Lack of “Minority” Church Leaders is Killing the Church

A Lack of “minority [1]” church leaders is killing our economy which includes the health and future existence of our Church. Zoe Henry for Inc.com recently cited research from the center for Gloal Policy Solutions stating that “Discrimination–whether open or covert–could be leaving as many as 9 million jobs and $300 billion worth of income on the table.” As a “minority” living in the US I was very intrigued by this statement. As a former pastor, I naturally, and almost immediately... Read more

I Emailed NT Wright About the Parousia (here’s what he said)

The parousia is one of those theologically convoluted terms that is rarely discussed and when it is discussed it’s rarely acknowledged let alone discussed with seriousness, or at length. It’s always something in which those “other people” believe. Parousia (/pəˈruːziə/; Greek: παρουσία) is an ancient Greek word meaning presence, arrival, or official visit.[1] I honestly didn’t even know about it until I was about two years into seminary. I found it interesting and fun to discuss, but didn’t (and still don’t) hold much validity to it. Although, again... Read more


Written by Christena Cleveland (Note: Since many pastors, church leaders, and readers of this blog are married, these tips are written for that audience. The irony that I’m writing a blog post about singleness for married people is not lost on me. :))  1. Admit that singleness is complex and that you know little to nothing about it. A lot of people seem to think that singleness is to marriage as junior varsity is to varsity. As a result, married people sometimes mistakenly believe that... Read more

Loneliness in the Age of Technology: We have hundreds of “friends,” why do we feel so alone?

A while back I met with a mentor to talk about a relationship I was in at the time. I remember telling him how afraid I was. Nothing was wrong with her or with our relationship. In fact, everything was good. Which is why I think I was so afraid—afraid that I’d get hurt. You see, within this relationship, I wasn’t relating so much as I was performing, working so hard at presenting the perfect, most ideal version of myself. I was... Read more

Porn is a Social Justice Issue (Just Not For Many Christians): Three Solutions to the Porn Problem Christians Won’t Acknowledge 

The other day Relevant Magazine posted an article titled “Porn is a Social Justice Issue.” It was well written making it an easy and enjoyable read, but as I was reading through the article it felt as if much of the data was slanted with a subversively subtle undertone of shaming the reader. I’m not sure if it was intentional, and I’m sure it wasn’t. Many of us as Christians, as I’ve discovered, don’t have morals so much as we have created our own... Read more

20 Signs You Were A Youth Group Kid In The 90s

Written by Rob Fee 1. You attended multiple Acquire the Fire events. 2. The earliest you got up all year was for See You At The Pole day. 3. You and your friends made up motions to the chorus of “Big House” by Audio Adrenaline and thought it was the coolest thing ever. 4. The first tape you bought was more than likely Carman. It may have been Petra, but odds are, it was Carman. 5. Your youth group had... Read more

Dealing With Doubt

20+ years… and I’ve never seen it. The supernatural. Healings, walking on water, people rising from the dead, the blind seeing, the lame walking… I know as a guy in ministry I’m supposed to pretend like I’ve seen it or tell stories that others have relayed to me… but the truth is, I’ve never experienced it first hand, and because of that, I’m skeptical. I’ve been to all types of churches, pentecostal, assemblies of god, nondenominational, baptist… etc. And I’ve... Read more

Three Reasons Billy Graham is Definitely Not an “Evangelical”

Written by Tylor Standley It’s hard to picture anyone other than Billy Graham when thinking about “evangelicalism.” The term is notoriously difficult to define, but somehow he embodied it best. Yet, while he may have embodied the Evangelicalism of yesteryear, can we say the same today? The list of those qualified to be called “Evangelical” gets a little shorter every day. I’ve already mentioned Rev. Graham among a few that should be kicked out of Evangelicalism. Here, we will look... Read more
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