June 22, 2018

Joy is not the absence of pain; it’s the presence of meaning and intimacy [regardless of pain or sufferings presence]. Can you experience joy without having to first, or ever, experience suffering? Is it possible to reach heaven without having to venture through the wilderness? Suffering, far too many times, I think, is the result of inaction; that is, doing nothing in face of pain or unexpected hardships.  It’s when we can’t find or don’t have a reason to push… Read more

June 17, 2018

A Supportive Critique of the Reclaiming Jesus Movement There are two things both liberals and conservatives have in common: We both have trouble with fun [having it, that is…] and, We both don’t do too well with critique (even the constructive kind)… We’re just way too serious (including myself being at fault for this). So, I say all of this today with hesitance and reluctance but also in confidence that it’ll help improve a movement being lead by otherwise great… Read more

June 12, 2018

What’s Going on with 1,500 Migrant Children DHHS “Lost Track Of”…? So, apparently, a ton of children the state seized from their families have gone missing. It’s not new news but, the NY Times reported over 1,500 children of migrants are nowhere to be found. As many of you know by now that in April, attorney general, Jeff Sessions sent out a memo, to southwest federal prosecutors, disclosing a “zero-tolerance policy.” And, then in early May Sessions added that the… Read more

June 6, 2018

What’s Keeping Progressive Christianity from Actually Progressing? It seems so bizarre that progressives have such an amazing message to promote that is empowering to the people yet, people generally seem to be unattracted to progressive Spaces. So, what’s the deal? What the heck is keeping progressive Christianity from actually progressing? As Brett McCracken, the author of Hipster Christianity, questioned evangelicalism in pursuit of being hip was “turning Christianity into a shape-shifting chameleon with ever-diminishing ecclesiological confidence and cultural legitimacy…” today,… Read more

June 3, 2018

Why I Don’t Care About What Roseanne Barr or Samantha Bee Said… “Rome is burning and, instead of throwing water on the actual fire we’re sitting in our homes angrily tweeting about people we don’t know (celebrities) regarding statements that weren’t even about us.” This past week we were inundated with online outrage geared towards Rosanne and then also Samantha Bee. Oddly enough, two women at two opposite ends of the political spectrum; one right after another… it was as… Read more

May 31, 2018

“I Love Jesus but not so much the church”? We’ve heard it said before: You can’t both love Jesus and not like the church. Admittedly, I even echoed similar sentiments using the analogy of one’s best friend marrying someone you don’t like; going on to say, because of this, the friendship probably wouldn’t work once they tied the knot. Obviously, there are holes in this analogy that I painfully and embarrassingly recognize today. For starters, comparing observable relationships to an… Read more

May 23, 2018

Rich Pastors in the Age of Hunger: Ever Wonder What Franklin Graham’s Salary Is…? Franklin Graham, son of the recently past Billy Graham, is a notable “Christian.” Billy was politically “bipartisan” while he was a registered voting democrat; while Franklin is extremely vocal in regard to where he stands politically – backing Trump, previously registered as a Republican (now independent). His father took evangelical Christianity from the margins of America and centered it to a core aspect of our culture…. Read more

May 21, 2018

5 Legitimate Reasons People No Longer Trust the Church I’ve said before that “the internet is killing Christianity”… I was wrong, it’s not. The church is killing Christianity. The Internet has just shown us we’re not alone in feeling as if this is not just intolerable but something most of us can no longer stomach. It’s no exaggeration in my saying that if Jesus was alive today evangelicals would be the ones crucifying him. But, mainly, I write this post… Read more

May 15, 2018

As if there aren’t already enough interpretations out there. While, at the same time, I know we have a very different demographic here on Patheos that might not be exposed to Childish Gambino (AKA Donald Glover). Dude is a “triple threat.” NYU graduate. A genius of sorts. I’ve been following his career since he first appeared on the hit television show “Community.” Since then he’s taken off as a musician, director, and creator of his own award-winning television show “Atlanta.” Granted, one… Read more

May 11, 2018

A Pedagogy of the Privileged Today, as I was walking to work I walked past a group of protestors making their way down Broad St. (here in Philadelphia). The leader in front shouted into her bullhorn “Give us our…” and the group would yell in unison, “Freedom!” Their signs spoke about the injustice of incarcerated mothers and it seemed as if the purpose and hope of this protest down Broad St. were to raise money in order to bail out… Read more

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