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Story Time by Zach Williams Treat your ears right. Listen to this album. Read more

I was interviewing at a church, and speaking my heart and passion to one of the elders… and he stopped me in the middle of whatever I was saying, and he said, “Son it sounds like you’re a missionary, not a pastor…”  He was right to a large extent. I am a missionary. I am a missionary called to minister, lead, and PASTOR students within Orange County. I came across a video that spoke exactly how I feel in regards… Read more

So I haven’t made any updates lately so just thought I’d write you guys and let ya’ll know what I’ve been up too… I am currently in Boston hanging with family, mainly just relaxing and doing nothing. I haven’t done “nothing” in years! This has been much needed and so good! Sleeping in until 10am going to Starbucks, reading, watching tv, and playing basketball… it’s like I’m a high schooler again (except I def never read for fun in high… Read more

If you’re in the Modesto area their playing a free show at The Venue Aug 31st… Read more

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For the past few years I’ve been completely engulfed in ministry… Ministry has been my life. I’ve literally shed blood, sweat, and tears pouring so much of myself into ministry (work with middle schoolers for more then a year it’ll happen to you too). It’s been my passion, my job. my calling. I went to conference after conference, I read book after book, attended festival after festival, I even went to school for it, I completely engulfed my self in… Read more

You can grab both of their albums for FREE here! Read more

Being in ministry, I have faced failure over and over again, whether it was going over budget, planning an event in which no one showed up too, or bombing a Sunday morning message… Unfortunately I plan on facing much more failure… Though when failure happens, the problem isn’t the fact that we failed, it’s how we deal with this failure… Here’re a few quick ways in which we can choose to deal with our failure whether it be in ministry,… Read more

If we used scripture as our primary basis of the church… would we come up with our current model of church? Would youth ministry even exist? is not only our overall current model of church unbiblical? But is youth ministry unbiblical? If it is unblibcal, would we as youth pastors be the ones responsible for the 85% of teenagers having walked away from the church? More teens becoming “fake Christian’s”? 20 somethings now suffering from extended adolescence? For 2/3 of… Read more

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