Christopher Gehrz


Chris GehrzChris Gehrz is professor of history at Bethel University (not this one… or this one… or this onethe one in Minnesota), where he recently survivedconcluded a six-year stint as chairperson of the Department of History. (He remains co-director of the Christianity and Western Culture program.)

While glad to be back home in Minnesota, Chris spent ten years on the East Coast, studying at the College of William and Mary and Yale University (PhD, 2002). He trained as a European and international historian, and still gets to teach classes on 19th/20th century Europe, the two world wars, and the Cold War. Last year Chris collaborated with former student Fletcher Warren on Bethel at War, 1914-2014: A Digital History of a Christian College in a Century of Warfare.

But for the most part, his research has taken him into the histories of Pietism and Christian higher education. He edited The Pietist Impulse in Christianity (Pickwick, 2011) and The Pietist Vision of Christian Higher Education: Forming Whole and Holy Persons (IVP Academic, 2015) and is currently writing a book on Pietism in the 21st century. Chris blogs regularly about Christianity, history, and higher education at The Pietist Schoolman, pens a column for Pietisten, and has contributed articles to Books & Culture, Christian Scholar’s Review, and Fides et Historia, among other publications. You can follow him on Twitter (@cgehrz).


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