In Ireland, it’s all about the weather….{and flat tires}

In this week of turnings, feasts and festivals, time is out of time. Today feels like tomorrow’s last week, or yesterday’s fortnight. I’m down the rabbit-hole, pocket-watch in hand.

 “I’m Late, I’m Late!”

(I also just spent the day in West Cork, where we were trapped with a flat tire.  But that’s another story.)

It snowed here in Cork this week. The sheep in Mr. McCarthy’s field were huddled in the ring fort when I went out to explore it. Their fleece blending with the white blanket on the ground.  While some of the other farmers have lambs already, Mr. M’s ewes are still waiting.

The lane-way was magical, dusted with shimmering powder. The birds were out foraging and the silence was melodious. Since you couldn’t be here to experience it with me, I hope you enjoy what my own eyes saw.

the Ents : east Cork

LissnaSionnach : the fort behind the house

our barns : cork

our front garden : cork

Mr. McCarthy’s fat sheep : Cork


emergent : Cork

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Traci is an animist living in Ireland and hails from the great state of Texas (a mythic heritage she is quite proud of!).  Her current academic pursuits are in Sociology and Psychology, and she engages a “sensuous scholarship” when seeking to understand Place.  She can also be found at Confessions of a Hedge Witch