Why getting outside matters

Capitol and Capitol Lake, Olympia, WA by Brylie Oxley, via Wikimedia Commons.

Whatever acts bring you in closer connection to your gods, your loved ones, your communities, and your lands, these are potentially radical acts. Going outside matters, and not just for health or environmental reasons. [Read more...]

A new season


Spring makes Niki want to get out of the house and move! [Read more...]

House and Home

Something like would sure be nice..... (Joe Mabel, via Wikimedia Commons)

House hunting means listening for the land to speak, too. [Read more...]

I like weather

By Juni from Kyoto, Japan (Flickr), Creative Commons

On the cold mornings when we walk to preschool, my 4.5 yr old son insists it’s still winter. No, I say, look at the daffodils, violets, and pink blossoms on a tree I don’t know the name of yet. Spring is just getting started! [Read more...]

My spiritual map


Niki draws a silly map of her ‘sacred landscape.’ [Read more...]

Sacred Lands and Spiritual Landscapes

Abraham Ortelius 1570 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Niki looks ahead to Cherry Hill Seminary’s conference on Sacred Lands and Spiritual Landscapes and wonders what the map of her spiritual landscape might look like. [Read more...]

Make Magic of Your Life: wherever you are

make magic

Niki Whiting takes the concepts from T. Thorn Coyle’s recent book, Make Magic of Your Life, and applies them to the idea of Place. [Read more...]