The Liberation of the Earth

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TED Talk: A Sense of Place

with poet Dana Gioia [youtube][/youtube]  

Wide Angle Vision Part 1: A Useful Meditation

This is the first in a multi-part series I’m calling “Wide Angle Vision.” It’s a series that contrasts reductionist thinking and holistic thinking, considers the place and value of each, and then brings these ideas to bear on some aspect of a spiritual relationship to place. There are many different techniques for meditation. Some involve clearing the mind entirely. Others involve focusing on a single thing to the exclusion of all else. Others involve a discursive flow of thought, a... Read more

Please Don’t Hit Me

Cars kill. [CC Heth AR] This post has been deleted by the author.

Paganism’s Messiah Complex

Or, the Anthropocentrism of Western Paganism Occasionally, within pagan circles, I happen across a troubling component of the western centric world view, and one that I find particularly antithetical to pagan values: anthropocentrism.  The belief that human-persons are the most significant species on the planet, plays out within paganism in subtle and tricky ways.  Most of us would balk at the outright notion that our species is superior, yet I often hear how humans have a divine role as mediators... Read more

Capitalism and the Spirit of Place

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Traveling Toward Birth (Part 2)

A few days later I had another dream. This time we were not in a bus or in a train. This time a little boy and I were on a plane. We were on our way to Thailand. We were looking at pictures in tourist magazines and talking about the things that we would do on vacation. At first the little boy wasn’t all that convinced, but as we looked at the pictures and I told him about the things... Read more

Of Love and Land Spirits

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‘Big’ people are people, too.

This piece was originally published on 26th October, 2013, at my personal blog. When asked to think about how religion has changed in 2013, and how that change has affected me personally, this experience immediately came to mind. It’s not about Paganism, but it is about people, and place, and community. ————————————————————————————– Dr Chöje Akong Tulku Rinpoche, 1939-2013 Doesn’t this guy look sweet? He’s Chöje Akong Tulku Rinpoche, co-leader of Kagyu Samyé Ling Monastery and Tibetan Centre... Read more

Traveling Toward Birth

Two nights ago my dreams were full of bus stations and train stations. I was travelling sometimes alone sometimes with a male companion. Sometimes I would be alone but would know that I had to find the male companion. The companion was sometimes a small child and sometimes an adult. Sometimes he seemed like he was a son of mine, or a grandson of mine, other times I knew that he was just a friend. He was a close friend,... Read more