A Light That Never Goes Out…

St. Mary's

I became a Pagan 18 years ago on Easter Sunday, and I’ve a kind priest and a small Episcopal chapel to thank for it. [Read more...]


Clyde, Clydeh, Clydhe, Cludha. The waters rise up, envelop you, take you down. Cold at first, oh so cold, but your core temperature drops, As he makes you his own. Warm now, in his embrace, you see for the first time, the history of this place. The visions play before your eyes, Scenes of battles, [Read More...]

Disenchantment, Enclosure, And ‘The Burning Times’

hans glaser

Capitalism is responsible for our ancestral trauma, our alienation from the land, and the greatest targeted killing of women ever known in Europe. [Read more...]

Some Walk Away


What do you do when you discover that the happiness, success, and comfort of your society requires the suffering of others? For many, it’s enough to justify it or ignore it. But some walk away, instead. [Read more...]



I felt the energy of the river as it stretches out onto land, as it touches the city beyond its banks. At last, I’d learned one of the river’s older names, and I knew that we had only been acquaintances before. Now we knew each other a bit better. [Read more...]

What We Built From Ruins, Part Four

Berlin Raben

The fourth and final installment in a fiction series exploring what Paganism might become in 50 years, what it might build and how it might influence the world. [Read more...]

What We Built From Ruins, Part Three

Berlin Raben

A Druid tells the story of what Paganism becomes, 50 years on. (Part three of a four-part series) [Read more...]