Living on the ‘Roseline’ and other spiritual fantasies

Do ‘spiritual fantasies’ like the Roseline help us engage with place, or keep us separated from it? Read more

Procession of the Species

Niki prepares to participate in the Procession of the Species. Read more

Of Frogs and Flowers – an excerpt from Annie Dillard

With spring in full swing in Ireland, Traci shares an except from Annie Dillard’s book, ‘Pilgrim at Tinker Creek’ — a tremendously influential book, which helped shape her naturalist outlook and her sense of place. Read more

The People Around Here…

Last week I was sitting with a group of people at lunch time listening to one of our number explain to the rest how she and her family were planning to move to Australia. “You can’t do anything new here,” She told us, “People just won’t let you. They are all so pessimistic and down on anyone who tries. I think it’s because of our weather.” I have heard lines like this many times from people in all the places… Read more

A taste of place

One of the main ways in which I get in touch with new places when I’m travelling is through food. Read more

The body as a place

Niki ponders a brand new (to her) idea about our bodies being Places and Lands of their own. Read more

I’m an Animist: and what that means

This week, Traci shares what it means to be an animist, and how she lives an animistic worldview in the day-to-day. Read more

The Fox in the Park

As we passed an open park, I watched a fox walk across the grass without hurry or concern, looking like a small, red, bushy tailed version of the all the other commuters heading to their homes, the shops, or their favorite pub. Read more

Why getting outside matters

Whatever acts bring you in closer connection to your gods, your loved ones, your communities, and your lands, these are potentially radical acts. Going outside matters, and not just for health or environmental reasons. Read more

Boots Across Ireland: Liosnabroc ringfort {video}

This week Traci introduces the first video of her new monthly feature, Boots Across Ireland. In it, she takes you on a tour of Liosnabroc– the ringfort next door. Read more

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