Three Things to Never Say to Your Husband

1 Three Things to Never Say to Your Husband Shaunti Feldhahn
Ladies, if there were a reality TV show like “What NOT to Wear,” but for relationships, these three things would be at the top of the list for “What NOT to say to your man.” Now, don’t get me wrong; I’ve actually said all these things at one point! You’ve probably said them, too. And you probably also saw the same thing I did: it never works out so well. Why?  In research with thousands of men I learned these hurt far more than your man (or your son!) will ever let on. So let’s agree to put these on our no-no list. Keep reading to find out the three phrases:

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  • fractal

    “Am I saying it JUST RIGHT for you now, honey?”
    “Am I dancing on eggshells sweetly enough for you?”
    “Is your ego really so fragile, my dear—that I must treat you like a child?”
    “Can you not bear any criticism, darling—because of your generations of male entitlement?”

    Men need to grow up, and women need to stop treating them like they are eternal babies.
    We women see constant articles on how to please men, dress for men, nurture men etc…
    While men read articles about how to SCORE and get women to give them anal sex.

    This is a codependent article written by an author who is part of the problem.

  • Mikemenn

    got one for men on what not to say/do for a women? i’m interested.

  • wsurfs .

    No act of kindness is ever wasted…!

  • Cellis Suzanne Adams

    These are decent rules for ANY human being to use when talking to another human being. There is no reason for only one partner to do the emotional work and men do not get a walk on being adults in relationships.