5 Reasons to Leave the Lights on for Sex

Yes, the idea is scary for many women! But in my years of social research, I have uncovered many truths that men wish we knew, but they don’t know how to tell us. And, I heard the heart behind this… Read more

3 Sneaky Ways You’re Making Yourself Stressed

Do you have any idea what is the most frequent command in the Bible?  Believe it or not, it is not to “love one another” (although that’s up there!). Instead, the most frequent command — used more than 70 times —… Read more

3 Simple Compliments That Will Please Your Wife

Husbands, do you want to know what goes on inside your wife’s head? And do you wish there was something that you could say to make her feel deeply loved? While I cannot tell you everything she thinks, I can assure… Read more

4 Ways to Spark More Romance in Your Relationship

Ladies, have you been wishing your husband were more Prince Charming and a little less Homer Simpson lately? Been daydreaming that someday he would plan a special evening for just the two of you? But then is your next thought,… Read more

Sex and Men’s True Hidden Desire

Wives, does your husband want sex…again? It’s not just a physical need — it’s also about emotions. Here are three things he’s not saying out loud when he comes to you for sex: 1. “I need to feel desirable.”  We women… Read more

2 Reasons You Should NOT be Independent

You might look at that title and raise an eyebrow. Isn’t independence what we are going for? Well, yes, we are going for it: and it is one of the main reasons we have so much stress in our lives. In… Read more

4 Tricks to Control Your Temper When You Want to Explode

While doing some research for my next book, I realized something important: when we are angry, most of us handle it wrong! Here are four ways to keep ourselves from (forgive the Marvel reference) turning into a big green rage… Read more

The Guaranteed Cure for “Grumpy Guy” Syndrome

Three Actions Guaranteed to Cure “Grumpy Guy” Syndrome  He’s an involved dad. He’s respected at church. People come to him for advice. He’s an all-around great guy but more and more often he seems to transform into “Mister Grumpy” when… Read more

4 Things That Will Strengthen Your Long-Distance Relationship

Today’s article is a guest post from my Digital Content Manager, Caroline Niziol. Caroline has been on my team since 2014 and works primarily on blogs, social media, and lots of other projects. I hope everyone involved in long-distance relationships… Read more

4 Powerful Ways to Help Your Husband Feel Amazing

Ladies, do you know how to support your normal, visually-wired husband in this abnormal culture? It’s tough out there in the modern world for your man. Here are four actions that matter. Keep reading to learn more! 1. Show him… Read more

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