Back-To-School Prep – Add Kindness To The List

Back-To-School Prep – Add Kindness To The List July 9, 2024

I’m honored to bring you a guest blog this week from children’s author (and my former senior editor) Katie Kenny Phillips. Katie is “a writer for kids (and their grown-ups!)” and I invited her this week to write a guest blog that my readers have asked for – principles from The Kindness Challenge adapted for kids. Enjoy! (And after reading today’s blog, I know you’ll want to check out Katie’s books here!)

By Katie Kenny Phillips

Summer is about to end for many of us. In the South, our kids head back to school at the beginning of August. For some of you, you’re smack dab in the middle of your glorious summer and your kids might start back to school much later. Wherever you find yourselves, one thing is certain: heading back to the classroom means back-to-school prep.

A few years ago, our elementary school (bless them!) began giving us the option to order back-to-school supply kits that included everything they needed for each grade. For this non-shopping-loving mama, I couldn’t hit “purchase now” fast enough. No more wandering the aisles at the end of the summer with each of my five kids, searching for the correct three-prong orange folder (WITH POCKETS, MOM!) No more “Where are the purple pens? No, not THAT kind of purple!” No more tears of frustration … I mean, my kids really hated when I did that in our local Target.

But what about preparing them for other things they’ll need at school? Like the skills to deal with their relationships when they become more complex and prickly? Like …


  • When a best friend doesn’t always act like a best friend every day
  • When a teacher is sometimes grumpy with them but they seem nice to the other students
  • Or when a teammate is not always the easiest to get along with


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