So Much For a Break…

First of all, I want to thank you all so much for the thoughtful, encouraging emails I have been receiving. I took a break from blogging in part to step back into my daily life and try to get a handle on things, and in part out of sheer discouragement and something akin to despair.

Getting a handle on my daily life was an abysmal failure. Nothing improved; circumstances, in fact, spun so wildly out of control that there was nothing for it but to laugh and recognize that a break is not in the cards for me right now.

But one thing did change. I found my discouragement melting away and being replaced by a quiet faith that all is in God’s hands. I felt reassured, even uplifted, and I believe that I have all of you to thank for that. I’ve heard people talk of being “cocooned in prayer” but I had no idea what that meant. I’ve often wondered if people’s references to being able to “feel” the prayers of others wasn’t just hyperbole or imagination.

But I felt your prayers. And they helped. More than I can say.

So thank you. Each one of you who said a prayer, or read my last post and felt some sympathy, thank you.

In between catching up with homeschooling this week, I plan on telling you all about the House of Horrors that my poor Ogre had the unfortunate (for him) timing to stumble into this weekend, but tonight, I just want to share one small item of news that may be of interest to you.

In case you’ve never been over there (and if you haven’t, you are in for a treat), The Crescat is hosting her annual Cannonball Awards. These awards are for those of us who…ahem…don’t distinguish ourselves too much from the rest of the pack. We certainly don’t write books, win actual Catholic Media Awards, or do much at all besides entertain ourselves by publishing our every mediocre thought.

The Crescat would like us to be noticed for our awesome mediocrity. And I quote, “Nominees and winners of the 2011 Catholic Cannonball Awards™© receive no prizes, just the sweet sweet satisfaction that they were only slightly better than no one else really all that special. They reserve bragging rights and the distinction of being fantastical ordinary! Yay! You’re an awesome average blogger. Enjoy your victory. “

And guess who was nominated in not one but two categories? 

That’s right, me. And I owe it all to all that liquor. 

And so, my friends, if you feel so inclined, click on over to the Crescat’s blog and cast your votes. You can vote for me in the categories Best New Kid on the Block and Most Under Appreciated Blog, or you can do what I’m doing and vote for Secret Vatican Spy in the former category and DarwinCatholic in the latter. 

Whatever floats your boat. 

(While you’re over there, though, can you show some love to The Hell With It, House Unseen, The Wine-Dark Sea, Little Catholic Bubble and Accepting Abundance? All are worthy of your love, I promise.)

(Also while you’re there, please do not neglect to pore over the Crescat’s hysterical sidebar pictures and quotes. Love. Love. Love.)

Thanks, y’all! Until later this week, cheers! 

*Update: apparently you can vote once a day for the Cannonball Awards. This news might interest you if you’re bored, your mouse finger hasn’t fulfilled it’s daily quota of clicks, or if you really, really love me. 

  • Carla Dobs

    YAY! Missed you…have been praying for you!!voted for you ;-)Love,

  • The Ranter

    I've definitely been voting for you!! Good luck at mediocrity! Or something like that, lol.

  • MarlaJen

    Glad to see you back!! Missed you, voted, and praying too!!

  • Melanie B

    I've missed you so. And if I were more together I'd have sent an email telling you that. I thought of doing so many times. I meant to. But I plead four children and craziness. I have been praying for you though. Thanks for the link love.

  • Eve

    So glad you're back! I've missed your posts and have been praying for you.

  • MrsDarwin

    You're sweet to mention us. I'm so out of it I didn't even know the Cannonball Awards were going on this year. I wish she'd have a prize for Most Oblivious; I'd sweep it handily.

  • priest’s wife

    can somebody make up a blog award for the REALLY mediocre and not important???;)

  • whatireallymeanttosay

    It is good to hear from you. I love that photo of you amid the liquor bottles. (Or maybe I just revealed too much…) I shall keep praying for you, even though I don't know you, but I DO know I would totally lose it without my husband so I think you are doing a stellar job. (It is not the needing the help, so much, is it, as the plain and simple it sucks to be without your best friend and the love of your life, am i right? My husband has never been away that long but he does go on way too frequent business trips, so… I sort of relate.) Anyway, where I was going before my rambling tangent, do not underestimate the value of others' prayers (and I know you do not). Being drenched in prayer is an amazing gift, and I hope you continue to feel the effects of this.Rebecca(blogger has gone funny lately and wont let me enter name/url…. grrr)

  • Dwija {House Unseen}

    Yeah baby! Go mediocrity!Dude, the first time I read the Crescat sidebar, I laughed so hard that I had to cover my mouth so as not to wake my sleeping children. She is so frappin' hilarious!I feel bad for anyone who visits my blog from hers right now expecting to find something hi-frickin-larious, though. I've been droppin' the ball on the funny lately, that is FO SHO.So glad you're back and feeling all cacoonified. Missed you!

  • Fr. Christian Mathis

    Secret Vatican Spy is awesome as are you for making this Under Appreciated vote a contest. Looks like it will come down to the wire!Fr. Christian (your competition over at Blessed Is The Kingdom)Good luck!