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You know you’re really tired when the idea of two days in the hospital sounds like a vacation. I told the Ogre this morning that “it’ll be just like I’m at a spa, only with someone mashing on my stomach every half-hour!” He laughed, and then when I sat down and started typing he said, “you realize that you’re going to owe your readers a giant apology after you have the baby, right?” I was confused, so I said, “huh? I’m confused.” He said, “after the baby is born, I’m going to make you read back over your blog posts from the last two months. You’ve basically been using your blog as a vehicle to complain.”

Since Charlotte basically refused to sleep last night and my brain is therefore working about as well as the Tin-Man after a hurricane, I’m going to take him at his word, apologize, and then write about something other than how uncomfortable I am. (But rest assured, I’m unbelievably uncomfortable.)

I apologize for complaining at you.

Now, wanna see something AMAZING?

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press

It’s Joe Biden being massively inappropriate! No shock there, but look at the expression on the two biker dudes’ faces! This is seriously gold. It makes me so happy. It’s the best picture I’ve ever seen. I actually think that the last four years of the most bumbling VP ever were totally worth it just to have this photographic keepsake.

In other politically-oriented news, you know who’s a complete nutcase? Ron Paul. I know people who are big Ron Paul supporters, and actually I was a big Ron Paul supporter four years ago when I was also a heartless monster, but I’m no longer a heartless monster, thus I cannot support Ron Paul.

How is the above paragraph logical, you may be asking? It’s probably not, but let me explain my non-linear thinking on Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is a non-interventionist. I get the non-interventionist policy from a purely political standpoint. If you are concerned primarily with the welfare of Americans and America, then Ron Paul’s policies make a lot of sense.

If, however, unlike the Tin Man, you actually have a heart, Ron Paul is as scary as Mayor Wilkins at a Sunday picnic.

I eat souls for breakfast!

Non-interventionist policies are just something I can’t get behind, because they completely ignore the lives of, like, the rest of humanity.

Non-interventionists say stuff like “FDR staged Pearl Harbor as an excuse to get into the war” and I’m like, “actually, it would have been nice if he had gotten into the war because millions of people were being slaughtered in gas chambers instead of waiting until it effected Americans.” (I have never learned the difference between affect and effect, so please feel free to correct me in the handy combox below. I promise to write a sarcastic blog post about it later this week.)

You know what I mean? I just think that as Americans, and as human beings, we should care about the welfare of people other than those who had the good fortune to be born with red, white and blue blood. I think that ignoring all the other humans on earth is a terrible thing to do. But then, this is why I don’t write about politics often, because comparing Ron Paul to a demon-changeling uber-hygenic Mayor in a mythical television series isn’t exactly the most watertight of political arguments.

If you want an awesome political post, go read this post by Frank Weathers. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, and it seems to me that it’s pretty much impossible to be a Ron Paul supporter and a Catholic. After all, as Catholics, we are called to lay down our lives for others, and Ron Paul’s non-interventionist policies are basically the exact opposite of that. I realize, objectively, that you can’t build a successful country on the policy “lay down your lives for others”, so I can understand American Catholics holding onto Catholicism with one hand and America with the other. Still, though, there has to be some cognitive dissonance there, right? Myself, I’m more comfortable holding onto Catholicism with both hands and checking the ballot box next to the candidate who gets the closest to that.

I mean, that’s what I do during election cycles when I’m feeling mature and responsible. This election cycle, not so much. This election cycle, I’m voting Romney, because Paul Ryan is a total dreamboat.

Really really. After the glorious biker photo, I’ll be a little sad to see Joe go, but four years of eye candy is something that American housewives have been bereft of for far too long. Paul Ryan FTW!

Speaking of eye candy, this would absolutely be a winning ticket:


Are you totally impressed yet with the thoughtful and erudite blog posts that come out of my brain when I stop navel-gazing about pregnancy and children? No? No?

Fine, then.

See you tomorrow! I’m going to try not to complain for two days in a row, thus shattering my personal best of not complaining for 1.3 hours in a row. So you can look forward to more nonsensical ramblings about things I’m not even remotely qualified to talk about. Lucky you!

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