7 Quick Pictures

A brief photographic glimpse at our summer…all the best things I didn’t get pictures of, because I was having too much fun


The minions with the Mimi at the zoo…never mind Charlotte, she only smiles when the picture was her idea


Fun with cousins!


The Ogre and I actually got to dress up and go out!


Charlotte and her godmother, Sister Awesome


A window into their souls


Lincoln and Kylie, the new puppy. Kylie couldn’t figure out why the little white puppy made terrible wailing noises every time she tried to play with him, so she mostly hid in a corner.


That about sums it up

Go see Jen for more quick takes!


  • http://mcdsinheaven.blogspot.com/ Nella

    Regarding #1: Tell me how to do that. Regarding #5: Beautiful!

  • Kayleen

    I love the picture of you and the hubs – you guys look great! Hope you had a lovely night out!

  • Maggie Crawford

    Love the photos! I wish my kids would just pass out anywhere. They’d stay up for hours and hours and hours on end if I would allow them.

  • Hafsa

    Awww thanks for sharing your pictures. You look great! I wish my husband and I could go on a date night out. Newborns ruin everything ;)

  • http://myloveistoolittle.blogspot.com/ Casey

    I like #2: it looks like a baby vs. puppy stand-off!