In Which I Re-Read My Own Post

Holy shit, y’all, I just re-read that post I just posted.

I thought, as I hit “publish”, that it was a normal, musing type of post in which I own up to some neuroses that you probably all knew about already, and that aren’t that exceptional or note-worthy anyway.

But then I clicked on a link on facebook and was like, uh, this chick needs a team of licensed therapists, not an internet connection.

And that chick was me.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, there’s nothing I can do except show you this cute video of a kitten and tell you that this is exactly how I feel when blogging.

YouTube Preview Image

  • Nichole Chomicki

    Your blog is real. When I read it I feel like “yes!!! There are other people in the world like me!”
    Thanks for your courage in sharing it the way you do.

  • Marian

    A friend once told me that if you are aware that you are neurotic, then you aren’t reeeeally neurotic. – it’s good to know that other people are as insecure as I am! Haha!

    Best wishes to you and your teeth. ;)

  • Sarah

    Oh, that poor cat!

    Was the irony of this post following the last one purposeful? :-) I always appreciate your posts, Calah. I always come away from them either contemplative or smiling (sometimes both) and always more ready to keep on keeping on with a lighter heart.

    And if we ever met in person, you’d come away feeling far superior! ;-)