On First Looking at Her Birthday Cake

Much has she travell’d in the realm of rhyme

and many goodly pairs of words has seen,

yet did never delight by candlelight shine

till 5-year-old squealed out loud and bold:

“Mommy! ‘Charlotte‘ rhymes with ‘harlot‘!”



  • http://www.geeklady.wordpress.com/ GeekLady

    She has a very broad vocabulary.

    Besides, it could be worse. David consistently replaces the ‘zth’ sound in azúcar with ‘fff’.

  • Lynn

    Time for a new Bible translation, perhaps ;) Though how many of her little friends would know what a harlot is? Reminds me of being informed that somebody’s labia were itchy while we were in the checkout lane. No real cause for embarrassment, because I was the only one who knew what she was talking about. If I’d taught her a slang/kiddie work instead, we would have been busted.

  • Tom

    Given her reaction, you should introduce her to Iron Maiden right away.

  • Becky

    That’s one of the reasons I didn’t name my 6-week-old Charlotte, and my family told me I was being ridiculous since “no one knows that word anymore.” It’s still a lovely name.