This Whole Medjugorje Thing

So the Vatican released this letter that is really important for the fate of Medjugorje and whether or not the apparitions will be approved. Or something. I’m not really sure. I can’t ever figure out what has happened, is happening, and might happen with this because I literally cannot read past this word:


Seriously, how do you say that?

I’m sure it’s my American elitism and everything (although I’ve learned to pronounce plenty of unpronounceable names in my time, like Gyllenhaal and Labeouf) but why can’t apparitions ever happen or be made up in , like, Fez? Everyone could pronounce that. Plus,

  • Cordelia

    HA! As one ex-evangelical to another – I’m glad to know I’m not alone. Right down to tacking “thing” at the end: “Gah…not more twerping about that Medj thing.” Medj I can say.

    Is there anything WRONG with sorting Marian apparitions (and saints, too) by difficulty of pronunciation? And then only paying attention to the ones that a) I can SAY, and b) don’t skeeve me out?

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  • john konnor