Carpe Diem: Two Book Sales

Meme derived from Hyperbole and a Half comic

First, Fortress Press is having a massive ebook/Kindle sale through the end of April. There’s no link to the sale itself at Amazon, rather the 1500 (!) books on sale are listed in a pdf here. My suggestions-

Second,  Logos holds its own March Madness wherein different authors are pitted against each other. The higher the author in the bracket, the greater the discount on the books. The “tournament” has ended so, all of these authors are discounted, from 30% up through April 14. It’s a mix of modern and “classic” authors. Remember, Logos is free, cross-platform,  and has some very useful stuff to LDS. See my posts here and here, and get their free book of the month and $1.99 companion here. A selection:

Logos has also highlighted some nice interactive visuals (which means they are reconstructed and thus include some degree of interpretation/uncertainty) of Jesus’ tomb, here.

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