Celebrate Life with Me Today

Thank you for all the kind words this week, especially the ones about Trig.  Did you know that today – March 21, 2012 – is actually World Down Syndrome Day? It’s a great day to take a moment and celebrate life. Children with  Down Syndrome are beautiful, and I’m so proud of my baby brother. I wouldn’t want him any other way!

Now, I dare you guys to watch this without crying:


  • CapitalG

    You guys rock!

  • Denice Hocott

    This was Beautiful, and yes I cried

  • Ashley Bobiles

    I wasn’t gonna cry. I totally did though.

  • Lynn

    No way I wouldn’t cry seeing such a sweet video.

    I just want you to know that even though we have never met, I love you and your
    mom very much. During the time she was campaigning I had this feeling of pride
    in her and although she wasn’t really mine, I called her “my girl”. I even cried
    when she was deplaning in Alaska after a hard week on the road because she
    looked a little tired. Can’t even begin to tell you how very proud I am of you
    and how much I love your intelligence, your spunk, and your writing. Your son
    is a lucky boy to have a mom as dedicated as you are.

    Thank your for writing the blog. It is wonderful to see and hear what you are

    All my best to you.


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    What a beautiful family! You are doing so well an I am so glad. You certainly have two strong roll model, not to mention your grandparents! Loe your whole family and am praying for each of you!