Celebrate Life with Me Today

Thank you for all the kind words this week, especially the ones about Trig.  Did you know that today – March 21, 2012 – is actually World Down Syndrome Day? It’s a great day to take a moment and celebrate life. Children with  Down Syndrome are beautiful, and I’m so proud of my baby brother. I wouldn’t want him any other way!

Now, I dare you guys to watch this without crying:


  • June Griffin

    Thank u for sharing Bristol, love u and your family! We need more people like you and your family in this world. Wish I could meet u <3

  • http://primordialslack.com Joan of Argghh!

    The longer I live, the more I believe that the Leftists and Progressives hate most forms of human life (except their own) because they are unable to create, anything. And that makes them rather jealous and spiteful.

    The darkness cannot overcome the Light.

    • Lisa

      Hmmm… I’m a “leftist” and have a child with Down Syndrome that I knew was going to have DS at my 20 week ultrasound. Strange post to celebrate such a wonderful day….

      • http://primordialslack.com Joan of Argghh!

        Yes, we crossposted. Both were inartful comments more in response to the vitriol that has been heaped on Trig by many people on the Left who are obviously threatened by his life, and by his value to those who love him.

        My sister’s daughter was severely oxygen-deprived at birth, my brother died from CP, and they are both a big part of my life. I meant no disrespect to the celebration or anyone on the Left who does not ascribe to the venomous hate they spew. You do well to admonish me.

      • ellen

        Are you a liberal or a ‘leftist?’

        It’s kind of like are you redneck or a racist?

        What do you want to own: the hate or the point of view?

        Do you have a certain point of view, or do hate people for having a different point of view.

        I bet you are a liberal, not a leftist.

    • http://primordialslack.com Joan of Argghh!

      Clarification: not to say the Leftists are barren, just that they have no creative ideas or productive contribution to human betterment and progress. They’ll soon have us worshiping fire and chanting, “might is right.”


        And of course conservatives have so many creative ideas, which is why they’re all obsessed with the issue of abortion. 8-)

  • speppers69

    Thanks to you and your family and Trig….and other social media sites and groups….having a child with Downs and BEING a child with Downs is NOT the same experience as it was 30 or 40 years ago. Having a child with ANY challenges is not the same as it was and America and the world have changed for the better. I am very thankful that our society does not look down on children with special needs the way they used to…especially a “public family” like yours. It used to be that a politician had to hide away their children or siblings with special needs. We still as a people have a long way to go but we can’t minimize how far we have come in such a short time.

  • Laurie

    Thanks for sharing this video- it was wondeful! You and your whole family are wonderful examples of a loving family. Trig is a doll, and so adorable. God bless you all!!

  • Amanda

    This just shows us how truly special life is! Every Child is a Gift from God!

  • Liz

    WONDERFUL!!!!! May God continue to bless all the precious children and their families!

  • Nancy Kehrer

    I agree with Joan. Thanks Bristol for this video…it brought tears to my eyes thinking of how precious “life” is. God gave Trig to your mom because He knew she would love him and could handle it. What a wonderful example of God’s love that He has made to the world through Trig and your family. God bless the Palin family. ~Nancy in Texas

  • http://www.sealbark.blogspot.com Heather Seal

    Thanks for sharing! Happy WDSD to you and your family! We are celebrating with you here in SLC, Utah. I have a 9 year old daughter with Down syndrome and feel so lucky and privileged to be her Mom!

  • http://reecesrainbow.org Lucille Brown

    Hi Bristol,

    Would love to share our ’21 Truths About Down Syndrome’ with you and your family!

    Happy World Down Syndrome Day! Is your little brother celebrating today? :)

  • http://www.ak365.blogspot.com LisaJ

    I have 3 kids, my oldest is special needs. From the minute he was born 18 yrs ago, before we even knew about his issues, I knew that he was going to change my life profoundly and he has. Raising a child with special needs isnt always easy but like every child they bring a special light to your life and you learn things about yourself that you never knew as they show you what life is really about.

    Trig is an adorable little guy and in his pictures the pure joy and enjoyment of life always shines in his eyes. You are a very lucky girl to have such a wonderful brother!