Mr. President, When Should I Expect Your Call?

Dear President Obama,

You don’t know my telephone number, but I hope your staff is busy trying to find it. Ever since you called Sandra Fluke after Rush Limbaugh called her a slut, I figured I might be next.  You explained to reporters you called her because you were thinking of your two daughters, Malia and Sasha.  After all, you didn’t want them to think it was okay for men to treat them that way:

“One of the things I want them to do as they get older is engage in issues they care about, even ones I may not agree with them on,” you said.  “I want them to be able to speak their mind in a civil and thoughtful way. And I don’t want them attacked or called horrible names because they’re being good citizens.”

And I totally agree your kids should be able to speak their minds and engage the culture.  I look forward to seeing what good things Malia and Sasha end up doing with their lives.

But here’s why I’m a little surprised my phone hasn’t rung.  Your $1,000,000 donor Bill Maher has said reprehensible things about my family.  He’s made fun of my brother because of his Down’s Syndrome. He’s said I was “f—-d so hard a baby fell out.”  (In a classy move, he did this while his producers put up the cover of my book, which tells about the forgiveness and redemption I’ve found in God after my past – very public — mistakes.)

If Maher talked about Malia and Sasha that way, you’d return his dirty money and the Secret Service would probably have to restrain you.  After all, I’ve always felt you understood my plight more than most because your mom was a teenager.  That’s why you stood up for me when you were campaigning against Sen. McCain and my mom — you said vicious attacks on me should be off limits.

Yet I wonder if the Presidency has changed you.  Now that you’re in office, it seems you’re only willing to defend certain women.  You’re only willing to take a moral stand when you know your liberal supporters will stand behind you.


What if you did something radical and wildly unpopular with your base and took a stand against the denigration of all women… even if they’re just single moms? Even if they’re Republicans?

I’m not expecting your SuperPAC to return the money.  You’re going to need every dime to hang on to your presidency.  I’m not even really expecting a call.  But would it be too much to expect a little consistency?  After all, you’re President of all Americans, not just the liberals.

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UPDATE: I’ve gotten over 1,700 comments since I posted this!  Please keep them coming and see my response to some of them here.

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  • Derek

    I think Bill Maher is one of the most vile, disgusting people I’ve ever seen. I absolutely cannot stand him. Keep up the good fight Bristol!!

  • Craig

    Because you failed to practice safe sex, got pregnant and then went around saying the unwed shouldn’t have sex even though you had done just that which makes you a huge hypocrite.

    • retlaw

      No, a hypocrite says “you can’t do this, but I can” – like when the former Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, who’d been pushing for higher taxes all through his career, was found to have been cheating on his own taxes for years. “You gotta pay, but not me!”

      Now, if you did something wrong, later realize it was wrong, and urge others not to make your mistake, that’s not hypocrisy. That’s sin (and all humans sin) and repenting.

      If we go by your definition, Craig, that means that if you experimented with marijuana in college, you have to buy your own kids a bong – or be a hypocrite!

  • Jenni

    enough said
    Very sad that how confused and misguided in life this child is.

    • Millie


      Yes it is very sad that this is the same old stuff you people spew all
      the time with putting your false facts there. Sandra Flude did not
      go before the Congress she went’ before a panel that Nancy Polosi
      had setup for her. Unfortunately she was used to further Pres.
      Obama’s agenda. Her facts were incorrect. As had been said
      before it does not cost $3,000 a year for contriceptives.

      It’s time for you folks to get a new verse instead of singing the same old
      sing song over and over that is untrue. Hate is a very danger
      thing to do. It seem to come back to the one who spews it.

      You would feel much better if you go out and find someone in need
      and help them. I promise you, you will feel much better when you
      have. Have a bless day!!!

      • Millie

        corrrection, contraceptive

      • retlaw

        You’re braver than me, Millie – I wouldn’t follow a link from one of these malicious people.

  • Sierra

    So, on one hand you say that you were happy when President Obama stood up for you during his campaign, then on the other you claim he doesn’t stand up for you because you’re a Republican. Do you want him to hold your hand and call you everytime someone is mean?

    I’m not going to say that what Bill Maher said about you and your family wasn’t disgusting. It absolutely was! However, can you really not see the difference? Sandra Fluke was on a public platform, and was ridiculed for her beliefs. Maher made fun of you, very cruelly, on his own time, not representing anyone but himself. Disgusting, but hardly worthy of a Presidential apology.

    • retlaw

      On the one hand the President brags about how more oil is being drilled now than ever before, and on the other he’s put a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf, no administration has issued fewer leases to drill on federal lands, and he stopped the Keystone Pipeline from Canada.

      And on the one hand he said about Bristol that families should be off-limits, and on the other hand the next week he praised Andrew Sullivan as his favorite blogger – Sullivan, whose blog relentlessly attacked Governor Palin through Bristol and her baby brother.

      Saying something noble for public consumption while signaling his minions to keep doing the ignoble is a pattern with this president, Sierra.

      Maher made fun of Bristol “on his own time”, then he took a million bucks he made from doing it and very publicly gave it to Obama’s re-election effort. The President should be ashamed to take that kind of money.

      Fluke wasn’t ridiculed for her beliefs, Rush ridiculed her for lying to the American public. She lied to advance an agenda that will hurt women’s health. Obama called Fluke because he likes her agenda, and he wanted to whip up hatred for Rush.

      This president has lots of time – he never schedules a meeting before 10AM, he takes more vacations and does more golfing than any other president, so why can’t he call? Because he doesn’t care about civility, he cares only about winning.

      • jjdiogenes

        How did Sandra Fluke lie to the American public? And how will giving access to birth control hurt women’s health? If by hurt you mean help and save millions of dollars in the process then you’re right.

        Bill Maher is a comedian – Rush is a commentator. There is a huge difference. In addition, Bristol is a public figure, Sandra can hardly be considered much of a public figure. Bill’s humor isn’t always in good taste but it is humor . . . the same cannot be said for Rush.

        • retlaw

          Breast cancer patients in Britain have no access to the best drug for treatment – the National Health Service says it’s too expensive. All Brit women get the Pill for free, though – hormones are cheap.

          The IPAB, Obamacare Death Panels, will act the same way.

          Fluke told the American public her Pills cost $1000 per year, but you can get them for $9 a month at Target or Walmart. She lied.

  • Margaret

    All Bristol is trying to say is, Mr. Obama only makes phone calls when he can create negativity against the people his is running against and have the media create positive media for him. He doesn’t care one way or the other for any of these people he pretends to care for. It’s just a way to make this sorry excuse for a human being look like he does. If the media weren’t in his back pocket being fed what they can and cannot print (or make up) he wouldn’t look so good. It’s a sad day in the USA when so many people can be bought and paid for, no longer have their own opinions, report honest news and completely throw their values out the window for someone who cares even less. You GO Bristol! Love your Mom, Dad and all of you.

    • retlaw


  • Luka Laylee

    Let’s see now Bristol, your claim to fame is getting drunk and pregnant, by a high school drop out, in a tent.

    • retlaw

      Poor Luka Laylee! She gets drunk and pregnant at least once a year, and nobody ever offers HER a TV contract or a book deal.

      Life is so unfair! :-(

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