Bragging Just a Little

Okay, let me be a proud big sister for a moment.

I’d just like to say how proud I am of my sister Willow. She graduated from high school more than a year early!  And she did that while holding a job, and helping out with Tripp, Trig, and Piper.

Now she’s starting new adventures. On my upcoming Lifetime reality television show, you’ll get a sneak peak into her future.  What do you think she’ll do next?  Here’s a hint: she’s not quite finished with her education yet.  Any guesses on what career she’ll pursue?  (By the way, the show will probably air in June — thanks for all the questions about it.  I’ll definitely let you know when to tune in!)

And speaking of Willow, this week her best guy friend asked her to Prom.  While this is always a fun (and potentially awkward!) time of high school, I thought the way he asked her was just perfect. Check out the YouTube video he made for her below.  But before you go and start saying it was “so sweet,” note that she sent him back a picture that had a box marked with a check mark next to the word “Duh.”

Yep, that’s my sister!

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  • Bo

    Good on you, Willow! I can only imagine the strong motivation you had to get through high school so that you could get out of Wasilla and away from the crushing influence of your trailer-trash parents and siblings. Maybe there IS still hope that one of the Palin clan will turn out alright!

    • Susan

      Odd how the same people who make jokes about “trailer trash” and folks who live in small towns are the same pampered little brats who show up at the Occupy Rallies and claim to support the 99%.

  • manny

    Hey dummy….instead of shamelessly promoting your reality show, yiu might want to register for writing 101 at your local community college. It is sneak “peek” and not sneak “peak”. Fyi.

    • kjb4mhs

      Oh I guess Mr. Perfect Manny has never made a typo before.

  • cole

    your sister is very beautiful bristol! wow i wish i could have met her :( would love to meet both of you. hope your son and family is doing well. hopefully one day i can meet you in person Lol.

  • Gregory Russo

    I think That Willow ought to go to College as well as Bristol to the best possible college with the best possible program.

    If Ivy league college is a possibility. Then go to Standford University in California.