Guess Who’s Anchoring “Today” on Tuesday?

People have always said told me that my mom would be a great television host.  That’s why I’m excited that she’ll be guest-hosting “Today” this Tuesday morning!

She told Breitbart News:

“I see this as a good opportunity to bring an independent, common-sense conservative perspective to NBC. We’re ‘going rogue’ and infiltrating some turf for a day.”

Also, Katie Couric happens to be filling in for Robin Roberts next week on “Good Morning America.”  When Breitbart News asked her about this match-up, Mom was her usual self.

She said, “Game on.”

In other words, make sure you tune in.  She’ll be a totally unique presence, won’t she?  (Just try to think of anyone else like her on television!)

I, for one, cannot wait to watch.  I know she’s going to be awesome!

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  • sarah simpson

    i don’t ever watch the today show, but i will be watching tue. way to go Sarah.

  • David Dempsey

    I will be watching the Today Show on Tuesday for sure.

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  • Mrs. B

    Just like your mom, walking into the lion’s den with no fear. You have to admire a woman like her. Bravo Sarah!

  • Sarah Johnson

    I , too,will be shifting to the TODAY show on Tuesday. Thanks, Sarah

  • http://none Warren

    Hope the little snipit Katie gets her panties all out of shape.

    Your mom will do great!

    (but a pie in Katie’s face delivered by your mom would BE AWESOME!

  • mickey mcdonald

    lisa, be sure to watch this. it will be much better than an obama host..she is so much prettier than he is…smarter too. go ms. sarah go. show katie what we’re made of..

  • http://facebook Doris Kelly

    I will be at work so I will tape it can’t wait!! Love you Mom

  • notafan

    What? Sarah “the fame whore” Palin is going on NBC? the lame stream media? talk about hypocrite…

  • Brett&Kyle’sMom

    I’ve long since grown tired of the tripe Matt & Ann spew but will relish this Tuesday’s show!!! (probably will even DVR it!)