Hail to the Chiefs – Malia and Sasha Obama

Is anyone really surprised by the fact that President Obama came out of the closet for gay marriage? What was most surprising is when he explained how his position (supposedly) “evolved,” by talking to his wife and daughters:

It’s interesting, some of this is also generational,” the president continued. “You know when I go to college campuses, sometimes I talk to college Republicans who think that I have terrible policies on the economy, on foreign policy, but are very clear that when it comes to same-sex equality or, you know, sexual orientation, that they believe in equality. They are much more comfortable with it. You know, Malia and Sasha, they have friends whose parents are same-sex couples. There have been times where Michelle and I have been sitting around the dinner table and we’re talking about their friends and their parents and Malia and Sasha, it wouldn’t dawn on them that somehow their friends’ parents would be treated differently. It doesn’t make sense to them and, frankly, that’s the kind of thing that prompts a change in perspective.”

Let’s pause for just one second.  When Christian women run for high office, people inevitably bring up the question of submission.  Once, Michele Bachmann, for example, was asked during a debate, “As president, would you be submissive to your husband?”

People automatically assume that a Christian female President isn’t capable of making decisions without her spouse’s stamp of approval.  (I should add female Republican candidates –liberal women don’t get the same kind of questions.)

So are all those reporters who feared excessive family intervention in the White House all up in arms over the President’s announcement yesterday?  Um.  Not quite.

Liberals  everywhere are applauding him for his bravery and his wisdom.

So let me get this straight – it’s a problem if my mom listened too much to my dad, but it’s a heroic act if the President made a massive change in a policy position that could affect the entire nation after consulting with his teenage daughters?

While it’s great to listen to your kids’ ideas, there’s also a time when dads simply need to be dads.  In this case, it would’ve been helpful for him to explain to Malia and Sasha that while her friends parents are no doubt lovely people, that’s not a reason to change thousands of years of thinking about marriage.  Or that – as great as her friends may be – we know that in general kids do better growing up in a mother/father home.  Ideally, fathers help shape their kids’ worldview.

In this situation, it was the other way around.  I guess we can be glad that Malia and Sasha aren’t younger, or perhaps today’s press conference might have been about appointing Dora the Explorer as Attorney General because of her success in stopping Swiper the Fox.

Sometimes dads should lead their family in the right ways of thinking.  In this case, it would’ve been nice if the President would’ve been an actual leader and helped shape their thoughts instead of merely reflecting what many teenagers think after one too many episodes of Glee.
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  • Logan

    “…thousands of years of thinking about marriage…”

    You’re right. I’m going to sue my wife’s parents for that dowry they never paid me. Then, if she’s ever out of line, I’ll just beat her (not to death, that’s bad… unless she dies after two days, then it’s A-OK). And if she ever divorces me, I can sleep easy knowing that her next marriage will lock her into a life-long adulterous relationship and she will rot in hell for all eternity for breaking my heart (God’s got my back).

    She won’t be allowed to speak unless I give her permission, she won’t be allowed to work (that’s my responsibility), she won’t be allowed to turn down having sex with me (It’s not RAPE if she’s my wife…).

    Thank you, Bristol Palin, for reminding us all the TRUE meaning of marriage: A transfer of property (ie. the bride to be plus some cattle) designed to make sure that competition for females never got too intense, jealousy never tore tribes apart, parentage was certain, inbreeding was minimized, and social traditions suppressing women were perpetuated.

    Gotta fucking love marriage.

  • esrl100

    The donkeys and the elephants air fired up to backlash… LOL but initially! everyone appeared to be in uncertainty or denial on the sanctity of marriage commenting such as ” I don’t have a problem” ” we have rights; that protect us” , “divorce rates between heterosexual couples are increasing” …FEW say they Disapprove…. Now Obama affirms his statement that homosexulas should be able to marry and these elephants are OUTRAGED! Get it together people as far as im concerned everyone especially the ( political fellows) are freakn confused on this issue. Stop making it a big issue until you can stand your view confidently.

  • SJ


    • Jim

      Wow SJ , why the hate and intolerance?

      • Tom

        I think that’s way he’s upset Jim.

      • Jonathan

        I don’t condone this language, but I can understand the sentiment. It’s well placed.

        Bristol Palin is truly ignorant. She’s adopted a bigoted, hateful worldview from the strict traditionalists in the US culture. Sadly, she doesn’t appear to know when to keep quiet and learn more. Her views empower extremist behaviors denying basic rights and freedoms to other humans.

        Normally for an unwed mother from a small Alaska town without much exposure or experience, that would be the end of the discussion. No one would pay much attention to the ramblings of a late-blooming child with poor life choices and poor family planning experience.

        But she’s well known, and many people listen to her. With that comes responsibility of many types. Responsibility she appears not mature enough to take seriously.

        She’s taken a position on this issue that unnecessarily harms others, and hopefully, eventually she’ll learn enough and experience enough to understand that’s not the place she wants to be.

    • Holy Ghost Girl

      you know what thats not called for, you have a spirit that projects hate as you have been hurt in your life….forgive people and you will heal…..GOD loves you!

  • Elizabeth

    I am the adult child of two gay parents. I am well-adjusted, educated, intelligent, and a compassionate and productive member of society. If I’d been the daughter of a single mom who got knocked up when she was a teenager and was so concentrated on soaking up public attention, would I have turned out as well? I can’t say for sure, but what I can say is that my parents are still together after all of these years, remaining loving and committed to one another, and their dedication as partners and parents has been one of the greatest gifts and examples that a child could have received.

    Many people experience change or evolution in their beliefs as the years pass, and despite the recent vote in North Carolina, the public opinion on gay marriage is shifting to a place where we are a bit closer to a bigger piece of equality. Thank God.

  • Katie

    I’m glad to know you think that as someone who grew up with only one parent (my father, after my mother died when I was a small child), I am at a serious disadvantage. It’s not only the children of gay or lesbian parents that you’ve belittled here; you’ve belittled the children and the adults everywhere wh were raised by a single parent, by divorce or death or leaving, for whatever reason. It’s insulting. I am not at a disadvantage for not having a mother. Neither is the child of two men. I had positive female role models in my life. So do (and so will) they.

    And in doing this, you have now belittled your own child, who will, at least for now, grow up in a single parent home. Bravo, Ms. Palin. Bravo.

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    • Lesly

      You have got to be out of your mind Bristol Palin – your ideas vs. obamas – your speech vs. his – your (lack of) class vs his (abundance of) class – you are ……….. Wow. Wowowowow. You don’t see what a complete fool you are. Incredible. Truly remarkable. WOW. You really should just complete the picture. Paint your face & put on big ol clown shoes. You are a moron.

      • Kev

        Harvard educated here. 30 years with my same sex partner. Pillars in our community. Hardly the hit and run I’ve seen with many “hetero”. Ring any bells?

        • 56Survivor

          So, how to you feel about the worthless bone Obama threw at your community yesterday? Big whoop that his views have “evolved”. What good does that do you? It’s worthless towards the cause. All in the world it was is pandering and using you and other leftist. I hope some of this outrage will be directed at him. He should be your main target, not Bristol who simply expressed her opinion.

          Brown educated here. Thirty-one years with my opposite sex husband. Pillars in our community. And most importantly, not duped.

          • Frank Lee

            I’m glad you’re not a pillar in my community.

          • thoughtful

            Brown just called, they want their degree back…fool

        • TEX

          Who is the bitch?You or your boyfriend?
          Just curious!

          • LMA

            OMG you classless slime.

          • Cosette

            You my friend are a certified asshole…..

        • TEX


          You get the bells,every time you bend over!

        • http://lefoxvintage.blogspot.com Vanessa Ray

          right on!

        • Bert Macklin

          Love this post.

        • Jason Beenton

          BOOM! Like a Chuck Norris roundhouse to the face.

        • Candace Collins

          I hope-if it is your wish-that the day will come when you can enjoy the same rights that have been afforded to the rest of us. As a single mom to 3 kids and the THIRD ex wife to a man who is now on his 5th……..I think everyone should be allowed to be married. Contrary to what Ms Palin and her ‘clan’ think-they can’t possibly make any more of a mockery of marriage than my ex-husband. (who by the way, has fathered 7 children: refused to acknowledge 1, gave up parental right on another so he wouldn’t have to pay child support, paid for another to be aborted, and thought that $300 a month was “more than enough” to raise 3.) People against same sex marriage, had better take a long hard look at where they are standing. People in glass houses……………

        • Mookleb

          My next door neighbor “hetero” 61 years of marriage… so what’s your point?

        • Catherine

          It is clear to me Bristol that your ignorant narrow view on this issue, your inability to critically think, and lack of education is a consequence of your sheltered upbringing and religious beliefs. That’s fine… and yes, voicing your opinion is your right. Whether you like it or not, marriage equality will happen…just like women’s ability to vote, interracial marriage, etc. So you better get used to it. And the history of mankind far exceeds thousands of years and yes, there is a time when things NEED TO CHANGE. My advice to you is finish your education, seek the truth, and be the best mom you can be. And perhaps you need to think about why the divorce rate among heterosexuals is so high…The society is not being destroyed by gay people…if anything, this world is a far more beautiful place with so much diversity. And also…Children only require love, great role models, and guidance…not necessarily a mom and a dad….as represented by your “not so bright” father of your son.

        • http://joker.com Jker

          Ldies and Gntlemen; batman & robin


        • Custador

          And yet Bristol still doesn’t think you’re as good as Newt Gingrich. Scary.

        • 56Survivor

          So, how to you feel about the worthless bone Obama threw at your community yesterday? Big whoop that his views have “evolved”. What good does that do you? It’s worthless towards the cause. All in the world it was is pandering and using you and other leftist. I hope some of this outrage will be directed at him. He should be your main target, not Bristol who simply expressed her opinion.

          Brown educated here. Thirty-one years with my opposite sex husband. Pillars in our community. And most importantly, not duped and not a tool of the left.

        • http://yahoo carri o’donnell

          Kev, LOVE IT!! Could you and your partner start a blog for young unwed mothers that throw stones in class houses….I think you would be the perfect example of a solid relationship. :) Oh, and I’m one of those hit and run hetero’s you mentioned and you are right! :)

        • Mark

          Your comment might have been credible if it were not so self-aggrandizing

        • Laura

          THANK YOU! I’ve seen so many straight people treat marriage with none of the respect it deserves. One of my friends is going through a divorce because her husband decided he just wanted to be single and screw around. Not because they were fighting, but because he just couldn’t see staying with one person. It’s absolutely ridiculous. If anyone is ruining the sanctity of marriage it’s sluts, not homosexuals/bisexuals. The anti-gay front has to make stuff up at this point because their platform has no merit on which to stand.

      • section9

        What abundance of class?
        Bristol is the one who is being consistent here?
        Obama supported marriage equality in 1996, but then like the craven opportunist he is, threw gays and lesbians under the bus to run for the Senate in 2004, and then for the Presidency in 2008.
        So, your “rights” were DISPOSABLE to Obama to suit his purposes and those of the Democratic Party. You may disagree with Palin and her daughter, Bristol, but they haven’t used you like a wet dishrag the way Obama has the gay community.
        He just care’s about your money. Gays and Lesbians are just to ashamed to admit that once again, they’ve been taken to the cleaners by someone they trusted. The difference between Palin and Obama?
        Palin never lied to you about who and what she was. You always knew where she was coming from. She disagreed with you and she did so from religious conviction.
        Obama dissembled and took your money to get elected, and now he’s opening up to you because his internal polling is telling him that some prominent gay money might be going to Romney.
        Can’t have that now, can we?
        Wake up. You’ve been had.

        • laura

          You have been had-you are sticking up for a no nothing trashy family against the President of the USA-the quitters of wasillas should not even be in the same sentence-one has class and education and the wasilla hillbillys have no class or education-all have children or get knocked up before marriage ,and spew their hate on others that have actually done things with their lives-instead of grifting and shouting out hate for money and attention……..sad very sad……..

          • 56Survivor

            Okay…LOL!!! You cannot be serious. You are talking about “know nothing” and you spell it “no nothing”? Are you making this up? I won’t even get into the rest of your spelling errors. That one alone is worth reading your drivel. LOL!!!

          • section9

            THAT IS ALL YOU’VE GOT?!!!!
            I thought you had an ARGUMENT? You’re stealing insults from Immoral Minority’s glory days when Jesse Griffin used to overeat, then post his bilge about Trig Truth to his blog. Does Shannyn Moore KNOW you’ve been stealing her act?
            Look, if that’s all you have, I mean, if you REALLY don’t have a clue what’s going on here and how you folks have been taken to the cleaners by Obama and his bankster sponsors, than I can’t help you, Laura.
            Jeez, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him see past the blinders! Now how’s THAT for a mixed metaphor.
            Now go find a new insult to throw at Bristol. I understand that Hitler is in Dr. Godwin’s waiting room, impatiently screaming at Geobbels because he hasn’t been used to bring an end to this tendentious thread (unofficial rule: first leftist to call Bristol a Nazi uses “Hitler and the Nazis” in their argument and thus Ends the Thread, a variant of Godwin’s Law).

          • uallmakemepuke

            Section9, you are a lunatic. Read back over your rant and possibly add some context? Wow, what a whack job……even for this website, you look like a crazy idiot! I will pray for your hate filled soul…….

          • Typo?

            Is Section 9 a typo?? Perhaps Section 8 is more appropriate??? Just sayin’!

          • Jack

            Laura, Obama is using Malia and Sasha as a excuse for his flip flop on gay marriage.
            The reason for his flip flop is that he needs the gay money and vote.

          • 56Survivor

            Yes, I saw a headline called “Gay for Pay”. They have been had and some of them know it.

          • laura

            how about this title-Hail to the Wasilla Trash Family——–and all their little minded ignorant trolls—–
            May god watch over the small children in that crazy uneducated family………..

          • TEX

            Your butch girlfriend is waiting with strap-on…….

          • david johnson

            is she cleaning the shit that got stuck on it after she took out of your shit hole?

          • Jinky

            Ah, good ol’ TEX from C4P with another internet tough guy rant…saw you were even called out at C4p for your comments there….guess you will have to come up with a new screen name soon since everyone now knows your routine…

            Keep up the good work TEX….

          • Joe

            Seriously, you alone would make me abandon the right. You’re a moron. And the fact that you may actually be from Texas makes me even more ashamed.

          • Cosette

            Although you posted that as an insult Im sure many of us on here think that sounds like alot of fun!

          • ProudCanuckAB

            @TEX I love it, you are the perfect example of the stereotypical American zealot biggot. You do understand that it is because of people like you that most of the world hates Americans and finds your country to somewhat of a joke. Now please understand that I am not painting all Americans with the same brush, I have many wonderfull friends and colleagues from your country. I am just speaking of the closed minded few, who, unfortunatly usually have the loudest voices. Don’t you think it may be time to catch up with the rest world.

            From the land of true freedoms- Canada

          • PN

            Flip-flopping requires going back and forth. He changed his mind. You never change your mind?

          • http://non82 Millie

            The kind of flip – flopping that Obama does is a very high risk to this country. And that is something
            that we cannot afford. One thing that he has not flip-flopped in is where he is taking this country
            and that is down. Just this morning in the news many more people are being laid off. JP Morgan
            lost 2 billion dollars in 6 weeks. And the most important thing for Obama is to campaign and win
            again. He should be working with congress seriously in trying to come up with solutions to help
            this country to get back on track.

          • Cameron

            “He should be working with congress seriously in trying to come up with solutions to help
            this country to get back on track.”

            He’s TRIED working with congress, they don’t reciprocate! They all campaigned on either “Jobs” or “making Obama a one term President.” When they do work it’s to interfere with women’s rights to healthcare and stopping democrats from voting, or stopping Obama from doing anything that might improve the lives of the citizens of this Country. They aren’t trying to get the economy back on track because Obama might get credit for it. When will you people wake up and realize that it’s YOU that’s been had?!?!

          • Shae

            Well said! Yeah he took his children into account when making the decision so what? They are the younger generation. The ones who one day will decide things for this country and besides parents do that all the time! I’m sorry but its been proven that children do best with BOTH straight AND gay parents. It doesn’t matter if you have two moms or two dads or a mom and a dad! A parent is a parent! Also Bristol really shouldn’t speak bad of ANYONE considering shes SHE HAD A CHILD OUT OF WEDLOCK! For a christian she’s quite the hypocrite like her mother. the branch doesn’t fall far from the tree now does it?

          • cfielder

            Jack- Why does everyone characterize changes in views as flip-flopping and act like it is the worst thing that a politician can do? I would much rather have a President who is constantly growing as a human being than one who is stuck in a rut with no desire to view things from different perspectives.

          • wendie

            oh, thats just silly.

          • monkeyjen

            I’m not sure why people are characterizing this as a ‘flip-flop’. It’s not a total 180 from where he was before, like Romney on abortion. And he actually explains the evolution of his opinion and some of the things that influenced him. Has no one ever changed their mind before??? OMG. I hope you’re happy with your current opinions, because you’re stuck with them for life!! I also hope you’re happy with your current underwear, because you probably shouldn’t change those either, you flim-flamming flip-flopper.

          • JAG

            The Palins -with the exception of Sarah – are legal Native Americans. – they have papers! The White Trash Tribe you speak of is led by Little White Dove Elizabeth Warren & Running Bear Bwarney Fwank.

            It is accepted practice worldwide for Indigenous people to begin families m in the normal biological span – hence the Palins have Gene sequenced themselves into another generation. Biological success beats extinction .

            Go Palins.

          • PamelaDeville

            Thank you, JAG. Reading all of the hateful comments on Bristol’s blog makes me sick. Why do people get such a kick out of being nasty? Liberals tout themselves as caring, accepting, open-minded, etc., yet they spew truly evil filth from their mouths. Disgusting.

          • Eve

            I didn’t know you could ignore the bible as a bible thumping Christian, and follow indigenous traditions if you were Native American in genetics only! So your argument for her blatently ignoring the Holy Book her family uses like a weapon of intolerance is that she is following what would be considered by her Christian convictions as heathen traditions, so it’s okay? That is hilarious!

          • Louise

            It appears that Bristol is just against marriage, period!!!

          • http://FaceBook Cricket Nichols

            You are jumping to conclusions…..it appears.

          • Deb

            What do you have against punctuation, exactly?

          • B Sol

            Obama has given a whole new meaning to the term President.

          • Erick

            What does the POTUS have to do with this again? He could care less about anything palin, it was mccain against obama, palin vs biden FOUR YEARS AGO. BTW the GOP could care less about palins also too, long as they stay away from the convention and stick to reality tv and fleecing their rubes. Lol this site is a riot.

        • HFK

          I don’t support either of them, and I don’t see why anyone does.

        • Lipstick Lesbian

          Who says the LGBT society is not using the President “as a tool” to generate more discussion and human development in hope for a more accepting and well-educated human race?

        • Holly Morgan

          How the hell would any gay money be going to Romney???

          • norma

            thats what i was thinking lol

          • Tulsi

            Haha, I thought money…was just called money.

        • dearworld

          Obama most probably does support marriage equality regardless of politics, because he is a progressive, sensible, intelligent, unprejudiced person. So he’s a politician, and there are political tactics and strategies which all politicians must use, it’s the nature of the beast. What matters is that he’s come out in support of the gay community, something no republican would do. That’s why gay people are right in supporting him—if they want to see full marriage equality, better go with Obama and not a GOPer. Obama “took your money to get elected” and now he’s going to hopefully (finally) follow through on his promises—so it’s money well spent. Sending it to a GOP candidate would be paying to watch your rights disappear in the blink of an eye.

          • Cameron

            Exactly, Dearworld. President Obama finally came out with the way he feels and isn’t going to lie about it anymore. The man should be commended for his bravery in this situation and in so many more. We have his back!

          • Frank Lee

            It’s not just gay people. It’s also why people who value laudable human traits such as bravery and compassion support Obama. Because he voices our best selves.

        • Brian D.

          Wow, apparently someone never watches the news. Romney has had a wishy-washy stance on same-sex issues for years! He’s supported civil unions in the past which may not be marriage, but he’ll say whatever he has to pander to voters. And, although you may believe that’s the case here with Obama, he’s already in office, he’s already the President of the United States. He’s done more for gay rights—which I’m sure you’re just thrilled about—than any other president in history. Oh, and another thing: “religious conviction”… Really? Sorry to say it, friend, but not everyone in this country follows the christian faith. And if she were truly convicted in her faith she would never have had a child out of wedlock. You can’t pick and choose what you want to follow in the bible! God, I pray that someday you and the rest of your flock will open your eyes.

          • Jags843

            Brian D “religious conviction”… Really? Sorry to say it, friend, but not everyone in this country follows the christian faith.”
            Boy now theres some eduacation for us all. The one thing any TRUE christian knows , understand and believes is that “MAN WILL DESTROY HIMSELF. Its not just localized to this country, just so you know. As importantly, the bible was written many many years before any of us were born and put on earth. The ironic part to all that is everything written as to what would come is and has been happening. So it stands to reason that not everyone is a Christian. I get that. I hardly think that was a mere coincidence. Those that think so are the real lost souls. Granted not everyone is perfect, anyone with any intelligence knows that as well. However, while some bash Bristol for standing up and speaking her opinion on “Same Sex Marriage” etc. We are all sinners anyone that claims less is even more of a fool. None the less bashing Bristol may perhaps sound good to some of you but the truth of the matter is, atleast her child was concieve in a relationship of hetero in nature. She has the common sense to understand that god created ADAM AND EVE not ADAM AND STEVE. OR EVA AN SAMANTHA. Basic education classes teach that. No one needs to go to HARVARD to figure that out.
            This country and its so called leaders over the years has taken god out of schools, catered to foriegners who feel offended when one says “Merry Chirstmas”. The list goes on~!~! Weather patterns have been changing over the years with tragic results. Have a clue yet???
            I commend Bristol for having the guts to stand up for her beliefs and concepts of basic moral judgements dispite mistakes, that we all have made. SHE bottom line HIT A NERVE and it hit home HARD for all the gay activist Yup sure glad for that. About time. Obama is or was first a christian so he says~!~! Now just so happens up for re election and wouldn’t you know it now hes for GAY RIGHTS. Now that’s AWESOME. YAH Obama. Gotta wonder whose plate hes serving, I sooner think its self serve really.
            The bible says let he not judge for I am the creator of all things equal. Just as importantly ANY GOOD CHRISTAIN KNOWS THAT SATAN IS PART OF HIS PLAN. So Im not judging the immoral idiots~!~! I just understand the bible and what was written will be. Enough said…….!

          • BEKKA ROBERTS

            Yo – bible mom, ummmm I go to church and read the bible too honey. AND god does NOT rank sin – I dare you to show me where he ranks it – double dare to show me where it says that murder is worse than adultery is worse than something else. So even if you believe that being gay is a sin – why dont yiou go out and stomp and call and yell for laws against adultery and premarital sex. Oh – cause Bristol would have broken one of those laws. Oh well. This is nothing more than political rhetoric that the GOP dances out – the TRUTH is that sin is sin is sin and NONE are worse than any other and there is not, NOT, not one particular sin that merits being singled out by the religious right (use that term very loosely). It is simply your own hared and lack of grace. I dare you also to go get on a rampage about adultery and premarital sex. – yea – if the sanctity of marriage is REALLY what you are trying to protect – go after those things. But you know what – THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. cause, you see, it aint about religion and trying to keep society on the straight and narrow. it is about YOUR personal hangups.

          • Bevy

            Hey – I think that the example of Sodom and Gommorah is a small example of the gay lifestyle being a TAD worse than other sins. think about it!!!!
            And yesh – we as a society and Christians should NOT be involved in any pre-marital or adulterous sex. But it seems that the church is NOT preaching against that and people are pretty good at hiding it. IT IS unfortunate. But you can’t condemn Bristol b’c she has REPENTED!!! So NOW you have to give her GRACE! I hope you get that ~ G~R~A~C~E!

          • Adam

            Sheer ignorance and absolutely disgusting. Oh and one other thing; when you are going to discuss “eduacation” please don’t spell the word education wrong, it just makes it harder for people to take you seriously.

          • Trudie

            Thank you so much for what you said. You spoke the truth.

          • tina

            Hmmm, interesting, but didn’t our GOD, asks us not to pass judgment? I’m not gay but, when I die, I’d rather answer God’s question, “Did you live a fulfilled life?”, with “Yes! I embraced everyone as you’ve said!” than “No, I spent my life looking down on evil people and filled my heart with hatred because I believe I am higher than anyone else cos I’m not gay!”

          • Catherine


            Your hatred and anger are apparent, but your ignorance is bolder that the spelling errors on your message. And yes, I am an educated woman who has had the privilege of studying the bible from the eyes of a Christian and as a student of ancient literature. And like all things, we all interpret the bible differently. Now it is hard to reason with someone who truly believes that Adam and Eve existed…or that Noah really had an ark…etc. And let’s face it, the bible was written by men who many believe to be the “voice of God.” I understand it differently. For the very reason there are people who think like you, it becomes more imperative that we ensure that all people regardless of race, gender, orientation, religious beliefs, etc. are allowed equal rights to marry those who they love. It is not for you to decide. Now personally, I would love to segregate all the stupid people all in one area that way I don’t have to put up with idiots…but we can’t do that can we? You too have rights to voice your opinion and feel as you do, but you are not the voice of God or what is right.

          • A real Christian

            wow, u know so much, you are bible book smart, but as i see you are as self righteous as Bristol…no matter what the bible says, you should know its his job to judge, not yours, yours is to be loving and be the light of the world, and trust me, you are not all the light, but dark cloud over the real word of God. Not once, as Bristol, do you make and loving reference to loving the person, you only focus on the sin, and that is a true sign of a Christian acting like God. Buddy you are not God!!…stop being book smart as your knowledge will not only get you to the Kingdom of God, but your actions will. I am saddened if non believers or gay christians who struggle read your comment and it drives them to suicide or drugs as they feel they are doomed, and you will be responsible for that as u showed no love but chose to act as God. The word says many who think they will go to heaven will not, and many who don’t will. I only hope if you are going to voice your opinion in the future that you start showing love or you will definitely be surprised on judgement day..!!

          • ProEquality

            “stop being book smart.”. Really? That’s your solution? You’re actually criticizing someone who actually STUDIED the Bible in college? Where will it end? If Christians or non-Christians are uninformed they’re heathen infidels and are automatically going to hell. If Christians or non-Christians are informed, they’re too “book smart” and are also going to hell. Personally, I’ll always side with knowledge. I have pride in being “book smart.”. I have pride in knowing that writing out the word “you” is more effective in intelligent argument than the teenage text version, “u.”. I have pride in supporting gay marriage and equal rights for all. I think someone being so “book smart” is now threatening to those who aren’t because they’re running out of arguments to make that anyone with any education will consider valid.

          • Kathy

            Wow, very well said dearworld!! I don’t think anyone could of said it better. Another thing, while reading some of these posts, people bitching about gay rights. They tend to forget about something. Its called “Freedom of Choice”. Thats right, freedom of choice, freedom to choose who their partner is, whether it be man or woman.

        • http://julie@borkowskifamily.com politicaljules

          Bravo! Well said!

          • Emily P

            I second that Bravo!

          • Hyam

            Yea , ” Bravo ” . The kind of critical thinking you get in the real world . A parent know sometime the parent must lead . At least we can see that Obama really does carry his lead from behind philosophy right to his own family life . In his own conscience he understands marriage is a sacred word to many but he must listen to what his children think the definition should be . I think people should life how they want and write their own word for their relationship as if “marriage” were taken , already defined . With a common sense tax policy there would be no need for the federal government to even care who is married . The Fair Tax is exactly what its title suggests because it was created outside of the Washington DC spin machine for legislation titles . The whole prospect of needing a government re definition of a bible word is just part of the liberal envy of the sacred . The federal government should require no explainations from any sorts of couples . Thanks for the unique and thoughtful defence of parenting . It really should be more than leading from behind but don’t worry about Sasha and Malia they still have a Mom . I bet Michelle can put a big foot down they get way too big for their britches . Thats a situation when it is nice to have both a mom and a dad .

        • Jake DeSnake

          So who should the gays support? A bunch of ignorant gay hating right wing trash who would make homosexuality illegal if your “God fearing” brutes had your way?

          • Jean

            The is no hate here. The topic is should marriage be one woman and one man. No hate here, dude.

          • B Sol

            I am proud to be a homo hating right wing moral person.

        • Sarah

          Yeah, because changing your views from being a bigot to acceptance is such a horrible thing…

          • Jack

            Obama is pandering; flip flopping because Obama needs the gay vote and gay money.

          • Mike

            Obama is not flopping: He was for Civil Unions with full benefits, and is now for equal marriage. Maybe MS Palin wold be best served by taking care of her on Un Wed Life, and stop pretending to be realevant. Tired of hearing what these wanna be celeberties have to day about EVERYTHING – Just shut up and live you life the way you CLAIM others should, and you that you already do.

        • Tom

          HAHAH! WE’VE BEEN TAKEN!!!!…how many of you guys supported SarahPac and got taken because Sarah didn’t run for president??? Don’t even talk about being taken LOL

          • Christian Conservative

            I find nothing NORMAL in the behavior of same sex BOINKING. It’s not only abnormal, it’s KINKY ! But, wait a minute…Liberalism is KINKY !!

          • http://www.rallyforcommonsense.org Cheryl

            the money sent to Sarah-PAC has not and never can be used to her benefit. It is to help candidates running thar are for small government, support the Constitution and care about America. Your ignorance is astounding

          • Restmom

            Cheryl the most astoundingly ignorant thing about your post is that you appear to believe it.

        • Stephanie

          seriouly? a religous conviction? before Palin starts throwing her religous convictions at the Gay and Lesbian community she needs to throw it in her own backyard, her daughter had a baby at 17 while unwed, and is or was living with a man that she is not married to. The bible says “thou shall not judge” and ” let he who is with out sin cast the first stone” There is no big or little sin in the eyes of god, so just because your not homosexual does not mean you will get into heaven any faster when you are having sex and children out of wedlock so spare me the judgements! If you think that homosexuality is a sin then don’t do it! But let others live thier lives as they see fit.

          • Jan

            Very well said!!!!

          • Robby Stevens

            it’s nice to see people with similar ideas on how Christians should be..but I hope you aren’t upset. People will be…

          • Mely0274

            Totally agree with you! You took the words right out of my mouth….

          • James

            “The bible says “thou shall not judge” and ” let he who is with out sin cast the first stone” There is no big or little sin in the eyes of god, so just because your not homosexual does not mean you will get into heaven any faster when you are having sex and children out of wedlock so spare me the judgements! If you think that homosexuality is a sin then don’t do it! But let others live thier lives as they see fit.”

            And ironically, you are being judgmental by saying all of that.

        • ben

          And if he didn’t make those decisions, he wouldn’t be in the position he is today. Politics is politics.

        • Gabigal

          You’z a smart cookie… Glad to see there are a few of those left!!! :)

          • Jen

            Smart cookie? I realize we’re all entitled to free speech here as well as our own opinions…..but the objective descriptor here would be ” hypocritical”! Bristol, try to be a good parent by thinking, filtering, and not judging…you’re in a glass house here, sweetie…Also, paraphrase less;it makes you sound really foolish: Obama didn’t say he listened to them [his daughters] or solicited their opinion, just that he considered it.

          • Catherine

            If you set the bar low enough….then yes, she is smart.

        • Missy denham


          • Raja

            Ahem– your red neck is showing.

        • ouroneamerica

          She herself is inconsistent…Obama should just be a dad? Well then, can we assume that her father was not a dad or that perhaps he condones pre-marital sex, teen pregnancy and unwed motherhood?

          • Motobuchi

            haahha, love this. can’t agree more.

        • Lauren

          The SAME way gays use blacks even though many of you are VERY racist and then want NOTHING to do with us when it no longer suits you?!! You all have lived under the protection of the ‘closet’ for a long time now so don’t even think you get to preach about who has ot worse when it comes to discrimination. And another thing I have NEVER seen any of you fight for other groups when it doesn’t suit your intrests!

          • peter

            Wow, Lauren — I am so sorry that life has given you so few examples of hope and courage and love. I want you to know that there are plenty of people out there — black and white (and eveything in between), gay and straight, male and female, who fight for justice simply because they know the absence of it diminishes THEM and the world that they live in. None of us is free until all of us are free … I hope you can begin to meet people who understand fully the truth and power in that statement.

            Also, just one other thing I have to correct: there is nothing protective about the closet. Whoever or whatever led you to believe that there’s some safety in there told you flat-out lies. There’s nothing but fear and hurt in there. It is a twisting, hateful place, that sucks the love and energy out of average people and pushes marginal people over the edge. Please, please, please don’t wish the “protection” of the closet on anyone. Again, none of us is free until all of us are free — including free from the utter oppression of the closet.

          • Joe

            What do gay people look like that you would have seen them fight for other groups? Living under the protection of the closet? Is that like living under the protection of the under ground railroads? Who is ‘us?’ In what ways have gays used blacks? Are there degrees of discrimination?

        • Dan

          Dang…well said and SO true!!

        • Natien

          Just going to point out that Obama has done an amazingly large amount for the LGBT community. Massively more than any president before him. Marriage always shows up as the big issue, but housing, military service, census consideration, and all the ‘little’ rights Obama has defended consistently seem to be a good enough reason to say that he actually has done a fine job for gay rights, and if LGBT equality is the big kicker to someone’s politics, Obama is still eight hundred times better than Romney and the Palins. Reconsidering towards equality and justice will always trump discriminatory conviction.

        • Ryan

          Looks like somebody’s been watching Fox News a little too much. We get it, you’re bitter that a black man with an unfathomably larger amount of intelligence and class than the Republican vice presidential candidate in the last election ended up winning. Get over it.

          • law

            Yes,you can see the whole family is bitter over their loss in the 2008 campaign-now it is turning into hate-thats sad……..its also immature and trashy-a little education would help……..

        • MphsMom

          Rush? I thought you’d be too busy for this.

        • overhere

          I thought all politicians used every resource they could for votes?Palin was used because she was a woman and attractive and republican.She also made sure to pull on the heartstrings of americans and christians and prolifers.President Obama was never against gay marriages,he just didn’t openly admit to it until he needed to.As for Bristol,what office is she running for?Why would the U.S. even care what she has to say on any subject?I think voters (gay or straight)are aware of the facts,politicians do and say whatever it takes to get the votes.As for “you’ve been had”well,so have you,your gonna vote,and regardless which way you vote,I am sure your nominee has lied,flipflopped and changed positions on a few things as well.

        • Dittobugs

          Well said! He first was against gay companionship b/c of his Christian beliefs (laughable I know) and now he is for it? Flip flop much? Maybe he is gay and he just doesn’t know it yet? Stay tuned. If it will help him get re-elected he’ll come out of the closet! LOL

        • Andy Cooper

          you are funny !

        • Markus Golding

          So, you’re for discrimination and denying civil rights?

        • YS

          couldn’t have said it better myself!! Obama treats the entire LGBT community like they are ignorant and they let him get away with it!

          • Bobondeez

            The two biggest delusions republicans have are that they can win the Hispanic vote with racist immigration policies that favor white Europeans and that they can split the gay vote from the Democrats by noting that Obama did not previously speak up in favor of gay marriage. @YS, keep dreaming, the GOP is a racist, anti-urban, anti-science, anti-progress, gay-bashing nightmare of a party, fueled by hate, ignorance and superstitious beliefs. Your children and their children will laugh at your thoughts on gay marriage like we laugh at how people in the 1800s went to the barber to get medicine.

          • jo dirt

            i just pooped my pants!

        • TBird

          Who cares that the Palins have been consistent in their righteous intolerance, and “religious” relegation of gay people to third class citizens?

          Gay people haven’t been “had” by Obama just to get their money. They know he’s the most pro-gay rights president in history, no matter your “opinion” that they don’t deserve equal rights. Neither did blacks, or women or interracial marriage in recent history. Plus, your supposedly perfectly translated bible – which actually was translated from aramaic when language translation accuracy was very haphazard, even before similar imperfect language meanings were applied to translating it into English – has specific calls for those who masterbate to be put to death, as well as other evolved death sentences that are dismissed as too harsh today.

          Obama successfully got Don’t Ask Don’t tell repealed, and is clear about the non-constitutionality of DOMA, and his administration not defending that specifically biased exclusionary law. And, Gay people know that. They don’t look at Obama’s comments on his personal feelings – which has nothing to do with legislative action, as there isn’t any – as Obama simply speaking from his heart believing in equality.

          Not to get money from Gay people that would’ve given it to Romney.

          Romney bullied gay people, obviously loses credulity in lying about it today, and throughout his life translated that lack of concern for a guy screaming for help as Romney cut at his hair, into tossing hundreds of thousands of americans out of their jobs just to pocket a few more millions of dollars, and to further cement his disrespect for gays, he promises in his agenda to push for a US constitutional amendment to solidify national third class citizenry by banning gay marriage AND civil unions nationally.

          Whatever gay people you think Obama was losing to Romney before he made his statement, and they would accept all those other poor character choices he’s made about them in the past, then there’s nothing Obama could do to get them back.

          If they REALLY believe all of Romney’s crap about his “business expertise” in his proposed policies to simply bring us back to Bush policies on steroids — Or that massively defunding as many government programs affecting low and middle income people as humanly possible, while shifting all that money into MORE tax breaks for the wealthiest in society, and the wealthiest corporations — will miraculously save the economy and create tons of jobs, even though our actual problem is a Demand problem — then they are voting for Romney no matter WHAT.

          Obama knows his statement will end up costing him more votes than it gains him. But it was the right thing to do, and will be on the right side of history.

          • http://non82 Millie

            What is the difference in what you have accused Romny of doing (lying) and Obama’s lying?
            Obama lied to the American people in 2004 to get elected by saying he was not for gay marriage.
            He has found out that he can’t go that way any longer or he stands to loose some of his base
            and big bucks!!!! So he has to switch it back to standing for gay marriage.

            Also you are not well read when you say all of those tax breaks were for he wealthy. I have a cousin
            that is not wealthy and he stands to loose about six thousand dollars when those tax cuts expire
            because of the tax breaks he got on dependent (children). Marriage tax break. They were accross the
            board, thank you very much. Seniors got tax breaks to. Stay up to date on what the facts are!!!

        • coastie80

          Yes, she did lie and hide her child until it was all going to blow up when mommie dearest was running for vp. President Obama got rid of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. You have no clue. The greed over people put DOMA act into federal law. This law is unfair not just gays & lesbians but non-gays, because they are left out over 1500 federal rights that married take so much for granted. At, least my partner and I have stood by each other for the last 23 years not running away when things get a little rough. It does not bother me that you had a baby out of marriage, but many of your greed over people have a problem with it.
          And that is not true about only gop women getting asked about submissive to their husbands, Hillary got that a lot and still does. and bachmann well she is submissive and her husband is a closet queen… well maybe he is more submissive, I think she controls the whip… so get your facts correct…
          why don’t you sit down with a gay or lesbian couple and get to know them and stop passing judgment on something you don’t know anything about. I don’t judge you. and remember you son could be gay…
          there is nothing in this world that can stop anyone for loving another person no matter who they are, it does no harm, but only good.
          so write about something that can help others in the world, do something good, stop the hate, stop being ignored with such statements. it would go a lot further in being listen to and respected…

        • Lissa

          Spot. On.

          Excellent summation, Section9!


        • M Baker

          By looking at statistics from polls conducted in the 90′s to now you’ll see that a huge number of people “evolved”, so it’s not uncommon for people to have changed their opinion on gay marriage. Also, look at what Romney is now saying after Obama stated what believed to what Romney said in the 90′s. Are you going to tell me he too hasn’t evolved? And it’s interesting because the only people who are claiming that Obama is using this for political purposes, are the Republicans who have actively spoken out against Obama in the past, such as Fox News. Most people seem to believe Obama’s comment is a wash among voters, not something that will gain him any more votes. But the Republicans such as Dino Perino on Fox this morning are making claims that what he said is “divisive”. Obama’s statement is only divisive between the evangelical republicans and the moderate Republicans. Romney and the Republican leaders are obviously trying to come up with a position that doesn’t divid these two factions any further than they already are.

          If all of the comments to Bristol’s post about the Presidents comments could be boiled down, it would loudly reflect what most people stated in their comments that Bristol was being a hypocrite, and she was. on her statement. Bristol said everything exactly opposite of everything she has done in the last four years, and is in absolutely no position to make those comments and be creditable. That is why she got so much response from that post. Except for a few comments, as true with anything anybody ever posts, there will be a few “bully’s” that reply back, but from the many comments I read there was really no more, or much more than any body else gets when they post a comment on a blog.

        • http://lovelyrich.blogspot.com emily

          Omg I love this reply thank God there is someone that has some sense on this thread!

        • Laura

          AGREED! Excellent point.

      • TEX

        And you are bucket of Obama-puke!

        • dutchie

          You stupid Americans are dumber than a sack of nails. No wonder the whole world despises you.
          Especially you dumber than dumber Texans. Thank God imbecile Bush is gone and he was one of the smartest Texans. Go figure.

      • Jean

        It didn’t have anything to do with Obama. It was his daughters in chief.

      • TEX

        And you are a bucket of Obama-puke!

        • Frank Lee

          haha! You are so clever! You are just cracking me up. Hahaha!

        • Rebecca

          And you are a fine example of why O was elected in the first place. I know, I know, I am a bucket of Obama-puke. Right

        • http://bonjupatten.com Bonju Patten

          TEX stop being REpublican and read. Obama is our president now and will be for the next four years – get over it. Bush ruined America for everyone and GAY Marriage will be a law soon – FEderally – I can only hope.

          • http://non82 Millie


            Bush had to put of with the Democratic majority in the congress for six years. That is why he was
            not able to put the regulations on Fanny Mae and Freddie Mack and with Dodd/Frank running the
            show and the Democrates blocking the regulations that Bush wanted that is why we had the housing
            bubble to blow. So any way you look at it the Demos and Obama IS responsible for the collapse.
            You need to

      • Louise

        Bristol is just against marriage of any description.

        • DT

          Louise thats the best comment yet!

      • Nicole

        And you LESLY are a piece of sh*t for attacking someone’s opnion. Who are you to judge what someone thinks or believes. Sure Obama is president but that does not put him on top of the f ing world you dumb c u n t

        • Lucretius

          Seriously, Nicole? What kind of person runs around calling people names like that? Instead of actually saying something intelligent by way of a counter argument you basically called someone a name that most women (in the U.S.) absolutely abhor being called. It’s quite astonishing, your being a woman yourself. Honestly, it’s pretty disgraceful and you do yourself and all others here a great disservice with that sort of behavior.

        • Frank C

          Very classy Nicole.

        • Joe

          Thanks for showing the world that Bristol’s supporters are nothing more than immature folk.

        • ModMom2010

          Really, Nicole such class, such eloquence, such hypocrisy…

        • ModMom2010

          “Your comment is awaiting moderation.: Really, there’s moderators on this board? With all the vile posts and truly profane name calling? You let a post through where some one is called the c-word and you claim to moderate this forum….

          • Gary

            i think they are letting the garbage through so normal folks can see the hate that liberals spit.

          • Vanessa Stockwell

            “i think they are letting the garbage through so normal folks can see the hate that liberals spit.” And filthy garbage is exactly what these comments are. Never have I seen so many vile posts in one blog. Liberals are showing us what they’re all about. Yuck.

        • Sheila

          Wow Nicole–REAL classy!! Usually women who use the C word ARE one!! She is right! Bristol has a right to her opinion but she truly IS a moron!! Think anybody should be able to marry whomever they want!! Life is too short not to be happy!! Love doesn’t discriminate sex or race……

        • Daniele

          Nicole. You just did the very thing that you are condemning. You just judged someone and attacked them for their opinion. I hope you see the hilarity in that. And do the world a favor–remove that c-word from your vernacular. It makes you appear very unintelligent, and it’s a spawn on our gender as a whole. Thanks.

        • http://gawker.com/5691856/willow-palins-homophobic-facebook-freakout notafan

          WOW nicole looks who’s judging who? you’re the dumb smelly cunt!

        • Mrs S

          Funny how we will all attack someones opinion with curse words and nasty slurs. I may not agree but i’m sad to see all the press this one silly blog is getting how about working on how to cure cancer or feed the poor. It’s not one mans job it’s the job of an entire country. Stop focusing on the useless and start saying something and doing something usefull!

        • Mrs. Sixx

          Bristol, you really shouldn’t call other people names. It’s not very Christian.

        • LL

          Nicole — If Bristol Palin posts her opinion on an open forum than she risks the possibility of being attacked for that opinion. It seems she did not soley post her opinion to receive a positive response by all that look at her blog. In fact, it is probably quite the opposite. Your response was vulgar and uneducated…

        • Maria

          Umm… Palin is attacking the President for his opinion and you’re attacking Leslie for her opinion of the other person’s opinion. So in the end, you’re just as wrong, if not more wrong because you don’t actually look in the mirror before you speak, as the rest of them.

        • Tom

          Who is now attacking someone’s opinion/judging someone for what they think or believe? Are you 12 years old? And then the “C” word. You dumb bitch.

        • Max

          Um Nicole you just did the exact same thing!

        • Michele

          But YOU get to attack and judge? Your hypocrisy is laughable, as is your infantile use of profanity.

        • Eric

          You say as you judge her opinion and proceed to call her profanities. Try stepping back and looking at the discussion from an objective standpoint, not a personal one.

        • Kim

          And you, NICOLE-in your own very classy way are attacking someone because of THEIR opinion of which BRISTOL so kindly did with the OPINION of the President……twit!

        • The JillyBean

          Wowie! Do you raise your children with that mouth?

        • http://yahoo pak4vre

          you know what opinions are like…and everyone has one!!!!
          The first amendment of the constitution allows free speech, yes. However, our founding fathers when bestowing this freedom upon us, expected that if you had an opinion and wanted to voice it, that you would take on the responsibility of making sure that your opinion is well thought out. Ms. Palin’s comments are hypocritical at best, considering her supposed religious beliefs and current situation.

        • Orange County California

          Nicole, you are definitely part of the pro-Palin cabal. You insult people, you call other people names, you engage in ad-hominim attacks and you are a bully. Do society a favor, get your tubes ties. The rest of us don’t want a like-minded generation of right-wing scumbags like you.

        • Tom

          actually he is the leader of the free world…but d0n’t let that stop you precious.

        • joan j

          It is a shame that people can’t respect one another for their opinions without getting personal. Republicans have verbally attacked and disrespected this President like no other. You just attacked Lesly because you felt she was judging Bristol Palin, but you ended by calling Lesly a dumb cunt. That was not only disrespectful, but it was uncivilized behavior. You suggested that because President Obama is the President, he is not on top of the world. Who ever said that he was on top of the world. Your hatred for him as a person is so apparent that you are unable to participate in the real debate. The real debate is about civil and human rights. I am a true Christian, and I put Jesus first in all I do – but I can’t judge my fellow man. So whether homosexuality is a sin or not, only God will judge. Whether or not gay and lesbian individuals should be granted the same rights and liberties enjoyed by their heterosexual counterparts should never be disputed. EVERY PERSON is entitled to these rights. You should never stoop so low that you malign another person, especially given the fact that you don’t know that person to be a dumb cunt. That is simply unacceptable.

        • Voice of Reason

          I think Bristol attacked Obama’s opinion first Nicole. Are you going to call her a piece of sh*t too?? I was always under the thought that there was a SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. If someone can give me a good reason that doesn’t involve religion as to why same sex couples shouldn’t be married, fire away. We have a freedom of religion in this country and I don’t think same sex couples subscribe to the religion that is the basis for these opinions.

          • Michael Teuber

            Critiquing Obama’s decision making process, by his own account giving weight to the opinions of his adolescent daughters, is not ‘attacking’ his right to an opinion, but the ridiculous method by which he pretends to have ‘evolved’ it. Commentators immediately addressed Bristol’s argument ad hominem questioning her ‘authority’ to share her observations. The U.S. Constitution, a document that Obama explicitly contemns as outdated, provides that Congress shall make no law concerning the establishment of a religion or the free exercise thereof. You haven’t offered any evidence that the arguments against compelling private parties to acknowledge the special character of certain relationships between pairs of individuals of the same gender rest on any religious, much less extra-Constitutional, grounds at all.

        • Samantha

          Nicole, if you can’t make your point without being vulgar and name-calling, maybe you should sit this one out until you can.

        • Debbie

          Wow, what an intelligent retort, Nicole! Apparently you haven’t been around for awhile. Americans think they are the top of the “f’ing world”, therefore that would make the President the top of the “f’ing world.” And she does have a right to an opinion, but people have a right to respond. While she continues to put herself in the public eye, she’s gotta take the good, bad and ugly.

        • Elaine

          Classy, Nicole!

        • Ellen

          Nicole — Shame on you! By attacking Lesly in the manner you have — which is disgraceful, BTW — you have also attacked poor Bristol who is just expressing her “opinion” as well. I’m sure you didn’t mean to, but, there you go, that’s what happens when you vomit your thoughts before counting to ten, taking a deep breath and thinking before you express.

        • Nick

          I think that it’s pretty cool that President Obama’s children discussed these issues with their parents, and they were raised in an accepting environment to know that we as a nation can always change outdated policies limiting the protection of minorities to give equal human rights to everyone, taking away the second class citizen label. A family is determined by people that love each other, unconditional love. There is nothing wrong with having two mothers or two fathers raising a child, when they would do anything for this child. Marriage needs to be deregulated. It is the only true conservative option.

        • Mayme

          Ouch! You must be a really good Christian. Did they teach you those words in Sunday school?

        • JHR459

          Wow! Do you pray to Jesus with that mouth?

        • All about me

          Bristol Bristol Bristol….I am so happy that we are not listening to McCain and Sarah when it comes to these issues. Since clearly McCain did not have a clue on what they were getting themselves into when asking your mother to be the vice president of the United States. I saw the movie Game Change and if your mom is anything like she was portrayed in the movie…well we were in big trouble. And lastly part of being a parent is listening to your children regardless of who you are. I am sure your mother consulted with you guys when she thought she had a chance of making history. She obviously listened to her children and let’s just say that you guys gave her the wrong advice. You only have a voice because of the circumstances of being Sarah Palins daughter. Get over yourself!

          • Jason

            You tell her to get over herself, but are you aware that your name is “All About Me?” Think.

        • Chris

          Yeah! For sure! How dare you attack her opinion on other people’s rights!

          That’s like someone attacking me for being a racist. Racism is my OPINION and me lynching n@ggers is my OPTION as an American. Please STOP DISCRIMINATING.

          More power to you, Nicole. You wanna start dating?

          • interesting

            And you are an ignorant, trashy mofo and that’s MY OPINION :)

        • NedNickerson

          Yes, we’re all created in God’s image, and we all should be able to marry.

        • commonsense

          “And you LESLY are a piece of sh*t for attacking someone’s opnion. Who are you to judge what someone thinks or believes.”

          Practice what you preach. :)

          • interesting

            Pretty funny how you are now attacking Lesly for freedom of speech. Practice what YOU preach :)

        • Jmc

          Grow up you insolent child!

        • HG

          Totally Agree!

        • interesting

          You are seriously contradicting yourself to the point of flat out sadness. Funny how LESLY cannot attack opinions but you can. Spoken like a true uneducated person! Good job!

      • Frank P

        Name calling is a sign of a true moron, one who can’t discuss topics intelligently

        • gimmeabreak

          Or Bristol under a fake name.

        • X

          @Frank P – Lesly was namecalling Bristol….

        • John

          No,a moron is a woman who says she can see Russia from her house in Alaska.Wake up people and think for yourself instead of allowing a book meaning the Bible tell you what to do and how to think.Being gay is not a choice like most Christians claim it is.Who would want to choose to be killed,beating,and bashed for who they are.WOW sounds like loads of fun to me why dont we all be gay.Bristol wants to bring down Obama for talking to his Wife and Kids.Guess what Bristol it is 2012 Women no longer have to give in to whatever their Man says.Maybe if your Momma would have stayed home and been a good little Wifey like you say Women should be then you would have not gotten knocked up.There is freedom of speech and you have the right to your opinions,but dont get pissed.When other people don’t like them.Really you are a young ass kid who needs to pratice what she preaches,because frankly you would have been considered a WHORE and have been stoned for not being married in those good ole Bible days.Why do you think Joesph married Mary,because she was knocked up out of Wedlock lets be real here,and I dont want to hear from the Christians thats different,or that dont count.We always hear that when it comes to questioning the truth about the Bible.Well if Bristol believes in a two Parent household so much find one for her own kid.By the way what do you believers think about a two Parent household when the Father is a drunk,beats his wife or kids is that ok to accept because it is a two parent household.

          • CJ

            John, do you actually think Tina Fey is an idiot?

      • John

        Let thee of no sin cast the first stone. God loves even you for being a moron

        • Robert

          Dude are you serious? Why would you quote that verse and then throw the stone at them. It’s not funny, you are acting like a child. “When I was a child….” Put away those childish things and discuss this topic as it should.

          • Robert

            First of all why would you quote that verse and then throw the stone at them. It’s not funny, you are acting like a child. “When I was a child….” Put away those childish things and discuss this topic as it should be… as adults. Secondly, everybody wants to remove Christianity from any influence it has on the world. The reason why is simple… Nobody likes to be told they cannot do something if they are able to. We all can be strong-willed children in one aspect or another, and this is one of the many that those who support gay marriage are strong-willed in. Yelling at them, cussing at them and treating them like dirt only fuels the fire of hatred toward Christians. You are in fact giving them exactly what they need to continue. I myself don’t believe it is God’s will for a man to marry a man or woman a woman, but that doesn’t give me a right to treat them any different. I may not agree with them, but I have an obligation to show compassion in spite of their activity. Bristol said what was in her heart and is being told to “Shut her mouth,” by many celebrities. They believe that it is their responsibility to change thousands of years of tradition based on civil morality. Only they don’t realize that ever since Christianity has been removed from schools, public settings, and the home things have gotten progressively worse… not better. If you don’t believe that, try living in my city (Voted top 10 most Violent) for just a short while. I promise you, you’ll see what taking Christianity out of everything will do to strong-willed children.

          • http://yahoo/facebook cali

            Very well said…

      • I Dlislike Bristol A LOT

        I agree with you completely Lesly!

        I can’t believe she is this ignorant!
        Well, what else can we expect from her? I mean just look at her…she is a big joke!

        • terry wilson

          Its called freedom of speech, everytime someone says anything to disagree with a deomocrat, a gay activist, you are labeled ,, racist, hater, ignorant, uneducated. This is ridiculous.
          You are all destrying America as we once know it. Thats where the hatred real is coming from.

          • http://dumbargument.blogspot.com/ Arizona Mildman

            Anytime someone is discriminating towards another human being then, THEY ARE a racist, hater, ignorant, and biased. The uneducated fall into this category mostly because they haven’t the social experience around other people enough to see equality in education having benefits and it’s funny you should mention that considering you are talking about the Southern Conservative Christian who joins the KKK and perpetuates the hate from generation to generation, even though that the legal community has to point out to them through prison time periodically that they are wrong. BEING WRONG and being labeled something erroneously are two different things. I imagine if you are getting all upset about prejudice then you should look in the mirror and see how perfect you are and realize that you aren’t more than a human being who isn’t superior to anyone else and that you could have been born any other type of person.

          • Kristine

            I’ll try again, since my comments were not posted….

            Countless studies have demonstrated no increased “risk” of a child being gay, from being exposed to homosexuality or raised by gay parents. The neurophysiology indicates that just like every other temperament and personality trait and every neurological condition, all human behavior exists on a wide continuum. One brain bathed in certain hormones at certain levels during key points in prenatal development due to genetic expression will place the person on one end of the spectrum while a slightly different biochemical mix, places another person toward the other end of the spectrum – with everyone falling in line somewhere along the way. As long as biology naturally produces hermaphrodites, people with both male and female sex organs, then logic dictates that a plausible biomechanism exists for a mismatch (according to societal constructs) in the brain for sexual orientation and the physical sex organs that develop. This naturally occurs. God makes this happen, if that is your worldview. It’s not just – and runs counter to American ideals – to exclude people from equal social rights based upon their condition of birth (including skin color and disability as well). Therefore, I have no rational reason to oppose gay marriage (or gay home ownership, or gay business loans, or gay driver’s licenses, etc.). The prefrontal cortex of the brain has an “error detection circuit” which activates the limbic system and the ‘fight or flight” response. When confronted with differences between our perceptions and some apparent reality, it’s natural to powerfully feel “wrongness” – the panic you feel upon realizing that you forgot to lock the front door is biologically similar to the fear you feel when our assumptions and perceptions are challenged by others. Our brain creates cognitive constructs to cope with the cascade of neurochemicals and hormones generated. The people who wrote the Bible were subject to the same neurophysiology. It’s quite natural to “fight” against anything that triggers this error detection system. It’s not an insult to point out that someone is ignorant of a topic. We are all ignorant until we educate ourselves to challenge our thoughts, feelings, motivations and behavior.

            (NOTE: I have no personal stake in legalizing gay marriage. I am a woman who is happily married to a man. We will celebrate 23 years next week. We have 2 children, ages 12 and 9, which means that we were together for 10 years before having children, so I fit nicely within the social construct of conservative family values.)

            Great poem:

            I believe that diversity is part of the natural order of things
            - as natural as the trillion shapes and shades
            of the flowers of Spring or the leaves of Autumn.

            I believe that diversity brings new solutions
            to an ever-changing environment,
            and that sameness is not only uninteresting, but limiting.

            To deny diversity is to deny life – with all its richness
            and manifold opportunities. Thus, I affirm my citizenship
            in a world of diversity and with the responsibility to…

            Be tolerant. Live and let live. Understand that
            those who cause no harm should not be feared,
            ridiculed, or harmed – even if they are different.

            Look for the best in others.

            Be just in my dealings with poor and rich,
            weak and strong, and whenever possible to
            defend the young, the old, the frail, the defenseless.

            Be kind, remembering how fragile the human spirit is.

            Live the examined life, subjecting my motives
            and actions to the scrutiny of mind and heart,
            so as to rise above prejudice and hatred. Care.

            - Gene Geissman -

          • TBP

            Freedom of speech means that, with some pretty narrowly defined exceptions, the government cannot restrict your speech or punish you for it. It does not exempt you from criticism, and if you make controversial public statements in a public forum, you cannot expect not to be criticized publicly. And if you say really stupid things in public you should expect to have that pointed out, publicly, as well. If you live–very publicly–one way, while demanding–again publicly–that others live in a different way, you should expect to criticized, publicly. You can’t publicly condemn others and then demand that they respect your privacy or refrain from criticizing your opinions No one here has suggested that Ms. Palin be censored or punished for her opinions. We are, however, exercising our own free-speech rights to criticize them when we disagree with her, and to point out hypocrisy when we see it.

        • B

          I agree with bristol and you all have YOUR opinions and we have OURS!
          GOD Made adam and eve not adam and steve! Yall need to shut your mouths cus whoever yall are you are rude and disrespectful ur making yourselves look bad whereas BRISTOL is being RESPECTFUL!!!! BRISTOL YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND INSPIRING DONT LET ANYONE PUT YOU DOWN! :* :)

      • Live Free Or Die 1776

        What is this class you speek of when you talk about Obama? His brother he leaves living in a hut? His cocaine use? Startings his carear in the home of a Terroriest? Publicly disagreeing with his nation to apease others? Lying to everyone who elected him? Or making back room deals with Russion Official?

        • Tom

          You know your arguments would be better if you had used facts and if you used proper spelling and sentence structure.

          and for those using all caps…it doesn’t make your point more relevant…it just makes your words bigger.

        • ^^You are^^

          you… are… an idiot. People like you make me… insane.

          • Mark

            I’m always amazed when liberals get ugly when anyone poses a belief that disagrees with theirs. Evidently to a liberal, freedom of thought and speech only applies to them.

          • William 9797

            just like the sanctity of marriage and importance of kids’ Dads-acting-like-Dads don’t apply to Bristol

          • Lee

            Mark, have you called your mother or wife, or even your daughter a useless slut or lazy feminazi today? The things you conservative men call your women: THAT is UGLY.

            Since when did right-wing nutbars start loving that thing called FREE SPEECH?

        • manns1963

          Wow……someone is clueless. President Obama never left anyone in hut……you can’t spell career and you just sound like someone who knows very little about nothing. And who lied anymore then the former president “BUSH” and bled the country dry and left it in the shape that it is in now. Please…. you wish you had half the amount of intelligence our president have. Because now you sound like the mad hater.

        • TheRIGHTman

          wow. Speek? Terroriest?

          you don’t even deserve to use a keyboard let alone comment on OBAMA

        • Smart then

          I am truely amazing of the lack of research you have done on our Commander and Chief, get off the web and get a book and learning something. All I repeat all state officials are guility of the things you wrote in your email …I repeat this once again in hope that it gets to your small brain….ALL

        • Anna

          LOL Let me guess, your “go-to” news source is the National Enquirer? Or even worse, Fox News? I love it when people can randomly come up with false statements and act as if they’re true. Here, let me try….
          “Live Free or Die 1776″ is an intelligent, well educated person who has an open and liberal mind. He’ll be voting for Obama in 2012.
          See how that works? I can’t make it true just because I write it!

        • Keith Stevens

          The ability to spell a sign of intelligence or at least the use of a spellchecker. Why is it that the people that agree with Bristol have the lowest level of spelling skills?

        • Rapsy

          Oh dear, Live Free Or Die 1776 is in desperate need of education.
          Seriously, anyone who can’t spell “speak”, “career”, “terrorist”, “appease” and “Russian” for shits sake doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously.
          Put the gun down and go back to school.

        • seattlereview

          You need to use spell check, and consult some legitimate fact checker, which is NOT Fox News. Your spelling and grammar is atrocious, as is your misinformation. Education is a good thing, not something to be afraid of. Seek it and you will be amazed.

          • otlset

            “…spelling and grammar *are* atrocious…” Just for you genius..

        • Pippa

          Maybe you shouldn’t use big words like career and appease and Russian if you can’t spell them.

        • Casey

          You might want to take a few spelling and grammar lessons before you try to make arguments. ALSO. Check your sources. Some of your “facts” are just a TAD biased…and wrong.

        • Wineywoman

          Live Free: Where did you go to school? I only ask because if you went past kindergarten, you should sue the school system that produced you. You exemplify the type of people that the Palins attract. It’s a sad commentary….

        • Anonymous


          If you can’t say it in proper English, no one will pay attention to the point you are trying to make.

      • pat

        lesly you are the moron how dare you judge someone you apparently dont know either Bristol or Oboma for that matter. just keep your mouth shut…….unles you know what you are talking about…..

      • http://www.psychicsonyasweets.com PSYCHIC SONYASWEETS

        I AGREE

        • C

          Caps lock makes your opinion matter even more. Haha, not really though.

      • Keith

        Lesly I think the better argument here is that Bristol is still growing and shaping her views on the world and society. Yes she lacks class but that comes with AGE AND WISDOM clearly this young lady has neither. And in situations when one doesnt know what in the blue hell they are talking about, its best to keep your mouth FIRMLY SHUT LEST YOU LET EVERYONE KNOW JUST HOW FOOLISH YOU TRULY ARE. Bristol Palin, you have your marching orders.

        • http://non82 Millie

          It would serve you well if you would take your own advice. In situations where one doesn’t know
          what they are talking about!!!!!!

      • YS

        so it’s ok for you to call names and spew hatred based on your opinions, but it’s not ok for Bristol to have an opinion?? wow, hypocrite much?!?!

      • http://FaceBook Cricket Nichols

        Bristol is smarter than Obama…..even you are on her blog keeping up with everything she says.

        • Jared

          Bristol barely graduated highschool with a GED and has had no further schooling. Obama graduated Columbia AND Harvard. Please tell me more about how Bristol is smarter than Obama…..

          • commonsense

            It’s called commonsense.

            You obviously miss the point. What is the point you miss? Conviction, definition, science and common sense. While homosexuals can live as they like, there is no need to change the definition of marriage. Homosexual “marriage” is an oxymoron. It makes no sense. Humankind would cease to exist if we “evolved” (as the President likes to call it) and extrapolated his line of thinking to its logical end.

            If homosexuals were the “norm”, a man’s penis would penetrate another man’s anus, leaving sperm never able to find an egg with which to procreate. Likewise with a woman and another woman.

            Despite how you and others would like “government” to define it, marriage was and will always be the union of a man and a woman.

            Even more, you missed the main message of Bristol’s blog: the hypocrisy of Pres Obama and the Democrats he leads as they contemptuously ridiculed Mitt Romney (and Michele Bachmann) for seeking the advice of their spouses. And yet, they pretend that there is some sort of cutesy wisdom in asking his pre-teen and teenage daughters their opinion on an issue he seeks to make a matter of public policy.

          • Stephanie

            You are serious? Gay people have been around for centuries, just as long as hetero people, from the time of the Roman empire and even before that! Has the human race ceased to procreate? No! Allowing them to legally be married will not bring about the extinction of the species. Wow….are you ignorant or what. You must think being gay is something new. Dumb Republican.

          • Kat

            You miss the point completely. It’s not “homosexual marriage”. It’s MARRIAGE. And making marriage available to homosexuals isn’t going to suddenly turn everyone into a homosexual. LOL It won’t be a requirement to be a homosexual to be married. LOL Homosexuals will just have the right to get married if they want to. It won’t affect ANYONE except themselves.

        • Sueinthelou

          Bristol smarter than President Obama? Put the meth pipe down! Bristol doesn’t even write this foolishness. This “blog” is courtesy of OL Momma Grizzly’s lawyer and handlers. It’s Sarah “give me free, what’s in it for me” Palin’s last attempt to stay relevant. Neither Bristol nor her Monna speak or write in sentences and paragraphs. Both Bristol’s GED and Sarah’s degree from her five schools are third rate.

          I’ll give this to Bristol, at least her handlers allow oppossing opinions on Brislol’s aka Sarah’s blog. Sister Sarah doesn’t allow any dissent on her Facebook page, only praise. Typical of a narcissist.

      • BigDogJunction

        Did anyone ever grade you on your use of punctuation and grammar? Glass house, idiot. Glass houses. Plus, you might want to add just a LITTLE bit of substance to your “smack”, before you lay it down.

        Run along now, before I make you cry.

      • http://facebook Janice

        Neither of the Obamas have any class. He bows to foreign dignitaries when a simple hand shake is all that protocol requires. She was never taught how to curtsy and hence, failed to do so when she met the Queen of England. Her manner of casual dress is demeaning to the status of first lady. “um…let me be clear…um…forward, no backward…no um…I am evolving, no wait…sometimes I forget about the economic woes while at a gala @ $35,ooo a pop, but hey…they love me in Hollywood. It’s all about me, me, me…not you or the USA.” I was never a professor and Michelle and I were dis-barred from law for..um….oh yeah…fraud and mis-conduct…wait…brain lapse (must be all that dope I smoke…clouding my brain.) Um…where was I? Cue the teleprompter!!! Lawdie I have wandered off track (old people often do that.) Do not caste the first stone and judge unless you have walked the walk in someone elses shoes. This gay/anti-gay debate shouldn’t be addressed by the federal govt. It is a state issue and one that should remain private (lol and in the bedroom.)

        • Independant

          Wow, your comments make no sense whatsoever. You must have graduated Yale with Bristol.

        • Sick of repub sh*t

          Janice- let me get this straight, you posted an absolutely incoherent bunch of cr*p because you smoked too much weed? Go easy on the dope, it’s not pretty what it’s doing to your ability to communicate.

        • Chi

          Just a small point – one you perhaps should have checked. Before meeting the Queen, her advisers give all women the opportunity to decide whether they will curtsey or bow. As a result Mrs Obama made a personal decision in much the same way as the female Prime Minister of Australia.

      • Michael

        Ad hominem attack. Fail.

      • John

        Being a bold faced liar and shyster is NOT class. If you think being an actor and looking good for the cameras is “class” you need to visit Hollywood and see how it works. Obama is nothing more than an empty suit, doing nothing different, except accelerating the demise of America.

      • Adino

        Lesly, obviously you don’t know what the word “fool” means. Her ideas are much better than his, the fact that you can not see that means your ugly words are merely psychological projections.

      • Adino

        Does she use the word ‘umm’ a lot?
        Does she need a teleprompter in order to speak?
        Just wondering.

        • A K

          If you needed a TelePrompTer for those kinds of dumbs words to come out of your mouth, I’m sorry, she should be in a mental asylum

        • ElektroFreak

          Yeah those are real solid points you hold as being of capital importance. ROFL..

        • TBP

          Oh fer cryin’ out loud. There isn’t a national-level politician in the whole country who doesn’t use a teleprompter at least occasionally when delivering prepared remarks. It’s just better technology than reading from paper or index cards. And most public statements by such politicians are indeed scripted. Very few of them, on either side of the aisle, would dare to say anything really important otherwise. In fact, it would be unwise for them to do so, for many reasons.

          On the occasions when Mr. Obama does speak extemporaneously he is, in fact, pretty darn good at it. It would surprise me a lot if Ms. Palin were better at it than he is.

          It’s really hard to take anyone’s opinions on anything else seriously if they honestly think that a president, any president, using a teleprompter is somehow unusual or reflects badly on him

      • frank keefe

        aaah the tolerant left.I have the same opinion as her and if you use more than one brain cell youll find there are many many states voting against SSM.Im a Brit and 75%of the British people are also against SSM and we’ve had 13 miserable years wishy washy socialism.Lets be honest here Obama was succoured into coming out for this because gaff prone Biden dropped him in it.Man and a woman thats the way its been for thousands of years just look at it biologically how can it be man and man woman and woman what next POLIGAMY!

        • Gary Brubaker

          Mr Keefe

          Your quote of 75% of us Britons are against Marriage Equality is, at present, untrue. There are no poll results indicating a rejection of Marriage Equality. Perhaps you picked up a News of the World archives. You also mention that marriage has been an open decision and solely for opposite sex marriage licensing, when a more accurate was not anything but an offering of the women as chattel until the late 19th Century, and the actual certificate was issued by the Registrar’s Office.

          Your ‘slippery slope’ theory is inaccurate, as there has been no evidence of this change in Massachusetts. The reality has found that the divorce rates are lowest in…you guessed it…Massachusetts! And I’m a bit confused that our Government is Socialist! Are you claiming that George II was awash with socialism? Can you please site the information? Thank you.

          Bristol, I am unsure what was so vital to discuss marriage when you were initially touted by your mother as the head of the local Celibacy efforts, and somehow, through some desire for attention (and potential compensation) when Levi was cut from the attempt to make you and your bastard child.

        • drklassen

          No, the current definition of marriage is NOT thousands of years old. In the USA it is, at most, 60 years. That’s when so-called interracial marriages were made legal. If you are basing your “thousands” off of the Bible, you’ll not how many of the OT patriarchs *were* polygamists. With concubines to boot.

          Biology has absolutely *nothing* to do with marriage. Marriage is a contract of union that does not require any commitment to procreation.

        • Robbie

          Care to quote accurate, reliable data on that? I live in the UK and have NEVER met anyone who opposes gay marriage so I find it hard to believe that 3/4 of the country don’t want it. In fact the only poll I can find that has anti-SSM as the more popular option only has 52% against, and that was only among a segment of the population (over 65). If you’re going to quote figures A) back them up B) don’t try to hide their full nature and C) if you can’t find them don’t just make them up, it wastes your time as well as mine.

          Looking at it naturally polygamy is the more logical choice. Look at apes, lions, wolves, etc. There is 1 male that is allowed to breed with all the females, to further the spread of his genes. This 1 male, 1 female is a pretty recent development in human history.

          As for gay relationships, if it is unnatural how can it occur in nature? (just google ‘gay animals’) Or do you mean gay couples having children? In which case couples that use IVF or surrogates are just as unnatural and should be banned from having children.

          There are exactly zero purely logical arguments against gay marriage (or even polygamy); all arguments stem from personal prejudices and beliefs that have no basis in unemotional statistics

        • Chery Greenberg

          Frank Keefe
          Look in the Bible. Marriages consisted of one man and however many wives he could afford. And how many concubines he could afford. There are many other things in the Bible that no right minded person would abide.
          Obama has one wife that he obviously adores.
          Have you never changed your mind because you learned something more about what you were considering?
          What part of Britain are you from? The British friends I have say the healthcare is good.
          Have you listened to Romney change his mind, flip-flop, play revisionist history and just flat lie?
          Do you really believe a hate-mongering bully would be a better president?
          I hope you can look at things with an open mind and research rather than take as Gospel all of the horrible e-mails and Fox News rants.

          • Danny

            And you believe that Obama tells the truth? You actually believe that? You are in greater need of help than he is … really!

        • emily

          Well for one, polygamy isn’t a medical naturally occurring condition that deters a person from being attracted to something they find unattractive, like for say the natural inclination to dislike certain tastes, smells, colors, and (yes, it does in fact include) their mate’s/mates’ gender. nothing but the natural fucked up human.

      • Jeff

        Obama has no class what so ever. He pits Americans vs Americans and does whatever it takes to win the audience that is in front of him on that day…then changes his mind like three sheets in the wind the next day.

        This president is worse then Bill Clinton, and trust me when I tell you that that is pretty low.

        Bristol is a young lady with a lot of experience in dealing with poor life choices – but Obama likes to act like his choices have no consequences. He is a disaster for our Nation and the tide to take him out of office is swelling.

      • Lissa

        Gee. So hateful and bigoted. Lesly, you should get professional help for your issues. Maybe then instead of childish name-calling, you could actually debate the substance of that with which you disagree.

      • kay

        At least she has a lasting argument, bringing forth how skewed not only are politics, but the country’s basic view of women. You being a woman yourself, Leslie, should be able to understand this argument. Your comment has no solid foundation lacking in all, if any, evidence whatsoever. I guess we have our Constitution, written by conservatives I might add, to thank for our right to free speech.

      • http://dogmafreeceremonies.webs.com Michael R. Burhans

        I see NO REASON at all for you to be so insulting to clowns as to suggest Bristol Palin is fit to be one.

      • Paul

        Bristol is living rent free in the mind of this hysterical obama lapdog.

      • Casey


      • Piscean Gal

        why does this site NOT have like links? LOL…Great post, Lesly! Her post was spot on for how “important” she thinks she really is….SMH….

      • http://patheos.com God is God

        You are “incredible” and “remarkable” and, oh never mind. Your tolerance cup apparently overflows, and yet somehow you expect it of others….. Impressive. As for “Obama and class”?!?!?! You have GOT to be kidding.

      • lynn

        why such hate? you don’t even know this girl and why would you care what she thinks if you are so secure in your own beliefs?

        • Rick

          “Hate” has nothing to do with Bristol’s thoughts. Bristol cares about what Obama’s girls think because they are in a position to influence the views of all who have chosen not to think for themselves.

      • Joy

        Hey, Lesly, as the old saw goes, “It takes one” (a moron) “to know one!” Bristol has a blog – and on her blog she’s entitled to say and opine about anything she wants!! Get it?!? If you disagree, start one yourself and/or disagree with her, but understand that it WON’T change her right (or desire) to say whatever’s on her mind!

        BTW, you think that BHO has “class?” My dear, you’ve, indeed, been sheltered! He’s only a Chi pol thug dressed up in a nice suit with a deceptive smile – IOW, a total fraud! On a word, you’re easily fooled – and it shows!

      • jim

        You are a low class idiot.

  • alex

    Why are you talking about dads when your child doesn’t even have one…?

  • shechrissy

    Bristol, I enjoy you. I think you’re a lovely person, and are raising a great child.

    Having said that, we do not share the same view on same-sex marriage.

    “In this case, it would’ve been helpful for him to explain to Malia and Sasha that while her friends parents are no doubt lovely people, that’s not a reason to change thousands of years of thinking about marriage. Or that – as great as her friends may be – we know that in general kids do better growing up in a mother/father home. Ideally, fathers help shape their kids’ worldview.” -Bristol Palin

    Child out of wedlock? Yes.
    …but wait, don’t our thousands of years of marriage traditions shun this?
    Engagement cancelled? Yup.
    …but wait, what does that say about the supposed sanctity you viewed marriage to hold?
    Single parent? Uh-huh.
    …but wait, you’re not raising your son in a mother/father household?

    Still haven’t heard any logical reason as to why a same-sex couple can’t share the same right?

  • http://www.ms.com bill

    Bristol you are a retard. You have the IQ of a jam jar, seriously you are just plain stupid.

    May want to check, you are a single parent that had a kid while not married so you are going to hell by your own religion .

    Pro Tip: Look up hypocrite

  • Ken Fish

    “So let me get this straight – it’s a problem if my mom listened too much to my dad, but it’s a heroic act if the President made a massive change in a policy position that could affect the entire nation after consulting with his teenage daughters?”

    Hmm, how exactly is him expressing his feeling towards gay marriage going to affect the entire nation? IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM RUNNING THE FUCKING COUNTRY! YOU STUPID FUCKING CHRISTIANS. I used to think you were a pretty beautiful woman, but now, you’re dirt. Good bye.

    • joe


    • Ernesto

      Ken, You ooze hatred and ignorance like most of the left-wing morons.

      • John

        And you will be oozing blood if you dare open your mouth in front of anyone with a brain. Fucking sheep.

        • Adino

          John, you fail in logic. “Appeal to Force” is used when the attacker, you, lacks any substance to their claim.

      • Lee

        Typical conservative male: wouldn’t have a single thought if Rush didn’t feed it to him. No wonder you boys have the reputation of being the most deluded idiots on the planet. I take it your conservative father taught you to be just as ignorant and foolish as he is? Typical.