Hail to the Chiefs – Malia and Sasha Obama

Is anyone really surprised by the fact that President Obama came out of the closet for gay marriage? What was most surprising is when he explained how his position (supposedly) “evolved,” by talking to his wife and daughters:

It’s interesting, some of this is also generational,” the president continued. “You know when I go to college campuses, sometimes I talk to college Republicans who think that I have terrible policies on the economy, on foreign policy, but are very clear that when it comes to same-sex equality or, you know, sexual orientation, that they believe in equality. They are much more comfortable with it. You know, Malia and Sasha, they have friends whose parents are same-sex couples. There have been times where Michelle and I have been sitting around the dinner table and we’re talking about their friends and their parents and Malia and Sasha, it wouldn’t dawn on them that somehow their friends’ parents would be treated differently. It doesn’t make sense to them and, frankly, that’s the kind of thing that prompts a change in perspective.”

Let’s pause for just one second.  When Christian women run for high office, people inevitably bring up the question of submission.  Once, Michele Bachmann, for example, was asked during a debate, “As president, would you be submissive to your husband?”

People automatically assume that a Christian female President isn’t capable of making decisions without her spouse’s stamp of approval.  (I should add female Republican candidates –liberal women don’t get the same kind of questions.)

So are all those reporters who feared excessive family intervention in the White House all up in arms over the President’s announcement yesterday?  Um.  Not quite.

Liberals  everywhere are applauding him for his bravery and his wisdom.

So let me get this straight – it’s a problem if my mom listened too much to my dad, but it’s a heroic act if the President made a massive change in a policy position that could affect the entire nation after consulting with his teenage daughters?

While it’s great to listen to your kids’ ideas, there’s also a time when dads simply need to be dads.  In this case, it would’ve been helpful for him to explain to Malia and Sasha that while her friends parents are no doubt lovely people, that’s not a reason to change thousands of years of thinking about marriage.  Or that – as great as her friends may be – we know that in general kids do better growing up in a mother/father home.  Ideally, fathers help shape their kids’ worldview.

In this situation, it was the other way around.  I guess we can be glad that Malia and Sasha aren’t younger, or perhaps today’s press conference might have been about appointing Dora the Explorer as Attorney General because of her success in stopping Swiper the Fox.

Sometimes dads should lead their family in the right ways of thinking.  In this case, it would’ve been nice if the President would’ve been an actual leader and helped shape their thoughts instead of merely reflecting what many teenagers think after one too many episodes of Glee.
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  • Kim

    Really? So, you’re all “defending” marriage from gays because the Bible says being gay is a sin? It’s not because you hate gays?

    I might believe that if you were also defending marriage against divorce, adultery, or sex before marriage…but I haven’t seen too many protests against those “destroyers of marriage.”

    Why is it that so many Christians are insistent that there be laws and Constitutional Amendments against gay marriage, yet they would be against laws prohibiting divorce, adultery or sex before marriage? Don’t those “sins” also threaten marriage?

    I guess you just pick and choose the parts of the Bible that are important enough to warrant laws, eh?

  • Donna

    I know this is off-topic, but I can’t believe Bill Mahar is attacking you yet again, Bristol. You are more than half his age, yet you have far greater grace and class. Hold your head up high, girl!

  • Caitlin

    With all due respect, how can you criticize the idea that children do better growing up in a ‘mother/father home’ while your son doesn’t even have that? Can you argue that he’s doing better? Would it be better for him if you were both under one roof, despite the fact that you both clearly don’t get along anymore?

    There’s a reason people get all up in arms when you say things like this, Ms. Palin. It’s because it seems incredibly hypocritical to the rest of the world to criticize something as ‘lesser for the children’ when you don’t seem to follow the conventional wisdom, either.

    • Erik

      I side with Bristol, but let me explain.
      I am a 43 year old man who is not religious, not gay and not homophobic. I was raised by my dad only. I think I am a very well rounded individual who learned to take care of myself. While my upbringing did not involve homosexual parents, my mother was not involved so I still lacked the true feminine influence…just as a child with two gay fathers would.

      To clarify, I am now married with 2 kids and have a brother-in-law who is gay. I personally do not care if people of same sex get married as long as they have all the same laws, taxes etc as I do.

      However, studies have been done and it has shown that children absolutely receive different stimulus from the mother and the father. My wife read an article stating that children with strong male influence tend to be more compassionate. That surprised me, but that is what it said….I am VERY involved with my kids and they are both extremely compassionate..so who knows.

      This can not be made too much of an emotional issue. It would make sense that a child raised with both a healthy male and female influence would tend to be more well rounded.

  • Ashley

    Normally I never comment on blogs or things I read. And although I agree you are entitled to your own opinion and can voice your own opinion, I have still lost all respect for you. How big of a hypocrite can you be? You had sex before marriage and had a child OUT OF WEDLOCK . You are not supposed to do that based on your “thousands of years of thinking about marriage.” In fact it’s a sin, and is also a form of adultery because it is sex outside of marriage, and adultery is in the ten commandments. but you’re a “Christian” so you are well aware of that . You cannot pick and choose what you want to believe about marriage. Once more, I have no problem reading your opinion. What I have a problem with and what outrages me is your hypocrisy and you picking and choosing what you want to believe about marriage when in fact, you are one of the very people who are going against what traditional values in marriage are. You need to look at yourself and what you have done before you throw any stones at people. You are the one living in a glass house and everyone can see right through you. Grow up and stop trying to pretend you value traditional views when you’ve already broken so many of them. Before I was sympathetic towards you and all the criticism you received for being an unwed and teen mom, I would think that would have somehow made you a bit of a more sympathetic human being, but it has not. You deserved every bit of that criticism you got, and for every bit more for what is to come.

  • Kevin

    Says the single, unwed attention seeking mother. You have no credibility to speak about a married father listening to his daughters or anything else,you and your mother exploit your kids for financial gain or political gain and nothing more.

  • gw

    Another Palin insight.

  • Ryan Donahue

    Actually, Ms. Palin, the fact that Malia and Sasha’s friends’ parents are lovely people IS a reason to change thousands of years of thinking about marriage. The same way that because you and your mother are lovely people, there was reason to change thousands of years of thinking about the rights of women. The same way that because President Obama and the First Lady and basically everyone else on earth are lovely people, there was a reason to change thousands of years of thinking about how we treat others who are different from us. President Obama IS a dad who is leading his family in the right way of thinking. It is you who needs to reshape your thoughts and begin reflecting on the very large and complex world that exists outside your very small and thoughtless realm of experience.

    • The Constitutionalist

      Yet, when Republican/Conservative Female Politicians are asked questions that wouldn’t be asked to Liberal/Democrat Female Politicians, the Main Stream Media goes on about that woman’s religious beliefs. But because the question wasn’t asked to a Liberal Politician, no one gets a clear view on their beliefs.

      A bit of a double-standard, wouldn’t you agree, Ryan?? In case you’re wondering, that was a rhetorical question.

  • C dawg

    Bristol Palin you are a twat. Go thump some bibles somewhere else. Have you ever heard of the theory of evolution or you seriously believe the venom that spouts from your mothers mouth. Seriously- Alaska isn’t even on the same standards as other states in the US so get the f*ck out and bring your douchey family with you. I’m from NY. One of the most important states in the US that actually stands for something. LEAVE. no one wants you here.

    • The Constitutionalist

      C dawg….you’re a liberal. As such, you wouldn’t know your arse from a hole in the ground. And being from NY myself, I’m now fully ashamed to be called a New Yorker…because of you!! And knowing that the State of NY is a liberal state, makes it all the more shaming that I was born there.

    • Southernlites

      I personally wouldn’t be bragging too much about being from New Yawk…..from what I read on the news they just approved child pornography. So disagree with Bristol, but like all liberals….you have to be not only objectionable and start calling names……..but also ignorant.

    • otlset

      “Go thump some bibles somewhere else.” This is her blog idiot.

  • Sue Lynn

    Look I agree with Bristol and Love all people as she does and she is right. When Mary was with Child “our Lord’ He made sure he would be in a family and brought Joesph in the picture…get the picture of what God thinks about Family! God bless you Bristol!!!!!

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