Name This Dog: And the Winner Is…

Thank you for all of your advice on what to name the Newfoundland puppy!

As I mentioned, we took your comments and narrowed it down to three names:




Well, the winning name was….

(Drumroll, please….)


I think it’s a perfect name for a beautiful puppy!  Thanks for all the comments!

  • Laura Rada

    I voted for Clifford but I think Riot will suit him just fine, too! Looking forward to watching your show!!! P.S. If you would leave a comment on my blog you would TOTALLY make my day!!! I’ve been working hard on it for over 3 years:) I’m a big fan! You know those crazy awesome things that you just can’t imagine happening—well that would be one for me! It’s We share the same values and faith and I admire you lots! I shouldn’t be begging but guess I am aren’t I? From one small town girl to another;0) And no more begging, I promise!

  • Lindsay

    Lovr you and love your new puppy!! What kind is he??

  • http://NameofDog Gloria Buchanan

    You know you are marking Riot, ha, he’ll be a riot now. My sister named her Bulldog, Rowdy and he well lived up to his name, but come to think of it, Riot might not be as disastrous as Rowdy. Enjoy!

  • http://havenone Patrick Chesbro

    well i am still disappointed,, I still think Dog Biscuit would have been better,,, lol,,

  • Michele Bango

    Just wondering if the puppy is as big as you yet?? (or bigger) :-)