Name This Dog: And the Winner Is…

Thank you for all of your advice on what to name the Newfoundland puppy!

As I mentioned, we took your comments and narrowed it down to three names:




Well, the winning name was….

(Drumroll, please….)


I think it’s a perfect name for a beautiful puppy!  Thanks for all the comments!

  • chrisburkmenn

    You are beautiful Bristol!

  • Susie

    What a cute name! Looks like a very cuddly pooper. iCal mydogtrigger pooper scoop as a nickname. His real name is Trigger.

  • WobblyWonk

    Excellent choice! =:o]

  • Ed

    Cool,,, I bet he will be.

  • Martha

    Such a cute dog he looks like he’s going to be huge! I hope he and Charlie will get along! I bet Tripp loves his new dog. You will have to post pictures of Riot and Tripp together…a boy and his dog!

  • blueniner

    Good name, when he gets unruley, you can say ‘Theres a Riot Going On” from the old Coasters song “Riot In Cell Block Number 9………..LOL…

  • sally

    Bristol, such a cute name. You are such a great young lady. Even though you got knock up, you have not let that hold you back. A new show next week, cannot wait. You are going places & I know you will do great things.

  • sally

    When are you going to follow in Kim & Paris path on the road to fame & film your own sex tape? You could call it how I did Levi!

    • Patty

      Evidently you were behind the door when it was time to grow up!

    • kelly young

      what a sad excuse for a human you are sally. to not have any thing better to do than with your time than HATE is really a shame, and I do fill sorry for you. I’m going to pray for you to shake off the demons that you have pickeed up along the path you have taken, ad that you get the peace that most people enjoy in life

      • lilly

        learn how to write properly, please. plus spelling correctly would be a plus.

  • Don’tEatTheDog

    Getting a pet is one of the best experiences I’ve shared with my kids, Bristol. You are going to have your hands full with Riot. He is going to dwarf you soon – I bet he dwarfs little Trip already. Congratulations on the new show. You are a strong young woman. Don’t ever forget you have A LOT of good people who are praying for you as you navigate this culture of hate that seems to permeate every level of our society now. Your story is similar to “every girl’s” story, only on display. Stay strong and you WILL inspire people. You already have. That’s why you make the haters so angry. Remember, Palinoia is a mental disorder so we’ll pray for those pathetic souls as well.

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