Name This Dog: And the Winner Is…

Thank you for all of your advice on what to name the Newfoundland puppy!

As I mentioned, we took your comments and narrowed it down to three names:




Well, the winning name was….

(Drumroll, please….)


I think it’s a perfect name for a beautiful puppy!  Thanks for all the comments!

  • CJ

    “RIOT”……….I love it Bristol!! It was my fav of the 3 too, and I’ll bet he’s already living up to it :) They are so much FUN!!

  • lilly

    Bristol, just another uneducated teen mom.

    • Joan McClure

      Lilly…just another uneducated person who doesn’t know how to capitolize.

      • lilly

        Well Joan we can tell how educated you are. you do not even know how to spell correctly.

        • http://!!! Tim Kelley

          Llliy waht do we crae waht poelpe lkie yuo tihnk…(We don’t) hpoe yuo lkie my sepllnig …ahahah!!.. here’s a quarter …go way…just because you feel unloved no reason to put others down to make yourself feel better about yourself…ESPECIALLY on a thread about a PUPPY of all things!!! wow you people do not let up. very jr high Lilly…people with low self esteem in jr high used to be mean to others to be like by the group.

          • stfu


      • Michele W.

        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

    • Joan McClure

      I’m certain she is much more educated than you.

    • http://!!! Tim Kelley

      Lilly just another mean liberal put down artist-get a life- Bristol has more poise, grace, and charm than most ladies with PHd’s …love the dog!!…but i would have went with “Boo”!

    • Emma Lora

      Oh Lilly,

      I am so sorry that a post about a dog’s name has lead you to make snarky, insecure comments. Surely another blog site would not have touched a nerve. Bristol seems to be a happy adjusted young person who has learned lessons and making good choices. Hang in there Lilly, strive to be positive and gracious.. you can do it girl… give it a try!!

  • Randy

    Bo Riot looks like obama dog

  • Andy Sandoval

    You’re the BEST, Bristol! Keep Blogging!

  • blackbird

    Oh my what big paws you have.
    All the better to scratch you beautiful hardwood floors.

    He is such a cute feller.

  • Rosali Elzig

    Good choice Bristol! Riot is a good name and Hillary my daughter thought it really fit this kind of breed. Maybe some day Hillary can meet your puppy.

  • Robert Folino

    Bristol..I hope u read this message…I just read about the lawsuit being formulated against you bt that homosexual u encountered in that bar…you, my dear are an inspiration to all single moms out there.You are a sexy, very attractive aduly lady who is articulate and should be very proud of yourself…As for your mom, Sarah, she was the perfect female choice to run for vice president..It’s a shame it didn’t work out…I actually think McCain brought down hos own campaign by not being as energetic as your mother..but that aside…the father of your beautiful child.(his name is not even worth mentioning) is a loer of a man and deserves all the STD’S he gets after leaving your zsweetness and now tryinh to make $$$ off of just having sex with you..You are above all of that and keep going forwward..the Good Lord had a plan for you and and maybe uou will meet the right partner, as I am surely trying to find….Anyway, I just wanyed to reach out anf touc u somehow..may u be at peace, and good luck to you , your mom and to all your dreams..NEVER GIVE UP..Sincerely, Robert Folino–if you want email me at u do not.. at least I hope u read this letter..See ya’ cutie-pie…

  • Gary Ernsthausen

    Riot will grow to be a very BIG dog. Tripp and Trig will have fun with him!

  • Amanda

    Hi Bristol,
    You and your family are amazing, not to mention your cute fluffy puppy riot! Please drop me an email if you get a chance, i dont want to post on public comments, im sure you understand why. hope to hear from you soon!

  • Robert Hall

    How about Britol?