We Need Puppy Name Suggestions!

Any ideas?  He’s a big black Newfoundland!

  • http://Theycallhermeghan@gmail.com Meghan


  • Katie DiFrancesco

    Alemos. It’s an Abenaki (Native American tribe in my family) word meaning “dog.”

  • Joseph Russo III

    How about:

    - Money
    - Sell-Out
    - Fake
    - Hypocrite
    - Levi

    • Emma Lora

      Awee forget silly, immature Joey Russo 3sticks’ comment. How about
      Beaumont (Beau, Bo, short spelling choice), Beaumont means beautiful mountain…and she/he will be big.

    • idesign

      How about Moochelle..:)

    • Truth101

      How about Russo?

    • Hefmier

      Are you the same Joey Russo that founded Conservatives4Palin, or are you an imposter?? If you are the former, then you have become a real disappointment, to say the least. You have let down a lot of people and you are simply turning into a much younger John Ziegler. You owe A LOT of people an explanation for your recent cheap-shot remarks on Bristol’s blog.
      If you are the latter, then I hope that the real Joey Russo is still level-headed and will kick your butt.
      Regardless, your comment was unfortunate, to say the least.

  • kjb4mhs

    Is it a boy or girl?
    If it’s a boy name him Jack!

  • Sue Lynn

    I got it!!! how about Bigs….in honor of Andrew Beitbart..ya that’s it MR Bigs!!!!

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    • Pat Stephenson

      Kota — just seems to fit him!!!

      • Carol moorby


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  • http://Facebook Donna Stewart

    He looks like a Patriot Knight to me. We need more patriot knights all across our land. May millions rise up and maintain our freedom!

  • Misty

    Well, Charlie is already taken. How about Blackie?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002088167892 Pete Petretich