We Need Puppy Name Suggestions!

Any ideas?  He’s a big black Newfoundland!

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    • Carol Cumbie

      Why didn’t you call the dog “newfie”. I’m from NL Ca.where these dogs are named after. People from Nl are usually called newfie’s. They love the water and it is hard to keep them out of the water. Years ago the old fisherman used them to go back and forth to the different ships in the harbor. Have you looked at his web feet. I have seen them in the water in Nl. were it is probably like the water in Alaska. Their coats protect them from the cold water.Fishermen The newfie that won the AKC title a few years back was a beautiful dog he walked like he was floating on air. Some people have been know to put them on a harness hook that to a cart and use them to give little kids rides. These dogs love children and have been known to saving people from drowning. looking forward to hearing about your future fun with your family

  • Bill

    Pimmel Pooch

  • Kelly Brennen


  • Hero

    “Hero” is a good name for a rescue dog like a Newfy. Tara

  • Glenn Briggs

    Black Fang, Fang, for short.

  • http://yahoo.com john norton

    When I was growing up I had a English Setter Name was “Bullet” I consider it an Honor… U Betcha… ~ !

  • Bruttus

    I am not sure of the spelling but I think it is a great name for such a good looking & fearful dog.

  • Kristi Honas

    I have a black lab and her name is Shadow. She just turned 11yrs old, had her since she was a pup. Love her to pieces!
    How about Blackjack. They say to name a dog with 1-2 syllables, easier to train them.

  • Carol moorby

    Here’s another suggestion..COCOA! Because he reminds me of chocolate. Or SANDY which reminds me of land which is sandy from new found land

  • bellagrazi

    Wonder what Raider looks like now. He must be ginormous!