New Twitter Account… for This Blog

I have mentioned repeatedly that I don’t Tweet.  However, I’ve decided it’s a good idea for this blog to have its own Twitter account.  And so, in a way, I’ve relented.  Though it’s not my personal Twitter account, it will keep you up to date on all the good, fun, posts on this blog.

Now that I’ve — somewhat — taken the plunge, will you follow my blog on Twitter? Its handle is @BristolsBlog. You can be some of the first followers!!

(You should also follow this magazine @SixSeedsTV!)

  • Lauren

    Hi Bristol.. I do not have a Twitter or I would definitely follow you.

    I just wanted to tell you that as a young mother myself, I can really relate to you and really enjoy watching your show. I feel like I am watching myself on television. LOL. Even though you know it and I am sure you hear it all the time… I wanted to tell you that you are an amazing mom and such a strong woman. Keep it up! Tripp is one lucky boy.

    If you get a chance.. check out my blog I just started about raising my soon to be three year old son.

    Good Night – God Bless.