I Have a Great Hiking Buddy

Tripp and I recently climbed the Butte! It was his first time and he made it all the way up!!

That’s the glacier, Mat-Su, which is described as one of the most beautiful glaciers in Alaska.

I’m so proud of my little hiking buddy.  Way to go, Tripp!

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  • http://tinyhousefreedom.blogspot.com Victoria W

    Hello! I really enjoy seeing your son grow. My son is the same age. Oddly I will be heading towards your town in the future! Yea ARMY! I just wanted to make a suggestion. I grew up with seperated parents. I always felt like I had to choose between my parents. They both spent so much time saying such horrible things about the other. It effected me in such a huge way. I am half this person. Does that mean I am bad too? Is it bad that I love this person? Will my Mom be mad that I call my Dad? I ended up with a severe drug addiction because of the fighting back and fourth between my parents. Thank God I found the amazing Lord that I know. Jesus ate with the sinners, not the righetous. (excuse my spelling my son is trying to “help”) You should try and witness to Levi through patience and understaning. Is that not what the Lord would do? When people say such bad things about your parents. I bet it hurts. Your doing the same thing. If he won’t met you halfway. Met him the full way. Even if you have to drop him off at the house without notice. We can only control our behavior. My parents did it to me. I am 27 years old and I still feel like a bad person if I vist one and not the other. Allow that realtionship to develop as a teenager on his ground. Love levi as the lord would. People can change through God, you should not rob Levi of the opportunity to walk through the Lord. Be nice to him. Be nice to his new wife. Bring trip over twice a week on your own. Say nothing hateful. Just God bless and the Lord love you. (even if your screaming I HATE YOU inside) It will help Trip and could lead them to the Lord. We can only shovel our own snow. God bless!

  • LilyWww

    Sorry, that she read ” did not write her book…”

  • http://yahoo.com millie

    Lily, Lily, Lily,

    Can you prove that Bristol does not write this blog. Nancy French has other clients and she has been
    helping others write their books. Most people have Ghost writers.

  • Bree Merr

    LOL Lilly, A book and writer critic should be able to do more than just complain & whine about someone else. No talent is required for that field of “expertise”. You can hear that on a play ground.

    Bristol, you are courages for just trying. You and Nancy did a great job on your book. You did a great job on DWTS. Your are doing great on yur blog. Those who are critical, well that is all we see from them. For all we know that is all they can do.

    So whatever you hand finds to do, do with all your might. (Just as you have been doing)

  • LilyWww

    Many celebrities have ghost writers of their autobiographies, yes. But I doubt mOst have ghost writers pretending to write their blogs. Nancy gave herself away when she wrote ” Bristol’s” first post: She signed off with her name. She deleted it later, but it was too late.

  • RefudiateObama2012

    Bristol did NOT have a ghostwriter. She had a collaborator, Nancy French. A ghostwriter is a writer who writes books, articles, stories, reports, or other texts that are officially credited to another person, while not having his/her name publicized, thus the name “ghost”writer. Nancy French, as the collaborator was featured on the cover of the book, and attended some of the book signings. An example of a ghostwriter is Bill Ayres, who wrote Dreams From My Father.

    Typically a collaborator assists the writer in organizing the thought processes so as to produce a book that is readable. Nancy French has been a collaborator for a number of writers. Another well-known collaborator is Lynn Vincent who assisted Sarah Palin in Going Rogue, and no, for you PDSers, Vincent did NOT ghostwrite Going Rogue.

  • sodakhic

    Sorry Lily, but we can tell when the Palins write something, It’s laced with Alaskan humor, as they both skewer Obama with a smile, as they punch him in the gut.

  • http://yahoo.com millie

    I have a daughter that did all of her growing in the first 11 years of her life. I thought wow, she
    is going to end up being a tall basketball player. Guess what, she stop growing at the age of
    12 and only grew a half a inch after that. She is 5’4″. Same was true with a 2nd cousin. He stayed
    a runt until he was 13 and has grown to be 5’10″ he is 17 years old. Some children grow faster than
    other and some grow slower.

  • Jilline

    What does height have to do with anything? I appreciate randomness, but this is pointless.

  • Jilline

    We know how old Tripp is considering he was born just after out last Presidential election.

  • Truth101

    Come on there. I keep telling you to stop making things up. Bristol had help with setting up the blog and getting everything in the right place. That is what you saw so stop making things up.