I Have a Great Hiking Buddy

Tripp and I recently climbed the Butte! It was his first time and he made it all the way up!!

That’s the glacier, Mat-Su, which is described as one of the most beautiful glaciers in Alaska.

I’m so proud of my little hiking buddy.  Way to go, Tripp!

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  • Holley

    So Cute! Good Job Tripp! I wish we had mountains to climb where we live, sigh, miss the west coast.

  • ImaLindatoo

    EXCELLENT! Good job! Great hiking buddy! Tripp, you are getting so big!!!

  • CJ

    What a precious picture, Bristol!! I can’t think of a sweeter little buddy to make that amazing hike with, than the #1 love of your life :) The scenery is simply breath taking! GOD is so, so AWESOME isn’t HE?
    WAY TO GO, TRIPP!!! oxo

  • Sydnee Trammel

    Hey Bristol,
    First off, I am a liberal, democrat from the San Francisco Bay Area. I started watching your show for the entertainment factor. However, I have found myself to really see what kind of person you are. You’re a mom, a daughter, a sister and a friend. You have faced many challenges at such a young age. Yes, you may be the daughter of wealthy parents, however you remain grounded and determined to set a good example for your son by not taking hand outs. You take the challenges that you are faced with and own them. I may not agree with you on the political spectrum, however, you are an excellent mom. Although I’m not a teen mom, I am a pretty young mom and I know it is definitely not easy, by any means. Not only have you opened my eyes to what kind of person you are; you have also opened my eyes to what kind person you mom is. She is just a normal mom who absolutely loves her children. I have never been a fan of her politically, but that doesn’t change the fact that she seems like such a fun and loving person. As much as politics are constantly in your face, you stand strong to your beliefs and although I do not agree with most of them, I find that very admirable. Keep doing what you do, stay strong, and don’t crazy liberals break you or your beliefs.

    Just One Mom to Another,

    • LilyWww

      Hmmmm….. You’re a liberal who writes ” crazy liberals” sydnee? Whoops!

      • Sydnee Trammel

        We can be crazy. But we are not all crazy. =)

        • Sydnee Trammel

          maybe I should have said don’t let “the” crazy liberals lol

    • Maggie Garritson – Alaska

      Well said. Bristol is a good example to many young moms. God Bless!


    • Jilline

      I appreciate nice, mature democrats who distinguish themselves from the crazy ones. Bless you Sydnee. Bristol is indeed a strong woman, Sarah is indeed a lovely, caring person who does so much for others, and not for attention. This has been proven year after year. Such a lovely, grounded family. And that Trig always looks like a bundle of love and joy. He’s certainly blessed to have such warm parents and attentive siblings.

      • LilyWww

        Sarah Palin does so much for others and not for attention? Actually, just the opposite has been proven year after year. She quit being governor to cash in on her celebrity. She won’t speak at events unless they fork over her large fee ( though she is far less marketable now as a speaker than she was a couple years ago), she takes in millions with her PAC but gives very little to support candidates, she had an outrageous bus tour/ family vacation last year funded by Sarah PAC which was for nothing but to grab attention, she makes controversial statements to get attention……. Hey, what has she done for Downs Syndrome , a cause supposedly close to her heart. Zilch. And by the way, who even takess care of Trig and his special needs?

        • Truth

          LilyWww, Let us tackle your spin one by one:
          1. “she quit being governor to cash in on her celebrity”

          Gov. Palin resigned the governorship for two reasons but I will touch on the second reason. Gov. Palin went into the governorship of modest means and no legal debt. She left the governorship with over $600,000 in legal fees. She made $125,000 a year as governor. It took the liberals 7 months to rack up over $600,000 debt on the governor and her family. How much do you think it would have been if she had completed her term? Plus the loons still had 2 more years from the date she resigned to file more frivolous ethics complaints. PS – And they did.

          2. “ won’t speak at events unless they fork over her large fee”

          Clinton, Powell, Rice, Bush, Giuliani, and I can go on and on get paid big bucks but Sarah Palin should take less because you don’t like her. Please get a grip! Many times Governor Palin has donated her speaker fee back to the group after taxes. She does events without taking a fee. You have no clue if she is in demand or not. The reason why she had so many speaking engagements the first year was to pay off her legal debt. A debt she had for doing nothing wrong. Gov. Palin only needs to do 2 speaking events a year to cover not being governor. She is not a greedy woman but she does have bills to pay.

          3. SarahPAC and children

          We know what SarahPAC does with the money because it is online for all to see. Instead of worrying about a PAC you don’t donate to, why don’t you worry about the man in the WH that has added 5 trillion more dollars to our national debt. Why don’t you tell me where that money went to? Who pays for this fool and his family to take all those fancy vacations? Who pays for that fool to fly all over the country and hang out with the scum in Hollywood?

          You have no clue what she is doing for Down Syndrome or any charity. You need to mind your own business when it comes to her children and stop making things up.

          • LilyWww

            Truth, Palin quit because she wanted to cash in on her celebrity and was no longer interesting in the work of governing. As for her legal debt, she had set up a legal defense fund which had almost $400,000 in it already when she quit. Mind you, a year later it was found to be illegal to to its misleading website and Palin had to return the funds to the donors. But by then she had raked in a small fortune from speaking fees and book deals so she was more than ahead of the game. Bills to pay? Not greedy? Hmmmmm…..

            Sarah Palin not being worth the same as Clinton, Powell, etc has nothing to do with me not liking her.

            She has returned her speaking fee many times back to the groups? Right! That’s a good one. Try giving us an example of that.

            Yes, Sarah PAC’s financials are reported to the public and she does very little to support candidates with the millions it pulls in. That was my point. You did nothing to address that.

            I do have a clue about what she has done for Downs Syndrome groups. Nothing. Well, nothing except a $1000 donation. Oh, and that came from her PAC, not her.

            By the way, who does take care of Trig and his special needs?

          • LilyWww

            Oh and I love this too: Sarah Palin had the RNC pay her lawyers $250k of her legal fees after she quit. This was after she had made over $10 million dollars. Wasn’t it Palin who talked about others being addicted to OPM. She should know!

          • Truth


            That is right the fund that would have helped Gov. Palin stay in office was attacked by the liberal nutjobs in AK. If Palin had finished out her term she would have been 2 million in debt, two million wasted. We still don’t know how much she has had to pay in legal fees. She is still being sued. I don’t see you complaining that Hillary Clinton had people helping to pay off her debt. I don’t hear you complaining that almost every politican has a legal fund. I forgot there are one set of rules for Sarah Palin and another set for everybody else.

            But what we do know is that if Gov. Palin had stayed in office she would have bankrupted her family. A family with a special needs child. That must make you proud. What we do know is that Gov. Palin would not have been able to use that legal fund to help pay off some of her 2 million debt. That would have made you proud.

            Since you seem so obsessed with everything Palin, tell me how much do you think was still available in that legal fund especially after Gov. Palin had to return the money?

            I don’t have to question what SarahPAC does with their donations because it is none of my business. Obviously the people donating don’t have a problem because they keep donating. Do you donate to SarahPAC?

            As I have said before you don’t have a clue what Palin does in her private life. You don’t have a clue what she is doing when she spends time in AZ. What we do know that back in 2008 Palin donated more to charity than Biden and probably Obama. You don’t have a clue what she donates too now because you can see her tax returns.

            One more time, leave the Palin children out of it. It is none of your business. Worry about your own family life. .

            The bottomline is that you are pissed off that you didn’t bankrupt athe Palin family.

            Shame on you! Shame on you!

          • LilyWww

            Truth, that fund was found to be illegal AFTER she quit. And then she said up another that wasn’t misleading. And no, I don’t have a problem with Clinton, Pslin or anyone accepting other people ‘s money who want to pay their legal fees. I do have a problem with Palin lying about why she quit. She quit to cash in on her celebrity and was no longer interested in doing the work of governing.

            As for what Palin does in her private life , we certainly do have a clue, because from the start in 2008 she made her private life her public life. And now two of her daughters are joining in on their own initiative.

          • http://yahoo.com millie

            Amen to that!!

            Name your sources about the illigal fund or shut up!!!
            Sarah also quit because the legal matters were consuming her time. Taking her
            away from her duties as a Governor. She was not going to stay in there and cause
            her state to suffer from it.

          • LilyWww

            Sarah Palin had nothing to do with the fund Truth101? You might want to go back and check in that. Palin and her advisers helped set it up and made decisions on it.

            I went after Sarah PAC? No, what I said is Sarah Palin spends a very small portion of the millions thar PAC draws in to support candidates. The bulk of it goes to consultants such as Rebecca Mansour her Facebook ghostwriter ( who curiously hasn’t been cashing her checks lately……) and postage (?).

          • NSJ

            “Truth”, your words are so empty and hollow and here is the reason why-

            Private Citizen Palin (why do you still call her governor yet you won’t address the CURRENT president by his office?) incurred 88% of the “legal debt” when she FILED THE LARGEST ETHICS COMPLAINT AGAINST ***HERSELF***.

            Look it up. The complaints filed by others incurred debt in the thousands, not tens or hundreds of thousands.

            Go back and watch her I Quit speech. Really, objectively watch it. You can still like and support Sarah Palin while admitting the patently obvious: she was breathless, frantic, and lying throughout that “speech”.

            I’m curious why your response to every question about where Trig is meets with a catty “mind your business” from you. You’re here reading the blog of one of her children, commenting about her personal life and watching it on television yet you tells others Sarah’s children are none of their business.

            Doesn’t it bother you AT ALL that Trig and Sarah have not been photographed together in TWO YEARS? And when noise about Trig’s absence reached a fever pitch, she posted a photo of herself and Trig…from three years ago.

            Again, you can admit something is wrong there and still like her.

            Sarah has spent more days traveling out of state in the last 60 days than she has been at home. Trig does not travel with her any longer. As someone who held Trig aloft like the GOP’s own “Simba” in 2008 and invoked his name and disability at EVERY turn thereafter, yes- people ARE going to be concerned about him when he is not seen in public for TWO YEARS.

          • WL

            All true and valid points NSSJ. ” Truth” can’t handle the truth. Who DOES take care of Trig Palin and his special needs?

        • LilyWww

          Name my sources Millie? They are numerous. Google Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund and you can see it all for yourself. Let me know if you have trouble with that and I’ll give you some links. ( Sorry, you might wish I had just shut up ….or that you hadn’t asked )

          • Truth101

            LilyWww, As governor, Gov. Palin had nothing to do with the first fund. It was set-up by concerns friends that wanted to help her and her staff deal with their mounting legal fees. You went after the legal fund just like you went after SarahPAC. The legal fund was frozen before Gov. Palin resigned. She saw that she was the target and that the law suits would never stop as long as she was governor and that is one of the reasons why she resigned. How many ethics complaints have been filed against Parnell?
            Your problem is you can’t see what was done to this woman was immoral and people should go to jail for it.

            You just don’t understand that there was no way we the people were going to let your crazy kind bankrupt this family.

            So please get that through your thick skull.

          • LilyWww

            Sarah Palin had nothing to do with the fund Truth101? You might want to go back and check in that. Palin and her advisers helped set it up and made decisions on it.
            I went after Sarah PAC? No, what I said is Sarah Palin spends a very small portion of the millions thar PAC draws in to support candidates. The bulk of it goes to consultants such as Rebecca Mansour her Facebook ghostwriter ( who curiously hasn’t been cashing her checks lately……) and postage (?).

    • Sydnee Trammel

      My intentions were definitely not to spark a debate. Yes, I am a liberal and yes I like Bristol Palin. This blog is not meant for haters and trolls. The picture is of a loving mother and her darling son. No politics about it. Really.. negativity need not be expressed here. If your not a fan of Bristol, why waste your time reading her blog and her supporters comments? Sorry for any sort of negativity my post may have caused. However, haters will be haters… <3

  • Bonnie Langner

    Beautiful picture Bristol, so happy that you decided to move back to AK. Best place on earth to raise a family. Tripp is getting to be a big boy, just think of all you’ll be able to do as a family the older he gets, these are beautiful menories for the both of you to look back on!!!! God Bless!!

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  • Georgia

    That is a beautiful photo of both you and Tripp, Bristol You ought to be proud of Tripp and yourself, too!

  • Shannon

    Hey Bristol, I think your great. I love your book. I’m currently reading it. I love your show. & can’t wait to see you again on DWTS. I’m not into politics much, sorry. But I really enjoy watching you & your family on TV. I’m a 41 year old business owner in Tucson AZ. And there is something in your show and your mom’s show for everyone. You talk and teach life lessons and I think that”s great. Keep up the great work! Shannon.

  • LilyWww

    Sodakhic, that’s not Alaskan humor, that’s Pslin mean girl humor…. And in case you haven’t noticed, our President pays no attention to it or Sarah Palin got that matter ( much to her annoyance I’m sure). No, Alaskan humor is much better than that.

    But yes, you certainly can tell when something comes from the Pslins. Going Rouge was a typical word salad tossed by Sarah. Her quitting speech was another classic example. And this blog, is so obviously not written by Bristol Palin.

    • Bree Merr

      Bristol, I appeciate all your posts, this one is precious. Contnue to stand firm in spite of the negatives who pretend to know the motives and actions of your family. Those who are negative follow every move only to find a large group of people that love and support your family. You and your family’s example of “Grace under Fire” is inspiring.

  • shawna

    He is getting sooo big!!! I’m sure he’s the BEST company you’ll ever consistently have! I’m also a single mom. My son is now 18 yrs old. You guys look great!!