After-Birth Abortion?

Did you know that some liberal “scholars” published an article in a supposedly reputable journal suggesting that it should be just as permissible to kill a newborn baby as it is to kill an unborn child?  What will this journal publish next?  An argument for killing Jews?  For reinstating slavery?  Our abortion culture is creating a world where what should be unthinkable is being actively debated in the “best” of publications.

I know that I’m sensitive to questions about whether life is “worth living” or “worth protecting” even when babies are disabled or moms face challenges.  After all, my brother is disabled, and I was a teenage mom.  But I’d hope and expect that even the people who dislike me, who dislike my beliefs, and who dislike my family can unite in believing that it’s a shame that at least a few members of our cultural elite have lost all respect for vulnerable human life, and it’s a further shame that a widely-read journal gave them a platform for their hate.

  • Billy

    Good for you Miss Bristol!! Abortion is a grave sin, and “Akin” To evil. “It’s a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.” -Mother Teresa

  • Angela B.

    Honestly, it makes me no more sick than pre-birth abortions. To me, life is life at any stage. This is really no different. But it’s certainly disturbing and disgusting and my heart breaks for each and every baby that never has a chance at life.

  • Michael Mills

    These people have lost their minds. They are actually considering being okay with murdering a child because the parent suddenly decided they don’t want it. Seriously, if you don’t want the child put it up for adoption. There are plenty of people who wish they could have kids and would love to adopt the ones that parents are killing. What is wrong with these nuts?

  • Stacy

    Don’t call Bristol a moron. She has her opinion and her views. That’s what’s wrong with the world today. We judge others and we are hating on others. We need to come together for the common good. I do believe in what Bristol is saying here. Abortion is wrong. Period. Whether it be during your pregnancy or after your pregnancy, you should never kill a human life. God brought life to this earth and we are the ones that take it away. We need to appreciate what He has given us at whatever cost.

  • Shannon

    this is the evil of abortion and people that believe in it.
    They kept wanting to kill that baby the older and older it gets!

    Thank you Bristol for getting the word out there on how sick people are, so scary!

  • Tammy

    Richard I see you are the shining example of the perfect “liberal”. Couldn’t find better language in your repertoire I guess? You can have an opinion without vulgarity, shocker I know.

  • Judy Foster

    Wasn’t it Obama who voted against saving the life of a child if it survived an abortion attempt?

  • http://none christina L.

    Bristol I agree with you! That is horrible. Life is life weither the heart is the size of rice or the size of our fist. Let people hate on you all they want, you seem to be a strong women who believes in the right things. My daughter will be a year on Saturday and I could never in a million years of had an abortion!

  • James

    Thank you Richard,
    No liberal would agree with this and frankly, Bristol knows it.
    She is just spreading lies again… it’s the family business ya know.
    This whopper deserves a bonus. I suppose she wasn’t getting enough attention lately.
    So she screams out “Liberals are baby killers!” in the hopes she can drum up some comments.

    • Rebecca

      Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva were the authors of this “false” (as you claim) report. It was written in the Journal of Medical Ethics titled “After-birth abortion: Why should the baby live?” Their assertion? “We claim that killing a newborn could be ethically permissible in all the circumstances where abortion would be. Such circumstances include cases where the newborn has the potential to have an (at least) acceptable life, but the well-being of the family is at risk,” the article reads. “We propose to call this practice ‘after-birth abortion,’ rather than ‘infanticide,’ to emphasise that the moral status of the individual killed is comparable with that of a fetus (on which ‘abortions’ in the traditional sense are performed) rather than to that of a child.” How’s that for a bunch of “lies” for you?

      • James

        I didn’t say the sickos that wrote the report were lying. I said Bristol was lying by implying that Liberals support this.

        • Rebecca

          May I present to you…..Dr. Leroy Carhart.

    • doris

      these comments are not lies. Planned parenthood agrees with this……they don’t care as long as they get their money for the abortion…..i saw as girl on the news who was sn aborted baby, left to die in a trash can, and a nurse found her and took care of her. Omg what is this world coming tooo…no respect for life. some girls just screw around with no concept of BABY…………..

  • Cindy

    I couldn’t even read the WHOLE thing, it utterly disgusted me! But you know, that’s how it starts, with an idea being planted! You see what happens when you allow any type of abortion? The lines are being pushed FURTHER! A baby is a baby whether it is 12 weeks in the womb, or just minutes born after birth! We all started as an embryo at one point, otherwise we wouldn’t be here! What a dangerous slope we start going down when we don’t adhere to morals, it’s the same thing with SSM, people keep trying to cross more lines.