After-Birth Abortion?

Did you know that some liberal “scholars” published an article in a supposedly reputable journal suggesting that it should be just as permissible to kill a newborn baby as it is to kill an unborn child?  What will this journal publish next?  An argument for killing Jews?  For reinstating slavery?  Our abortion culture is creating a world where what should be unthinkable is being actively debated in the “best” of publications.

I know that I’m sensitive to questions about whether life is “worth living” or “worth protecting” even when babies are disabled or moms face challenges.  After all, my brother is disabled, and I was a teenage mom.  But I’d hope and expect that even the people who dislike me, who dislike my beliefs, and who dislike my family can unite in believing that it’s a shame that at least a few members of our cultural elite have lost all respect for vulnerable human life, and it’s a further shame that a widely-read journal gave them a platform for their hate.

  • Faith Czopek

    President Obama is one of those liberals who supports late term abortion. And if all of you who responded actually knew what that was and how it’s performed then you too would be disgusted! It is heartless and inhumane, they are basically saying that a human life has no value. As a single mom of two, who had her first daughter at 17 I knew it would be hard but I didn’t kill my baby, and there’s always adoption. So STOP making excuses for these murderers!

  • Valarie

    Horrific. But then, so were some of the other ideas, years ago, that have become “causes” and now “legal” and “illegal to discriminate against.” We need to turn this ship around before it goes over the falls.

  • SueB

    I totally agree with you, Bristol.

  • Thoma

    First of all James I must say you are coward, unlike Bristol who comes out in the open states her Godly veiws and appears in public and may I remind you she has provided this domain. You are somewhere who knows where hiding behind your computer quick with insults feeling protected.
    Now as far as these Scholars go, maybe they should be aborted from society and sent off to Gitmo!
    If you were to come into my domain my home, you would be shown the door and if you were too return ,you would leave in hadcuffs. Why Bristol has not blocked you?, “have you ever thought of that?” I myself would look upon you as a hostile person and would of have you blocked!

  • Thomas Hubbard

    April 16, 1776
    In a letter to Mercy Warren , John Adams stated
    The Ladies I think are the greatest Politicians, that I have the Honour to be acquanted with, not only because they act upon the Sublimest of all Principles of Policy, vizt the [that] Honestly is the best Policy, but because they consider Questions more cooly, than those who are heated with Party Zeal, and inflamed with bitter Contentions of active public Life.

    • Cindy

      1 Timothy 2:12 says:
      I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent.

      OMG the founding fathers were anti-religion!

      • stormy

        Cindy, read the whole chapter and quote all of it if you are going to quote any of it. Paul is speaking of how people should be in Church. Your quoting only a part of a verse changes the meaning to match your perverted views. Besides, what does this have to do with the original posting of Bristol’s?

        • Gilly

          Oh sort of like conservatives do when they trash gay people? And btw why shouldn’t women be able to speak or teach in Church? Pretty sure my Sunday School teacher would disagree with you.

          And this has nothing to do with Bristol’s post it is in response to Ole Mother Hubbard’s ramblings so why don’t you mind your own business.

  • Tara

    Hey Bristol. Do you wanna run for President someday? I mean, why not right? You have a head start, and from watching your show, a good attitude. :)

  • Bower

    Oh… I just saw the DWTS photo of Bristol and Mark. Girl, that chin you bought is all wrong. You destroyed a naturally pretty face. Should have left it alone until you lost the double chin through better diet and exercise. Such a shame. Now you just look like all the others…. And a bit like Jay Leno. There. Yes, I said it.

  • Piscean Gal

    Clearly freedom of speech is not practiced here if Richard’s comment isn’t available, that I can see anyway. Freedom of speech is not allowed on Bristol’s Facebook pave, or that of her mothers, IF you don’t agree with them. Having said that, I’m going to read the article and respond to this, but a couple things already stand out, one, the syntax in this post is not of Bristol, two, o would venture to guess, even before reading the article, that she took the authors comments out of context, as most Tea party/ republicans LOVE TO DO, and lastly, where is your (feigned) outrage towards your mother using the word CHAINS, when accusing Pres. Obama of putting our grandchildren in? Interesting…

  • Shannon L.

    Frankly, reading many of these comments made me physically ill. Although I am pro-choice (as I believe that the choice I make based on my beliefs doesn’t have to be the choice everyone makes), I personally would never have an abortion. That being said, all of the liberal individuals responding to Bristol’s post with such hate, are missing the point of this entire blog entry. Despite what some of her other followers may have posted regarding “all liberals supporting infanticide” Bristol did not say that. She stated the exact truth that liberal “scholars” wrote this article. So defending your liberal views by saying that no liberal would support such a thing is just false. As they were “liberal extremest” who wrote the article. All Bristol was trying to say with this article (I believe) was that despite your beliefs and feelings towards her and her family, that we should unite on this issue regarding after-birth abortion. After-birth Abortion is just a fancy way of saying murder.

  • Bruce O’H.

    I see one common theme of all of the attacking liberals at this post. Not ONE of them registered horror, or even dismay, at the topic of after birth abortions.
    Of course they didn’t. How could a liberal speak out for a Pro-Life issue of ANY type? It would strike at the “holiest” sacrament of their secular “religion”, if even indirectly.
    Poor, Godless, souls.

    • BBower

      Bruce it may surprise you that the vast majority of pro-choice are opposed to late term abortions unless there are very special and rare circumstancesThe horror of this rare occurrence is there. But at the same time we recognize the difference between very late term abortions and what most abortions ate. We also recognize that prolifers do not.

      But speaking of failure to register dismay, do you not realize that the purpose of this post is really to distract people from the fact that Sarah Palin has failed to register dismay at Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments”?