After-Birth Abortion?

Did you know that some liberal “scholars” published an article in a supposedly reputable journal suggesting that it should be just as permissible to kill a newborn baby as it is to kill an unborn child?  What will this journal publish next?  An argument for killing Jews?  For reinstating slavery?  Our abortion culture is creating a world where what should be unthinkable is being actively debated in the “best” of publications.

I know that I’m sensitive to questions about whether life is “worth living” or “worth protecting” even when babies are disabled or moms face challenges.  After all, my brother is disabled, and I was a teenage mom.  But I’d hope and expect that even the people who dislike me, who dislike my beliefs, and who dislike my family can unite in believing that it’s a shame that at least a few members of our cultural elite have lost all respect for vulnerable human life, and it’s a further shame that a widely-read journal gave them a platform for their hate.

  • Laura

    So, uh, am I the only one who’s noticed that this was

    A) written by AUSTRALIANS
    B) published in a journal based in LONDON

    So… What does this have to do with American politics?

    • BlueVA

      Right on, Laura. And C) are we REALLY to believe that Bristol is intellectually curious enough to have read any of it and write a post about it? But watch how her ignorant hangers-on will rage as if what Bristol says is the Lord’s gospel.

      • hesnotmypresident

        Blueva, and how do we know you are smart enough to have read anything on the subject either. Getover yourself, and get over your jealousy of Brisol and her family. That shit causes ulcers.

    • Rebecca Dawn Thorberry

      What does it matter where or by whom is was written?This a terrible and disgusting thing wherever it happens.I wonder what the evil ones that practice such murderous acts would have done if their parents would have done them that way?Not a damn thing !They would be dead!The liberal left are always claiming they want to protect human rights,but will NOT protect the life of the weekest most helpless humans among us.Such hipocrits!

  • Paulette

    Back to Bristol’s blog….AMEN SISTER!!! If killing a child (born or unborn) isn’t murder, then why is it considered murder when we kill a bigger human being than a child? Life is NOT a video game!

    • Zizi

      …because the adult broke the law, killed another human being. A child is 100% innocent.

  • Sharon

    People I know who have raised their “disabled” children, have never thought of them as a burden. They are a living breathing human being just like all humans to be valued and loved. All children born or unborn should be treated with the same respect as all humans. Until these idiot scholars have walked in the shoes of parents of disabled children they have no right to publish their garbage. Because they would be enlightened. There will be people who read their crap and think oh well they said it, so it must be ok. Bull crap :(

    • CJ

      Several years ago, I met a woman whose husband mocked and joked about people w/ disabilities every chance he got. He also targeted minorities. The names he called them were so hurtful and despicable that I avoided him like the plague. Several yrs. later, his wife gave birth to a baby girl with Mental Retardation who is a sweet, loving, adorable child. But, sadly, just as her own father did to so many others, now, she is the innocent target of rude stares and hurtful, vile, despicable comments from others. Every single day, when he looks at his child, he is reminded of what he has done. She is GOD’s gift to this man, through which he gets to see the abysmal state of his own soul and has been given the chance to repent of his SIN. I pray he has before it is too late. We will all be judged and held accountable for our actions.

  • huntingmoose

    “I am all for after-birth abortion”

    After-birth abortion of murderers, rapist and other evil doers.

    You see, if the deranged libs want to put unborn and just-born on the list, so be it. but let’s make sure we have the priority in order. And before we get to them, we first need to do after-birth abortion of deranged liberals who do not value life.

  • Capital G

    That is just evil. They don’t even consider that ‘after birth abortion’ is legally defined as infanticide. I don’t even think it is about abortion on the left anymore. It is about child sacrifice. The WANT to kill the unborn and apparently that is no longer enough to satisfy their baby bloodlust.

    The Democrat Convention is going to be little more than a modern day public worship of child sacrifice. Not since the Aztecs sacrificed children to Tlaloc has there been such a public worship of child sacrifice in America.

  • Jordan

    There is actually a young adult book I read about two years ago that in a world not too far in the future after birth abortion actually is the only way to abort a child. It was a really interesting book although there was a certain section where I was actually sobbing while reading it. Basically the pro-life and pro-choice have an all out war(bombing abortion clinics, killing the doctors; women getting pregnant just to go have the baby aborted) I remember thinking when I read the book that this was something I could see happening in our country eventually. The book is called Unwind by Neal Shusterman if anyone is interested.

  • Michelle

    You missed the point… they are pointing out that the very reason it is “acceptable” to kill a fetus could be applied to a newborn also. Simply put, killing a newborn is unthinkable, so why is killing a fetus “OK”? From the same publication… “Many people will and have disagreed with these arguments. However, the goal of the Journal of Medical Ethics is not to present the Truth or promote some one moral view. It is to present well reasoned argument based on widely accepted premises. The authors provocatively argue that there is no moral difference between a fetus and a newborn. Their capacities are relevantly similar. If abortion is permissible, infanticide should be permissible. The authors proceed logically from premises which many people accept to a conclusion that many of those people would reject.”

  • P.J. Agnew

    Probably the fact that abortion is a main stream liberal agenda. Of course not all liberals are pro-choice (abortion) and not all conservatives are pro-life. It’s like gun legislation…just about all laws that are introduced come from the liberal side of the it guilt by association, but it is what it is.

  • Patrice

    Richard, do you speak to your mama with that mouth. Oh well, you name says it all…..

  • Liberals Suck

    Wow, what an intelligent, and tolerant answer…I love how liverals are so tough when they are hiding behind a keyboard. It sure wasn’t a conservative who wrote the article, so yes some liberals would and do agree with this…

  • Rebecca

    Richard, I read about this several months ago; it is not “bs” as you so eloquently put it. And what rock have you been living under that you think “no liberal” would agree with this? They agree with it every day as they enact more and more policies devaluing life at all ages and stages. And btw, your “ghost writer” needs to get a larger, more polite vocabulary, because they are portraying you as a hateful, intolerant man who demands respect but refuses to give it; one who learned how to speak by watching Beavis and Butthead.

  • tom

    Richard proves he is the knee jeck moron. Bristol said liberal “scholars” made the suggestion, not liberals. Try and find one conservative doctor willing to preform an abortion. It is against there oath to do no harm. Scholars, liberal or otherwise, are not bound by such an oath. They don’t have to perform the deed that ends a life. They have no skin in the game.

  • James

    Do you really have to ask what is wrong with her?

  • marada

    you are very hateful maybe u need to look into getting some help

  • doris

    i can’t believe that you don’t believe this….. get with the program. the liberal mind doesn encourage this form oa abortion. where the hell have you been…….

  • Jenifer

    Did you read the same article I did? Palin referred to “some liberal “scholars” and invited everyone to stand with her against this evil. She specifically reached out to you, Richard Head, “even the people who dislike me, who dislike my beliefs, and who dislike my family.” In your rush to “smear” Palin, you missed your invitation to champion morality.

  • nanci smith

    James-after experiencing this forum I wonder how conservatives can be considered hate mongers. I have seen more hate spewed at Bristol personally and at the consevatives than I have EVER seen spewed at the liberals. It is always that way. Conservatives state facts and are accused of hate and narrow-mindedness,etc. Liberals attack personally. I have never seen or heard a conservative defecating on the American flag or a police car. Nope—the TEA PARTY left their sites clean and tidy– no crime- no businesses suffered. And yet- the Conservatives are the bitter haters. Unbelievable.

  • James

    Hypocrisy above all else is the trait people find most offensive. It draws criticism more than any other flaw. The Palin’s exhibit that trait in spades and that is why so much criticism is directed towards them. Others could state these same views and not receive so much criticism. It’s the hypocrisy they put on display that brings out the people who want to speak out and say “Now wait a minute”

    I don’t see all conservatives receiving the same criticism, the Palin’s can dish it out, they certainly should be able to take it.

  • Rebecca

    Well-said, and thank you.

  • sodakhic

    Oh my heart bleeds. Go to every other blog and see what they say about the Palins, then get back to me.

  • Allison

    Na, I don’t think they are smart enough to come up with this at the last minute. They have an arsenal of crap like this at the ready.

  • JoFro

    Peter Singer is considered one of the great ethicists of this century and he’s been advocating the “after-birth abortion” for years now. Singer has even gone on to make it clear that parents should be given a month after the “fetus” is born if they wish to keep the child since a “fetus” as far as Singer is concerned, is not a human being yet.
    This is not – and I repeat – NOT a satirical piece at all. And why are you so shocked that it has come to this? After all, Obama, when he was a state senator, made it clear when supporting a bill that dealt with babies that survived abortions, that doctors were under no obligation to try and save the life they had just tried to finish off – so ure shocked that there are doctors and ethicists demanding that we abort babies already born? Really?