Announcement: My Professional Partner on DWTS is…

Drumroll, please!

I am so excited to announce that I am being paired up with a professional dancer named Mark Ballas again!  I couldn’t be more thrilled with this news!

As you may remember from my last season, Mark and I were a pair before.  By the time I met him, he had already won Dancing with the Stars twice—with Olympic figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi in Season 6 and Olympic gold medal gymnast Shawn Johnson in Season 8. No pressure!!

Back then, I feared he’d be upset at being paired with such a newbie.

“I hope you have a lot of patience,” I said, “because I don’t know how to dance.”

That’s when he showed me a tattoo on his forearm. It said, simply, “patience.”

Immediately, I knew the producers had matched me with the right person in terms of personality. Mark was awesome! He wasn’t frustrated because I had no experience. Instead, he just took it from the top. I honestly think he could sit there all day and explain things to people, over and over again. He didn’t lose his temper, he didn’t make me feel stupid, and he really made it fun. If I ever got too upset at not “getting” a move, we’d take a break.

It was a pretty successful pairing, because we made it all the way to the end.  Mark, I am honored to be paired with you again!  I love you like a brother, and I can’t wait to see if we can’t bring home that mirror ball trophy this time around!

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  • blackbird

    That’s good news Bristol, pairing with Mark is your best chance to win the mirror ball trophy, good luck

  • Karen Crouse

    Oh, Yea!! I love Mark..He is the right choice for you. He was with Kathrine Jenkins last season and they came in 2nd. From what I know of him he takes things slow and easy and does not get mad like a lot of the other Pros. if you make a mistake. You two have done this before and you can do it again. You have a lot of people on your side and God is in your can you lose. Just do your best and don’t let the negative comments slow you down..Oh, right, you never do!!! Forward all the way..

  • Toni

    Happy for both of you. You were a great pair and I hope you guys triumph this time around!

  • sherrie p

    Congrats to you both! We’re rooting and praying for you both. We serve a purposeful God so I’m excited to see why He has called you back. Give no thought or worry to the haters for your God will fight all your battles. You leave everything you have on the dance floor and God will take care of the battlefield! Very excited to hear your report as the event unfolds. Believing for great and mighty things!

  • Michele W.

    Hi Bristol. I’m SO happy you two get to be together again! I love both of you and you proved the FIRST time that you are a successful pair! Enjoy every minute! xoxo

  • Rose

    I think it’s terrific that you are paired with Mark Ballas again! I hope you guys make it all the way to the end again, only this time bringing home the trophy. I hope your experience is challenging and fun at the same time. Best of luck!

  • millie

    I am so happy that you got Mark again. I am really looking forward to seeing both of you dancing
    together. You have season 11 under your belt so I am really looking forward to see how far
    Mark is going to be able to take you this time. I’m betting on the Mirror Ball Trophy!!!!

  • Cathie

    I am thrilled you are paired with Mark Ballas again! You two had
    such great chemistry the first time around! First time I will be watching since you were on before! :)

  • Joseph

    I’m so glad you got Mark Ballas again!!! I’m looking forward to seeing you both back on the dance floor and I wish you both the best! :)

  • BlueVA

    Mark doesn’t look so happy about the match up. His expression is priceless!

    • jojo

      Hoping that Mark’s girlfriend, Tiffany Dunn, can visit the dance studio and give Bristol some pointers. Tiffany is an awesome dancer and Mark is so smitten with her that she may just be so kind to help Bristol out this season.

    • stormy

      If you have ever paid attention to Mark, you would know that he makes funny faces all the time. He has looked like this with other partners and girlfriends. This type of look is nothing new for him.