Democrats Should Stop Despicable Ads Against Mitt Romney, Allen West

Seriously, President Obama?

Mom was on Sean Hannity last night talking about the deception, lies, and despicable actions of liberals toward Gov. Romney and Allen West.

Watch here, to find out who Mom thinks should be the Vice President!



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  • Steve Smith

    I think it should be Ohio Governor John Kasich!

  • Sue Lynn

    Praying for a suprise in Tampa…..Palin/West……You can trust Sarah Palin just ask Trig!

  • Mary Allen

    Srry Bristol it will never happen for Mitt… United States Of Utah? No thank you. Love you and your mom and enjoy the reality shows on your family in Alaska but disagree with your nieve political views. Obama will win a second term without a doubt. And in fact this country has become so politically corrupt it won’t matter who is elected they all whore us out to the 1%.

    • carm

      mary we need to vote BHO out if we want to keep our republic. If people think like you we and BHO gets a second term America will never be the same again, is that what you want? I worry about the children and grandchildren and the children yet to come. I don’t want to be a socialist country with a dictator running it and telling you how much you can earn, where you can live, what kind of car you can drive, what you can eat, when you can see a doctor or if you need a medical procedure if you deserve to have it and that’s just the beginning. Is that what you want? I would vote for a pop can against BHO.

  • cindy

    we need a good Christian family in the White House – the Palins are that family – maybe romney will agree with that…….

  • Abigail Jones

    Love and agree with everything your family stands for. Your mom couldn’t be more right, and with how many lies Obama is getting called out on it would make the USA look like idiots if we voted him back in. Wish it was your mother running but if it isn’t her, like she says, “Anyone besides Obama.”

  • Brian McAndrew

    I want it to be Allen West, Palenty, Rubio, and you! :) but I think it’s going to be Portman.

  • Karen Crouse

    I admire the Palins and especially have great respect for Sarah and her opinions; she has insiteful ideas on the coming election and what we as conservatives should stand up for if we want to get our country on the right track again. I could listen to her talk all day. I pray we do not get Obama back in the White House this Novembern, God willing, and he knows best. But if that should come to pass then we as a country are doomed for the next four years. Some people feel that the government is corrupt and selling us down the are, in many instances correct, but putting our current President back in control is not the solution. We already have heard and experienced his promises which never came to fruition. Been there~done that. He blames President Bush for all our troubles. I say why not blame George Washington..makes about as much sense. We may NOT be anybetter off with Mitt Romney but we sure as heck aren’t making any progress with Obama. The deffinition of being crazy is doing the same thing over and over in the same way and expecting different results. Are we crazy!!?

    • myj

      You’ll be praying amiss, cause Obama will get 4 more years!

  • Rainy

    You go Sarah! Everything you said in the interview was spot on. I can’t believe that people can’t see what is clearly in front of them.

  • Capital G

    If you replaced West with FAUXbama in that ad liberals would be shrieking ‘RAAAAAAAACIST!’. It’s OK for them to break out their racist dog whistle in an ad to scare white people away from Allen West. I’m surprised they didn’t give him a face tattoo and have him bite somebody’s ear off.

    If Paul Ryan is the pick it is a good pick (prayers to his family – they’re gonna need it!). He is the best of the group that was being discussed IMO. Petraeus intrigued me as a candidate but hard to imagine he would want to face the media/Hollywood smear machine.

  • SueB

    I am with your Mom 100%. She speaks the truth. And has guts to do it.