For My Facebook Friends Who Hate Twitter

Some of my long term Facebook friends are worried I’m going to forget them now that my blog is on Twitter.  Not at all!  

In fact, I wanted to share this nice Tweet with my Facebook fans who are not on Twitter and will not ever be on Twitter – even for me!

Remember when I wrote about the nice words Louis Van Amstel had about me?

Well, @BristolsBlog tweeted that you don’t have to agree on political issues to be friends and he wrote back this nice tweet!

(I’m posting here for you non-Twitter fans!  If you change your mind, you know where I am!)

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  • autumng

    I wonder if Sabrina gets on dwts, if the producers will listen to the outcry of Mark’s fans and put him with Sabrina, and then pair Bristol with Louis? That could also be the reason Louis is telling his fans to vote for Sabrina and then we’ll see him more on dwts. That could be the plan. Lacey is to dance with Kyle if he wins. Not sure if they would take Anna from Drew to put with Carson. I think the producers know it’ll probably be Sabrina. Even though I’m hoping Kyle pulls out the win!!

  • Becky

    Really enjoy Stars Earn Stripes. Hope you dad wins!

  • Bower

    Sorry, obviously that should read ” … Who DO think a woman should have to continue….”

  • Gilly

    Did Sarah condemn Akin’s remarks? If she did not then she has no credibility whatsoever. Simply asking him to “take one for the team” without giving the reason why shows the moral fiber of this fine Christian ( and i use that term lightly) woman.

  • Bower

    No Gilly she did not. Her complaint about Akin was simply that he should quit the race because he was bad for the team and he wasn’t going to. She looked annoyed whenever Greta tried to bring the discussion back to his remarks and his prolife position and Sarah would change the subject. Sarah doesn’t want to Ali about it for the same reason the GOP wants him to quit: Akins prolife position is the same as theirs and it’s hugely unpopular with voters. Mitt has flip flopped on abortion but Ryan has been solidly prolife and has co-sponsored bills with Akin including personhood bills that would make all abortion and some birth control illegal. The GOP do not want this to become the conversation and Akins presence makes it so.

  • Gilly

    Wow I just read the transcript. Sarah completely wants to gloss over the facts and WIN at all costs. At least some on the right have had the decency to stand up and say Todd Akin’s comments are not only medically inaccurate but extremely disrespectful to the victims of rape. All we get from Sarah is a couple of “bless his hearts” now lets get him out and win. She’s a joke.

  • Bower

    Pretty unbelievably isn’t it? Essentially Sarah Palin has jumped on the Todd Akin debacle as a chance to say ” Look everyone, you picked the wrong candidate. You should have listened to me” and ” Just like me, Akin has to be selfless and quit for the good of the team”. Well, thing is, Sarah Steelman’s prolife position likely isn’t so far from Akin’s. And Sarah Palin quit her political office nit just a campaign, and it was for the good of Sarah Palin not the team.