I Forgive You, Wayne Brady

Many of you know that comedian Wayne Brady made a tasteless joke about my brother at the Roseanne Barr roast several days ago.  Since then he’s written a very sincere apology, my Mom has accepted it, and I certainly do too.

If any of you guys have read my book or watched any news about me at all, you know that I’ve made mistakes.  Thankfully, I serve a God who forgives, and I’m grateful for his forgiveness every day.  Unfortunately, people don’t often forgive, and it is truly painful to sincerely say, “I’m sorry” and watch people still turn their backs on you.  I pray that I won’t be that kind of person, and I won’t be that kind of person to Wayne Brady.  So, we forgive you, Mr. Brady — completely and sincerely.

Now, I’m off to YouTube to watch the best of Whose Line is it Anyway (you were always great!)

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  • Kelly

    The apology seemed heartfelt and I’m glad he issued it but it almost KILLED me to have to read anything in the Huffington Post – what a joke! You are gracious (as is your mother) and forgiveness, most certainly, sets you free!

  • Cindy

    Sarah Palin says give Mitt Romney a chance.


    • BBower

      Sarah Palin is not wanted at the RNC and now Fox has cancelled her appearances tonight. Oh, and another candidate she stumped for lost today. The writing is in the wall.

      • Gilly

        Finally! Good riddance to all of them. Hopefully in a few years we will struggle to remember any of their names.

  • Peaslepuff

    Bristol, you are the worst. You are a sanctimonious hypocritical bitch and every sentence on your blog makes me hemorrhage.

    • Tonya

      Dear Peaslepuff,
      Clearly you care or you wouldnt take the time to search out her blog, read, and comment on it. Get a life and take your views elsewhere. They are not wanted nor needed here. I suggest getting a life? You are so pathetic.

    • http://facebook brenda carroll

      shut up!!!

  • Jeremy Prestholdt

    Bristol- stay strong! Don’t hate the haters, hate the hate! LOVE to LOVE YOU!!! Jeremy Prestholdt

  • http://www.BodyKnowledge.biz Denise Cavassa

    Wow. I am in no way a Bristol Palin, etc., fan, but when a person offers FORGIVENESS, and in the respectful way she did in this post, that is an accomplishment of personal growth. Wayne Brady offered his apology because he is a big enough person to realize that his behavior and actions were hurtful and tasteless. The comments here reflect the same type of hypocrisy and sanctimony that they are accusing Miss Palin of. And what can we bet that these “people” are the first to insist on what good [insert religion here] they are.