I Forgive You, Wayne Brady

Many of you know that comedian Wayne Brady made a tasteless joke about my brother at the Roseanne Barr roast several days ago.  Since then he’s written a very sincere apology, my Mom has accepted it, and I certainly do too.

If any of you guys have read my book or watched any news about me at all, you know that I’ve made mistakes.  Thankfully, I serve a God who forgives, and I’m grateful for his forgiveness every day.  Unfortunately, people don’t often forgive, and it is truly painful to sincerely say, “I’m sorry” and watch people still turn their backs on you.  I pray that I won’t be that kind of person, and I won’t be that kind of person to Wayne Brady.  So, we forgive you, Mr. Brady — completely and sincerely.

Now, I’m off to YouTube to watch the best of Whose Line is it Anyway (you were always great!)

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  • robhart

    “Thankfully, I serve a God who forgives, and I’m grateful for his forgiveness every day.”
    Classy, Bristol and right on the mark. Simple words and yet so hard to live upto. Thank you for speaking the words and living them as well.

  • aCe44

    You are a class act, Miss Bristol. And I, too, love WLIIA!!! Just watched it last night!

  • Cindy

    Bristol hit it out of the park with this post!

    1. Post an attack on me or my family to gain sympathy and show how we are victims
    2. Remind people that I have a book they can purchase for $$$
    3. Tone down my sarcastic tone to gain sympathy because hey I need people to vote for me on DWTS
    4. Mention I’m a Christian.

    Good job Bristol!

    • Pontius Pilate

      My, Cindy, aren’t we the little cynical snarky pants.

      • Gilly

        Speaking of snarkiness, I guess Bristol is still sitting at home waiting for the President to call her. Yeah the Palin’s aren’t snarky at all.

    • Linda-B

      “Cindy” you didn’t really read what Bristol said – in the sense that you have no idea what she means.

    • Amber

      If you don’t like Bristol why are you reading her blog? Just to spread your negativity? Senseless

    • Stacy

      Ah no, it was simply BEING Christian! As in, the Christian thing to do… But, you wouldn’t know anything about that, obviously.

    • kahne

      You are a bitch….exactly the kind of person that Bristol feels sorry for….me? I don’t feel sorry for losers like you who give womanhood a bad name…take your trolling ass somewhere else.

    • WorkEthic

      And act like she’s all about forgiveness when the whole family’s history is to try and exact revenge for perceived wrongs? While you are changing your tune Bristol why don’t you once stand up for women’s healthcare freedom?

      • http://bobmcnesby.com Bob

        Women’s healthcare freedom, what a joke. Translation: I want you to support abortion and Govt. funded contraception by my say so. Period. And, perceived wrongs? Do you live in a bomb shelter? Have you ever heard what Bill the vile mouthed midget Maher has said about her mother? You on the left are really a bunch of sick pussy cats. To you, evil is good and good is evil.

      • Bree Merr

        That was a gracious post Bristol. Why some here are jealous, bitter and manipulative and exposing themselves as such and bragging about it, is weird. Bristol you expose a blazing contrast between your graciousness and their blatant lack of graciousness.. Of course they don’t have a clue as to how silly they “sound”. Clueless and weird.

    • whitney

      You’re a class a Bitch. Sorry for the language Bristol, but you know its true. That is all.

    • Thomas Hubbard

      Cindy you have such little wisdom.

    • http://bobmcnesby.com Bob

      Cindy, you are a sad excuse for a “human being.”

  • Jenn

    I agree with you Bristol. What he said wasn’t funny but I’m glad you and the family have forgiven. Ignore all the haters, they probably need to do some forgiving in their life and you’re a good example of what they should do. Many blessings to you and your whole family.

  • kahler9620

    Cindy, I think someone needs a hug. Did someone poop in your oatmeal today? I for one do not see anything wrong with Bristol speaking from her heart and I’m positive that thousands have died to give her that freedom here in the good old USA. Lighten up Cindy and try to love someone you don’t know.


    You hit it right on the nose Bristol. Christ has called us to forgive and Christ forgave us. By not forgiving, we only hurt ourselves and our witness. What a class act you are. Thank you.

  • Travis

    Not in a weird way….. But I love you for who you are!

  • Brian McAndrew

    At least he had the decency to apologize!

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  • Ashley

    Why are you even on here if you don’t like/support Bristol?? Your comment was completely unnecessary!! She has every right to be upset or offended when someone attacks her family! Especially someone as innocent as Trig!! Why does it matter that she referred to her book? Have you ever been published?? Do you know anything about Bristol or her family?!? They are devout Christians and it is a very big part of their life, so why isn’t she allowed to talk about her religion on HER blog???

    You are a wonderful person and I think it speaks volumes to your (and your mom’s) character that you were able to forgive Wayne Brady for what he said about Trig!! I absolutely adore you & your family and wish nothing but the best for all of you!!! Wish there were more families like yours in this country!! God bless!!