OK! Magazine, Check Out a Real Photo of my Brother

A friend sent me a photo of page 40 of OK! Magazine, which features my mom and Trig. Or so people will think.

The magazine has an article about our family’s genealogy. Apparently, they believe Mom and Princess Diana are tenth cousins. (That would make Mom the most down-to-earth “princess” I’ve ever heard of!) Anyway, they put a photo of mom holding a baby, which they probably assumed was Trig.

The baby, who’s half asleep in mom’s arms, is a cutie.

But he’s not my brother.

Sometimes it frustrates me that inaccurate Trig photos show up – in the worst circumstances, they photoshop pictures of my beautiful brother in terrible ways. In this case, I’m sure OK! just used this photo because it was similar to the photo they had of Princess Diana holding a baby as well.

But it’s not my brother.

So let me set the record straight. This is my beautiful brother, OK! Magazine. (And if you want to send me to England to see my royal cousins, let me know! After watching all of these Olympic Games, I’m ready to go!)


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  • Mrs H

    It has been a joy to see you come into your own over these last 4 years.
    God bless you and your family!

  • Suzy Garoutte

    Ohhhhhhhhhh, he’s so handsome, but what else can we expect, the whole Palin family are very nice looking. I hate what these people do.

  • M

    Ignorance on your part:

    Diana was not a blood princess. Therefore, if your mom and she are REALLY 10th cousins, your mom would not be a “Princess”. If anything, she would be a Lady, as Diana’s maiden name was Spencer, as in a daughter of the Earl of Spencer. Her maden title before marrying Charles was Lady.

    However, reports say that your mom is 12th cousin of John McCain, 8th cousin of George W. Bush and 10th cousin of Barack Obama…..

    • Carol

      and your point?

    • Amanda

      I think she said it as a joke. Lighten up. :) We are all related in some way.

  • Celia Taylor

    He is a gorgeous little boy, Bristol! It’s a shame OK! Magazine is such a rag they don’t even have fact checkers. I have a 27-year-old son with Down syndrome, so I always love to see pictures of Trig as he is growing up. It brings back wonderful memories of my son’s childhood. God bless!

    • Amanda

      This is what rags do. Their lives revolve around gossip and bad pictures of all famous people.

      To me, it’s a sad life, but it is a job.

  • Kim Castro

    Its sad that their editorial department didn’t take the time for accuracy but this wouldn’t be the first time…Hey Bri saw your awesome dad last night on SES! He was phenomenal! Loved when he left those hardened military vets going through the mud and picked up the ammo box! Continued prayers for you and your family!

  • michele archer

    Awww! Trig, the REAL Trig, is adorable!!!

  • Michelle

    beautiful boy…that familiar sandal toe gap!! My daughter is 14, with DS, and I totally GET what you are saying. Liberals want to portray the “ugliness of DS”…makes them sleep better at night when they support late term abortion for these precious children. Trig is growing up FAST..so are you, Bristol. <3

  • bellagrazi

    It’s not surprising that a tabloid didn’t do the most basic of research. The press doesn’t even do that anymore. Bristol, that would be awesome if your mom were related to Princess Di! They couldn’t be more different. Your mom has a big personality and Di was very shy. But they do share a very common trait – they are both inspirational figures. And they both live and breathe their childen. Princess Sarah. I like it. PS: I adore that picture of you and Trig! Very sweet. By the way, I think Princess Di is holding her son, William, in that photo. A very handsome young man now.

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  • Carol

    Don’t let it bother you too much Bristol. OK magazine is one of those tabloid magazines, right? I’m not sure since I never read those tabloid magazines. The journalism world has really gone downhill in ethics. They don’t bother in doing their homework and getting their facts straight. It’s sad, but journalism all over our country has become a tabloid magazine. I think it’s because all of our colleges, for the most part, are taught by liberals, and liberals…well…they don’t want the truth. They can’t deal with it. They’re a pathetic. So continue to hold your head up high, worship the Lord, and you and your family, will be more than A.OK! And so will Trig!

    • WL

      That’s right Bristol, OK magazine is nothing like Peolpe magazine, the tabloid you choose to sell photos of yourself and your son to. People is all about journalism! And good thing Bristol ( and Track and Willow……)hasn’t messed up her intelligence with an education. ;)

      • Bree Merr

        Bristol wanted the folks to see the real Trig. Come to think of it- You and others are like tabloid posters. Eager to be negative. Yeh Tabloidish.

        • WL

          Tabloid posters???What does that even mean Bree?

      • Amanda

        Your blackheartness is sad. Go out and do something fun! Bristol is correcting the record for people who MAY assume that is her brother since that is Di’s son. Anytime she does an interview with a rag, she does it because sooo many people spread nasty lies about them everyday.

        Again, I recommend you go out and have some fun, get some sun, help yourself. You sit around leaving snarky comments underlined with hate and are no different from equally lazy people who sit around spreading their filth on the internet. If you’re unhappy, which I would think you’d have to be to write those things, CHANGE YOUR LIFE.