OK! Magazine, Check Out a Real Photo of my Brother

A friend sent me a photo of page 40 of OK! Magazine, which features my mom and Trig. Or so people will think.

The magazine has an article about our family’s genealogy. Apparently, they believe Mom and Princess Diana are tenth cousins. (That would make Mom the most down-to-earth “princess” I’ve ever heard of!) Anyway, they put a photo of mom holding a baby, which they probably assumed was Trig.

The baby, who’s half asleep in mom’s arms, is a cutie.

But he’s not my brother.

Sometimes it frustrates me that inaccurate Trig photos show up – in the worst circumstances, they photoshop pictures of my beautiful brother in terrible ways. In this case, I’m sure OK! just used this photo because it was similar to the photo they had of Princess Diana holding a baby as well.

But it’s not my brother.

So let me set the record straight. This is my beautiful brother, OK! Magazine. (And if you want to send me to England to see my royal cousins, let me know! After watching all of these Olympic Games, I’m ready to go!)


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  • Georgia

    Your real brother, Trig, is a living doll! Those who love you and your family do not fall for these outrageous attempts to demean your family.

  • M. M.

    Love Trig”s cheerful smile!

  • WL

    Does OK write anywhere that this is a photo of Trig? I don’t see it.

    Who takes care of Trig and his special needs by the way?

    • Bree Merr

      He looks healthy and happy WL. But you want to think negative don’t you? That is the kind of person you are.

      • WL

        I never said he doesn’t look healthy and happy Bree. That bit of negativity came from you.

        But who DOES take care of Trig and his special needs?

        • JerryH

          WL, I am not attacking you but what is your point? Please elaborate on your question.

        • Amanda

          By asking that question, YOU are thinking negatively. kthxbye

        • Bree Merr

          Who are you that you think you need to know how the family cares for him? or any other famly business? What an odd bit of p;rivate info you think you need. He is cared for .. he is helathy and happy. Do you see yourself as a “rag” journalist wanna be? That is how you present yourself.

        • Tara

          Um, I would assume HIS MOTHER takes care of him and his special needs. Just like other mother’s of children with special needs. Sheesh.

    • Tami

      It never fails..always a liberal lurking around to spew poisonous rhetoric…damn you liberals need to find your happiness. This family has been through the mill and they’ve done nothing to anyone. Trig is taken care of BY HIS MOTHER and you’d know that if you ever read anything about Sarah Palin…but what fun would that be eh? Who took are of you and your special needs obviously not your Mom as you have no soul; obviously, you Dad left you early on as you have an incredible amount of hate…must be rough to live with day after day…Why don’t you go commiserate with your fellow idiots over at CNN and leave the real websites alone…you are not welcome or wanted…(must be painful to be rejected by your parents and now the world).

      • Amanda

        Civility please. Don’t stoop to haters’ levels.

      • http://none Michael Nason

        I can understand your anger but you can’t strike out at WL. He is ignorant to what parents with special needs children go through. I have two children with special needs , one with Spina Biffada and my youngest with tourettes. It’s hard and the world is cruel, with rude comments. But you just ignore it. Sarah Palin to me is one awesome lady. Not because of all she has done for her State and the Country, but mostly for being strong protecting her child from the mindless ignorant people who think attacking her children is politics.

        • Marcia

          Asking who takes care of his special needs is NOT attacking Trig

    • Amanda

      That was a random photo to use. Why choose photos of BOTH women holding children when there are PLENTY of solo pics of both???

      Your brother is adorable, as are both those other babies.

      I just know Trig loves the rest of your family. It’s hard not to. You’re all amazing and loving people.

    • Ann Pinger

      WL I don’t understand your “question” at all. The Palins have a large extended family and when his mother is otherwise engaged, other family members gladly take care of their son/brother/grandson/nephew/sibling etc. What or who do you THINK takes care of him? Do you not have a family that takes care of its own? Very sad someone would even consider this (poorly veiled attack) “question” to be worth the time to type out. Its much more an implication, and it stinks.

  • http://berkerblog.blogspot.com SueB

    Too bad the media gets things so wrong and then the readers don’t know any differently. Love, love the photo of Trig – what a handsome guy. I really enjoyed watching Stars Earn Stripes last night. Your Dad did super good.

  • Timbit

    Dear Bristol, is that a recent picture of your lovely mother? I ask because I am worried about her, she looks awfully thin. Was she sick at the time this picture was taken or do her bones normally stick out like that? She should slow down a little and take care of herself.

  • Jerry

    The left leaning media hates the Palin family because they stand for what is right and oppose things that would tend to destroy family values in this country. Thank God for the Palin’s and others like them who would hold this country high. Respect is earned, not a birth right. They have earned my respect.

  • Baloo

    WL, it’s your ignorance, not Bristol’s. The royal cousin’s to whom Bristol is referring to are Prince’s William and Harry, sons of Diana…. Who (along with their father, Prince Charles), are heirs to the throne. So that, would make Bristol blood related to royalty. How’s that grab ya, genius?

  • Sharon

    When I saw that pic of Trig, I knew it didn’t look like him! He is much cuter!! Media will do anything and like someone else said, people do not know what the truth is! Thanks Bristol for setting them straight!

  • Keri Norton

    I knew instantly seeing the picture it wasn’t your brother. Nothing against the child in the picture, but he isn’t Trig. Saw the pic of you and your brother on your mom’s facebook page. Such a beautiful picture of the two of you! Blessing on your family.

  • Ann Pinger

    Bristol: I only ever met Trigg once but would recognize him anywhere. This little boy in the photo is not even similar to Trig in appearance. With all the photos of him and your mom to shoose from why would the magazine use this photo for your mother but one with Prince William for Diana? You make a very good point.