OK! Magazine, Check Out a Real Photo of my Brother

A friend sent me a photo of page 40 of OK! Magazine, which features my mom and Trig. Or so people will think.

The magazine has an article about our family’s genealogy. Apparently, they believe Mom and Princess Diana are tenth cousins. (That would make Mom the most down-to-earth “princess” I’ve ever heard of!) Anyway, they put a photo of mom holding a baby, which they probably assumed was Trig.

The baby, who’s half asleep in mom’s arms, is a cutie.

But he’s not my brother.

Sometimes it frustrates me that inaccurate Trig photos show up – in the worst circumstances, they photoshop pictures of my beautiful brother in terrible ways. In this case, I’m sure OK! just used this photo because it was similar to the photo they had of Princess Diana holding a baby as well.

But it’s not my brother.

So let me set the record straight. This is my beautiful brother, OK! Magazine. (And if you want to send me to England to see my royal cousins, let me know! After watching all of these Olympic Games, I’m ready to go!)


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  • Gilly

    Why are you making some many assumptions about what the editor of the magazine and its readers think? Isn’t this exactly the thing your compalin about all the time? And yes I meant to spell complain that way.

    • mytorpor

      Where was the complaint? Surely if you follow the Palins (and obviously you do) then you know that unscrupulous people have photoshopped Trig in many uncomplimentary photos. In this case, Bristol is merely letting those people who might be confused by the photo, know that this is NOT her brother. She does not accuse OK! of doing anything wrong. In fact, she clearly states, “In this case, I’m sure OK! just used this photo because it was similar to the photo they had of Princess Diana holding a baby as well.”
      There is nothing negative in letting people that might be questioning the legitimacy of the pic know that the photo is NOT of her brother and that the family recognizes that the magazine meant no harm in chosing this photo over one of Gov. Palin holding Trig ….unlike many who DO mean harm when they use false photos of the Palin family.

  • Kimberly

    Trig is beautiful!!!

  • Joseph

    That is such a cute picture of you and Trig! He’s a handsome little boy! :)

  • Danielle P

    He is a cutie!!!! :)

  • Tawny Jones

    The proud, patriotic Palins are American royalty, and beautiful Bristol is a princess.

    • marcia

      Gag me with a silver spoon

  • Abigail Jones

    Your brother is the most beautiful little boy and no one can say different.

  • Marcia

    I don’t see WL’s comments anymore ( where did they go?). But here’s the thing Bree and the others: who takes care of Trig and his special needs is not a private question. Sarah Palin made it a public question. She made her choice to raise a child with DS very public, and continues to do so. Let’s be honest: the large majority of DS pregnancies do not end in birth. A large part of the problem is what is required in terms of time, commitment, healthcare access and money when raising a child with DS. So when Sarah Palin says ” I am doing this, so should you!” it’s fair to ask, how are you doing this and still maintaining all that travel and your schedule?

    And how is Sarah Palin advocating for those without the resources needed to raise special needs children ?????

    • mytorpor

      Gov. Palin has always credited her extended family for stepping up and helping when needed, with Trig and with her older children when they were baby’s. And in her Newsweek article (http://www.thedailybeast.com/newsweek/2012/02/05/life-with-trig-sarah-palin-on-raising-a-special-needs-child.html) she recognizes that she is priviledged to have this help and that others with special needs children do not have access to this much aid at a moments notice.

      And yes, she as long advocated for those who parent special needs children. In fact, as governor of Alaska she separated special needs education and public educaton funds to better ensure that the money directed towards special needs education was not diverted into regular classrooms. There are many programs already in existance to aid those with special needs, from education to child care. We do need to do more to educate those who need these funds on where to find them and make the funds more easily accessable to those who qualify.

      • Marcia

        So you are saying that Sarah Palin’s extended family is raising Trig while she and Todd and her adult children are frequently travelling?

        And how is Sarah Palin advocating for special needs children and their families? She claims this is a cause near and dear to her.

    • Bree Merr

      Marcia,, just because a someone makes a statement in public doesn’t mean it is everyone’s business. You are ignorant about how they are handling this as a family and it is their business. Celebrities show & talk about their children often and I don’t have a desire to have some control over their decisions. You are making up an “opportunitiy” to police the Palins (LOL) and pretending you have some control and oversight authority. How silly, do you have a badge? (LOL) Many families use sitters, nannies, tutors, etc. Are you pretending to police them? The Obamas travel often w/out their children. Are you wanting to police them? Your (& others like you) desire to police the Palins is weird.

      • Marcia

        Makes a statement? Puhleese Bree, Palin made it part of her brand! And she made, and continues to make, her families private life a public life.

        Yes, the President and First Lady travel together sometimes without their girls , and for those occassions they have the help of the girls’ grandmother who brilliantly lives at the White House. Oh, and might I remind you the Obama girls are not special needs children. I know parents of special needs kids and what that takes.

  • CJ

    Trig is such a beautiful little boy and a BLESSING to your family :)
    Bristol, the LOVE in your heart is so palpable in your photos.
    It’s no wonder you have a calling to help and nurture others.
    It’s one of your gifts and your ministry unto the LORD :) OXO

  • Marcia

    CJ how is Bristol helping and nurturing others?

  • RebFan

    Marcia, how are you nurturing and helping others?? That is something to think about. Instead of posting negative comments time and time again you could be out helping people. Get out of the basement and get to work lady.

    • Marcia

      That’s kind of funny coming from someone who reads and responds to my comments!

      But you didn’t answer the question.

      • Lisa

        How about, instead of judging and attacking others (because they made one mistake in their life, a mistake that millions of teens and young adults have made) you do a little bit of research. Try being a little more open minded and maybe watching Bristol’s show on Lifetime. Since you need an example so badly, on a recent episode, for Mother’s day Bristol made gift baskets up for single, expecting mothers-to-be. Thats a completely self-less act, and she’s helping others who are in the same exact position she was once in. Bristol is a human being, and its truly disgusting that as a hater you are still checking up on her blog, and writing mean comments. Is that what your “hope and change” brought you? Unemployment, so you have the time and audacity to sit on a computer chair and attack individuals whom are probably much younger than you (making you a bully)? (Since I’m going to presume that you are an Obama supporter, no judgement, just throwing that out there…) However, if you are not unemployed and actually have a job, then its really sad that you still even find the time in the day to waste being a cyber-bully. If you don’t like Bristol, then I suggest you do something productive with your life, because I can assure you, the way you’re living it right now is far from productive.