OK! Magazine, Check Out a Real Photo of my Brother

A friend sent me a photo of page 40 of OK! Magazine, which features my mom and Trig. Or so people will think.

The magazine has an article about our family’s genealogy. Apparently, they believe Mom and Princess Diana are tenth cousins. (That would make Mom the most down-to-earth “princess” I’ve ever heard of!) Anyway, they put a photo of mom holding a baby, which they probably assumed was Trig.

The baby, who’s half asleep in mom’s arms, is a cutie.

But he’s not my brother.

Sometimes it frustrates me that inaccurate Trig photos show up – in the worst circumstances, they photoshop pictures of my beautiful brother in terrible ways. In this case, I’m sure OK! just used this photo because it was similar to the photo they had of Princess Diana holding a baby as well.

But it’s not my brother.

So let me set the record straight. This is my beautiful brother, OK! Magazine. (And if you want to send me to England to see my royal cousins, let me know! After watching all of these Olympic Games, I’m ready to go!)


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  • kristin

    Bristol you are wonderful. Keep up the awesome work! ps anyone know what kind of sneakers those are, they are so cute

  • Huntingmoose

    that is some koodoos to this magazine as being not part of the lame media. Because with 10 generations, you can tie someone with many many people and typically what the lame media will do is look for a bad-image person but , this magazine decided to do the uplifting thing and look and highlight a positive link.

    But as with all these things, it is an interesting curiosity and it does not matter who is even 1 generation away from you. The only thing that matters is what you did and what you accomplished.

    Nobody else builds your life. You did.


  • Huntingmoose

    curiosity: OK magazine is since recently owned by National Enquirer but it looks they did not read the memo on how to report/smear/distord on you and your family. Or may be there is a new fresh wind blowing from the NE


  • http://noahsdadcom/ Noah’s Dad


    Thanks for being helping people see that children born with Down syndrome are ok! :) I just wrote a letter on our site about the horrible comments Wayne Brady made toward your brother. Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out. http://noahsdad.com/wayne-brady-down-syndrome-joke-trig-palin/

  • Surly Curmudgen

    Then Bristol is the eleventh cousin of William and Harry.

  • Becky

    Such a sweet picture of you and your brother! Loved it!

  • chris

    Where does the article claim that your mom is holding your brother? Also, being related to Di would not make your mother a princess.

  • Laurie

    I love this picture of you and Trig! Very cute!!

  • http://timdenchanter.blogspot.com/ Tim D Enchanter
  • Barb

    That picture of you holding Trig don’t even look like you! WOW. You both are precious. That magazine was cruel to change the picture of your mom holding someone else’s baby.

    • Marcia

      Bristol’s new chin has changed her face Barb.

      • Jenny Lynn

        What????? Marcia that is a very mean thing to say!!!! Bristol is beautiful. Remember …if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. Didn’t your Mother ever tell you that????