Kids that Hunt

I love this!

Isn’t this great? 

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  • christine

    & for those who would disagree over the sign & try to disect it’s meaning, they were more than likely not involved in extracurricular activties as a child & they do not particiapte in activties with their children/grandchildren/neices/nephews today.

  • Tava Dailey

    Love it!

  • Marilyn Loscombe

    Bristol, I sent email to request updates on DWS and it came back as no such address.I sent it exacfly as you said. Please include me.I love to read your blog.You are a beautiful person inside and out. You also very smart with a wonderful spirit.I just agnore the haters for they are not worth taking my or your time.I will be voting for you all the time on DWS.You can win this, it burns the haters up when you My family and other ppl. I know voted for you the last time you danced. love you and your cute little boy.

  • Gilly

    Are you kidding me? Just watch some of the true crime channels on tv and you will see how many murderers are hunters. What a stupid post Bristol.

  • bellagrazi

    Hahaha! Awesome!

  • AFS

    Actually one of the proven signs that a child will grow up with sociopathic and antisocial personality disorder is harming animals at a young age, as it shows lack of empathy. Look it up.

  • Terri

    LOVE IT!!!!