Old School

Old school, but so cute!!!!! It’s Tripp and Trig :)

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  • bellagrazi

    Oh my gosh! Hahaha Super adorable, Bristol! Trig looks like he’s bossing Tripp. Haha

  • CJ

    Ohhh, this is just too, too ADORABLE!! LOVE these little guys :)

  • Thomas Hubbard

    AAAAAAAH whats up Doc.

  • Sue Lynn

    Love it….keep em comin….

  • Cathy

    you are one screwed of girl.

  • Cathy

    you are one screwed up girl.

    • christine randall

      are you for real?……….stupid is as stupid does!!

  • TexMex817

    “Stick with me kid. I know where they keep all the animal cookies!”

    Also, pound sand, Cathy.

  • Sharon

    Too Cute!!!

  • Gregory Russo

    I really like this photo as with other photos that I have seen of Trig and Tripp together. from Britistol’s Mom Series and Bristol’s Life’s a Tripp. as I recall.