Our Second Day of the Moose Hunt

You saw the first day of the moose hunt?  Here’s what we looked like the second.  (Photo taken by Chris Wyckoff) 

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  • Jinky

    Is that how they play a round of golf in AK? You guys are just sitting in the ATV!!!!!!

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Where’s that 85 year old girl with the shovel, a true Moose hunter! You girls might learn something from her.

  • http://twitter Elwanda Burrell

    Thomas, I think we could all learn something from that 85 year old girl with the shovel. I will definitely be voting for you Bristol on DWTS…next week will be a fun week.

  • trey


  • Sandy Sinclair (age 85 former AK teacher)

    Bristol, I wonder if you ever read any of these comments back to you? If so I’d like to send you a copy of my book about teaching in the bush before statehood for you to give to your grand dad, who would be one of the few to relate to it. He also lived it. Our family follows all of your DWTS episodes as well as all the TV films and books of your Alaskan life. Keep doing them! You are one courageous Alaskan!
    My book is titled INSIDE THE RAINBOW on Kindle