Resisting the New iPhone 5

Today, as everyone knows, the new iPhones are hitting stores.  I love my 4s – doesn’t it feel like we just got these new body styles? Actually, I had to admit.  This is my second 4s.  My first one ended up in the bottom of a pool somewhere, so I had to replace it with a new one.

And they aren’t cheap!

So, are the new iPhone 5 models worth it?  Apparently, they are faster, have a larger screen, and are oh-so-much-cooler.

But still.

I’m not sure it’s worth the upgrade costs for a slightly larger screen.

Willow pre-ordered hers, so she’s already stood in line and gotten one.  Other than listening to her brag about her new set up, will I regret not getting an iPhone 5?

It’s very easy to get into the mindset of “newer is better.”  Today, I am resisting that urge, saving a little money, and ignoring Willow.

Who’s with me!?

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  • bellagrazi

    I’m not one for “Keeping up with the Joneses”, but I do love shiny new toys. I want to say, “Yes!!!”. But I know that’s wrong. Haha Although, I did just advise my own sister to upgrade to the new iPhone 5. But, like you, Bristol, she resisted. So I guess you made the right decision. PS: How the heck did your iPhone end up at the bottom of a pool?! Hahaha Details, please!

  • Ron Devito


    Follow -Up: beware IOS 6 on the 4/4S. I updated. My camera app locked the entire device, and then the entire camera roll (over 4,000 pix) restored itself. It’s resource intensive. I’m not even going to load it on my wife’s 3GS since she’s getting my 4 when the 5 comes in. I’m 100% sure a major service release for IOS 6 is coming.

  • Jacinda

    I don’t have an Iphone yet but I want the 4s. Apple changed the plugs with the 5, sorry Apple but that is an epic fail. One of the reasons I love Apple products is that their cords are universal. So I will be running out to buy a 4s before their all gone.

  • Susan

    I have an iPhone 4 and didn’t get the 4S because I heard they were coming out with another one (the 5) not long after. As soon as I can, I plan on getting the iPhone 5 because of the speed and also the Siri feature. They say if you have a 4S you really don’t *have* to get the 5.

  • Maggie Garritson – Alaska

    Love Iphone 4s.

  • Barbara

    I love my iPhone 4′ and no, I’m not upgrading. For one reason, SIRI is useless to me as I lost my vocal chords to cancer. As for the bigger display my dear husband used vacation pay to get my iPad for my 70th birthday. Talk about a big display! And with all the apps it’s like a handheld computer that I carry with me around the house. So for now I’m happy. One thing that’s a pain is when you cannot spesk on the phone and they give no address most online sites INCLUDING APPLE give you no way to communicate by email. I had the three year Apple care that went to waste because all help is by telephone. How do they expect speech handicapped people to let them know there’s a problem?

  • Cortney

    I have had to resist the urge to get the 4s and now the 5! It kills me but at the same time I’m a college student and I have to realize that sometimes it’s better to have money for emergencies rather then a new iPhone!

  • Charli Chad

    Agreed. I want my iPhone 4s back. It worked perfect and did everything I needed. I have an android right now which isn’t doing the job.

  • Britney

    I won’t be getting the iPhone 5. It isn’t really all that different. Yes, the processor is a step up and the front-facing camera is better. Everything else is pretty much the same. Oh you get a bigger screen! Really? There are plenty of other smartphones that have bigger and better screens. The only downside to me switching from an iPhone to an Android device (I hope AT&T gets the Asus Padfone, for the love of cheese!) is that the Google Play (Android) Marketplace doesn’t have some of the apps I use on a regular basis.